she writes trashes but keeps them as treasures • nineteen • filipina • 5-18-18

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  • soullesspoet 107w


    may the stars guide you as you sail across the sea. may the horizon serves as an inspiration that you can make it. may the waves take you to the place where you want to be.


  • soullesspoet 109w

    be thankful

    There are people who would come and go into our lives. Everyone has a purpose. Everything has a reason. All we have to do is to welcome them on their arrival and bid them goodbye upon their departure. To shed tears doesn't mean we lost them, it means that their stay is meaningful.


  • soullesspoet 116w


    Dark voices are all she hears.
    She covers her ears.
    And closes her eyes.
    But she keeps hearing them.
    She keeps feeling them.
    Like water beads cascading through her skin.
    But ripping her alive.
    Hurting her.
    And she wonders why.
    Little did she know
    Those voices didn't come from outside.
    They are all from her head.
    Guess what she did?
    She wrote poetry.
    To divert herself from reality.
    To find her true identity.
    She wrote all the voices.
    That keep whispering her.
    Until she didn't notice
    They are gone.
    They faded.
    They died down.


  • soullesspoet 117w

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    Falling petals
    Blinding lights
    Under the night sky
    Above the flowing river.

    Two souls meet
    Two hearts in love
    One person is glad
    One person is sad.

    For they both know
    They will soon be apart.
    One must walk away
    And one will stay.


  • soullesspoet 117w


    Dark clouds widen.
    Behind them, stars are hidden.
    No streetlights are awake.
    On the dark alley she'll take.

    Rain begins to fall.
    As tears start to crawl.
    She walks to her house,
    With emotions just like the clouds.

    Her heart wasn't intact.
    But finally see behind the fact.
    Dark alleys aren't scary.
    Dark alleys are just lonely.


  • soullesspoet 118w

    Neither prose nor poem

    I just wanted to say that my compilation of prose and poetry entitled Skies and Pens will be published under WWG Publishing in the Philippines and will be released in early 2019. Have a nice day everyone!


  • soullesspoet 124w


    "Why does the world judge you for every mistakes you commit?"

    "Because it is easy to see mistakes than the good things a person did. It is easy to see pain than gratefulness."


  • soullesspoet 128w


    Being alone is sometimes a choice. Sometimes, you just need to be in solitude. To weigh the events in your life, to see what you can't see when you're with everyone, and sometimes to properly know oneself. Because if you try to do that when someone's around, you might explode.

  • soullesspoet 132w


    Let's stop. Give me a break. To walk away and see things from afar. Let me tie my messy hair. Let me straighten my crumpled shirt. Give me time to breath. To enhale good things and exhale the bad vibes. These are all I need.


  • soullesspoet 132w


    In the world of gamble,
    you're my last card,
    to be withdrawn.