on love and about love...

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  • soulful_linesofheart 30w

    When you try to settle
    Your heart ...
    On the dark nights ...
    Peeking her ....
    All your butterflies
    Fly higher than
    Those skies to sense
    Her smile....

  • soulful_linesofheart 30w

    The way it fell down
    From the red eyes to
    The lips to a

  • soulful_linesofheart 31w

    The music that croons
    Of some thoughts
    Have some
    Smiles of night to
    Wipe all that fails

  • soulful_linesofheart 32w

    They hit you differently
    When you can relate them

  • soulful_linesofheart 35w

    Like a flower
    She smelt
    And like a snow
    He melt
    Like a star
    She glew
    and like a night
    He felt

  • soulful_linesofheart 35w

    There's a little
    Little hope in
    Every strare on
    The stars
    And even a
    Secret wish
    That we love
    To make us smile
    Like staring at

  • soulful_linesofheart 36w

    May be a
    Hundreds of nights
    And thousands of
    Moments we
    Cross through...
    Still we have
    The shade of those
    Lighting inside
    Again and again.

  • soulful_linesofheart 37w

    Her beauty is not
    Just a dew on tip of a grass
    She's like a
    Glacier floating
    On the ocean...
    It melts out the
    Miseries spread through .
    With all her
    I admire and love .

  • soulful_linesofheart 38w

    Every smile that peep out of a raindrop
    Falling on face, just travels time
    Distant than i ever thought about..
    And, lines that rose are beautiful
    As like she was...
    She, the sculptor of the verses
    Can certainly make no mistake..
    When she chooses the canvas
    For her poetic drizzles...
    And some fantasies full of letting go,
    Graces me.
    But, a line, that was all...
    A line..
    Of being her or her thoughts.

  • soulful_linesofheart 39w

    She was glittering on,
    Rooting me.
    A contemporary masterpiece made of
    Her own deep rooted beautiness.
    She was equivalent to the first sip of tea,
    The last bite of freshly homemade cookie,
    Submerged feet on coldest day of a year
    The snap crackles and pops echoed from within, a burst of smile.
    The subtle whiffs of her lovely conditioned hair .. dancing with wind making everything leftout and to feel the breeze.
    An incessant recreation of her lovely
    Voice makes every music ,a mere shout..
    Her radiant eyes flash every sadness
    And pen down all smiles of her... To be.
    Just thinking of her
    Is what enough to
    Let a night passaway...