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  • soul_writer_2 4w

    I've had this beacon of hope till I found you, but where it's cristal that aparted time never meets.

    @Sai Nithin

  • soul_writer_2 7w

    We may not be in the same boat, but it's the same ocean.


  • soul_writer_2 7w

    The greater the loss, the deeper the cut.


  • soul_writer_2 9w

    I took a deep breath, when she took her first breath by leaving undessicated herself.

    @Sai Nithin

  • soul_writer_2 10w

    Don't fight beyond yourself, coz it's not worth it.

    @Sai Nithin

  • soul_writer_2 12w

    He loved her enough to let her go.


  • soul_writer_2 14w

    Me : What if I break your trust someday?

    You : Trusting you is my decision, proving me
    Wrong is your choice.


  • soul_writer_2 14w

    Take me as I am, or watch me as I leave.


  • soul_writer_2 14w

    My thoughts are so Hungry to refile necromancy.
    Even though I was hectic in your obstacles.

    Pinch me, when i was ready to take all that shit in my head. My emotions were oblivious until I found you.

    Drag me in your arms to fill the cause you've left it in a aeon of time.

    @Sai Nithin

  • soul_writer_2 16w

    Boy : I'm lousy at Apologizing..

    Girl : who are you??

    Boy : I'm sorry ok!

    Girl : ohh baby.