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  • soul_writings 2w

    On The Island of My Heart

    Transient tides of joy visit often
    But not so often.
    They come and go,
    Carrying pebbles of loneliness and
    washing away sands of regret.
    People reach the shore like pearls,
    On this island of mine.
    Some promising to stay forever.
    Here, there are flags of truimph anchored,
    To the dunes of defeat.
    This island invites weary sailors
    To leave their footprints
    On the golden brown sands.
    But inspite of the
    Dirt,filth and sand.
    I know my island's a beautiful place of land!

  • soul_writings 8w


    Life seems to be settled,
    Yet at every moment it is unsettled.
    It is as serene as the blue waters.
    Yet it is as uncertain
    as the ice covering those waters.
    Every second moment,
    A page gets flipped,
    A lamp gets lighted.
    And a memory etched.
    Into the cavernous depths
    Of my aching heart.

  • soul_writings 11w

    Miss storyteller

    You see the beauty,
    In the less beautiful.
    Words have found,
    Comfort in you.
    There are turmoils,
    There are trials.
    Your smile makes it easy.
    You laughter makes it simple.
    You drown misery,
    With your words.
    Let the inkling emotions flow
    On the rough pages of life.
    Things will be smooth.
    Yes! They will be at bay.

  • soul_writings 12w

    Mom-the abode of happiness,the epitome of love�� #nature #love #life #inspiration #poetry #thoughts #diary

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    The gardener of my life

    Like a sapling, I stand,
    Under your shade such that,
    No wind may uproot me.
    Like a flower, I am,
    Embellished on your branches,
    Such that no less careful hands,
    May pluck me.
    Like the sunshine you give life,
    To all those dead hopes of mine.
    Like the rain you water,
    My soul with your love.
    I know I will touch,
    The cloudy canopy
    And be stout,
    Just like you, someday...

  • soul_writings 14w

    Know me enough before judging me...
    #_kalopsia_ #diary #thoughts #poetry #nature

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    My emotions?

    They are the tides at sea.
    Sometimes turbulent,
    With someone surfing on.
    While at times promising
    Silently to kiss the shore
    With a deafening chaos,
    You hear not.

    To you I appear
    Azure blue.
    Whilst you know not
    That I wear no hue.

  • soul_writings 14w

    It's a little blurry these days,
    To see the future.
    It's a little dark these days,
    To see the past.
    I think I just have enough vision.
    To see the present as a present.

  • soul_writings 14w

    She poured out all her warm emotions
    For the ones,
    Who took it like cold broth


  • soul_writings 15w


    Every battle my way may will be won.
    If you are my commander.
    I shall sail smoothly on the turbulent seas.
    If you are my sailor.
    Every small step taken will be a milestone.
    If you walk hand in hand.
    In all storms shall I adjust my sails.
    No wind shall I fear.
    Till you are the protecting shade.
    You are the pillar in the castle of my dreams.
    Every brick therein sings thy praise.

  • soul_writings 16w

    I must fly.

    Life seems to be a setting sun,
    Colours of gloom painting the sky.
    While all birds are home,
    I am sitting on a branch all alone.
    How I reached here remains unknown.
    I see my wings,
    They wear the colour of lead.
    I'm afraid to take the flight,
    Because scary is the sight.
    I must face the sky.
    I must open my wings,
    Because the sky at the other end,
    Seems to be a beautiful thing.
    I cry and I weep.
    But I must fly.
    Until a storm carries me to eternal sleep.
    Crowded is the sky
    As I pass by.
    I know I must change my hue
    To fit into the limitless sky.

  • soul_writings 16w


    It's autumn once again,
    I feel it in my veins.
    After the blazing summer,
    Tis' time when withered feelings must fall far off.
    After the wet monsoon,
    Tis' time when watery emotions must sink deep down.
    Tis' time when the cold wind would shake my branches,crack my soil and break my soul
    but I'll hold my roots tight....

    Because I know that after the desolate winter,
    Cheerful spring has always followed.