pouring the ❤️ through the 🖊Dhananjaysinh Jhala

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  • soul_body_horizon 1d

    Hasnain 👀 🔥 🤩

    His expressions are unmatched, his smile lights us up with joy,
    He is HASNAIN, the dashing and mischievous blue eyed boy,
    He loves his friends and his fans all alike,
    His fans go mad when he smiles and rides his bike,
    His charm is so alluring that his videos, we can see again and again,
    Even FAISU might be jokingly asking , why are you so handsome HASNAIN ?

  • soul_body_horizon 4d

    💪🏻 💎 #life 🔥💙

    They had a relationship unique and different from all,
    In any circumstances, they would never let each other fall,
    They protected each other from all vices, pulled the others ears,
    But their bond was so strong that it mitigated all fears,
    They may be a mother-son, father-daughter or husband-wife,
    But one thing is sure , without a loved one, what is the meaning of life ?

  • soul_body_horizon 4d

    🔥 👑 #team07 💕 🤗

    They are our idols , the kings of our heart and mind,
    For all FAM, they are in this world the most humble and kind,
    When they all come together, act, play and beam,
    For a true TEAM07 fan, that is like a dream,
    They are talented and independent, they don’t care about any hater,
    Because they know that our love for them is GREATER !!

  • soul_body_horizon 4d

    ❤️💙#Avneetianforever 💙❤️

    She is our idol, she is the queen of our heart and mind,
    For all #AVNEETIANS, she is in this world the most humble and kind,
    When she plays with her wavy locks of hair and beams,
    That angelic scene comes in our dreams,
    She is bold and independent, she doesn’t care about any hater,
    Because she knows that our love for her is greater !!

  • soul_body_horizon 1w

    Faisu 07 👑 🔥 💕

    They look at FAISU like he is their world,
    They love it when he danced and his shiny hair swirled,
    They think of FAISU07 as their own, they love him and they have their tiffs,
    They always support and love him, give him lovely gifts!
    He is always as handsome, lively and nice,
    The love of #FAISUSQUAD for him has no price!

  • soul_body_horizon 1w

    Daily daily

    He looked at AVNEET like she is his world,
    He loved it when she danced, and gracefully her dress swirled,
    Like tom and Jerry, they have their tiffs,
    But they always reconciled by giving each other lovely gifts!
    Always as beautiful, lively and jolly,
    Daily daily they fight and love, AVNEET and RIYAZ ALY!

  • soul_body_horizon 1w

    💙 happy Valentines Day ❤️

    Her beauty is incomparable to even a thousand flowers,
    They wouldn’t speak but their eyes would conversate for hours,
    Their mischiefs, their care about the minor details,
    Their love so strong and heavenly, as if in the fairytales,
    For each other’s well being, daily to the lord they pray,
    May lord keep all such couples happy and to everyone I wish a happy Valentines Day !! 💙❤️

  • soul_body_horizon 1w

    Black day for India 🇮🇳

    It is their huge mistake if they think they’ve made us weak,
    Our culture is vast and diverse, but our unity is unique,
    We are INDIANS, unity and peace we seek,
    On this very day, mother India once again saw the blood of her own,
    Don’t you sinners forget, you shall get what you have sown,
    Yes, we grieve for our loss, and we commiserate and cry,
    But you can never defeat us, no matter how hard you try !! 🇮🇳 ☮️

  • soul_body_horizon 1w

    Handsome or beautiful?

    Handsome and dashing enough to rob anyone’s heart in seconds,
    Siddharth and avneet are the humble legends,
    You surprise me Siddharth, you are so down to earth and dutiful,
    No offence Sid bro, but now should I call you handsome or beautiful ?!

  • soul_body_horizon 1w


    Even you can climb the steps of success by hard work and dedication,
    Just like ADDY and team 07, you can also be the love of the nation,
    Why always doubt yourself, your justice shall be done in lord’s court,
    Work hard like TEAM07 and then chill and relax in some airport,
    ADNAAN 07 made a team, he thought freely,
    I wish to see that day when TEAM07 shall smile and wave from their