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  • soulsearching123 1w

    There are more words hidden in the heart. None that can be spoken.
    There are many more tears in the soul, than can be seen rolling down a face.
    Yet they easily roll in a melody of a song.
    Words that can not be seen on a face, can only be felt in a book of poetry.
    For that is all, that we can do, to keep our dignity.

  • soulsearching123 1w

    The heart frozen in the tundra casually brings forth, words as sharp as serrated edges of ice. Cutting through like a knife.

  • soulsearching123 2w

    The imprints of true love are etched in the fabric of our hearts.
    The rest are like footprints in the sand, blown away by the winds of time

  • soulsearching123 2w

    I wonder if there was ever any place in your heart for me. Did you want to stay or were you destined to leave?
    You scribbled all over the page like a child wanting to please. But in the end, you turned the page with ease

  • soulsearching123 2w

    Loyalty, it's a thing.
    Yeah, I know. Its outdated, old fashioned and cliche. But, loyalty. It's a thing.
    Somethings are etched in stone. The sun rises and sets. The moon lights up the night sky. The stars twinkle and shine. The oceans roar and bear life to all therein. The shore awaits the certain waves.
    Loyalty, should be a constant thing.
    Like gravity.

  • soulsearching123 2w

    New Year's Wish

    A new dawn that brings hope and joy.
    A new day to fill your spirit with calm, but remember the poor,with alms.
    A New Year to write pages of dreams and fill with memories.
    Grace to all, dipped in wine. An age of adventure and good food to dine.
    But please do remember the lowly and downtrodden. Be kind.
    Happiest of days to come, so share your table and fruits of plenty. Spread love. Don't be coy with those who are empty.
    Throw your heart around all those you meet. May your days be merry and sweet.

  • soulsearching123 2w

    There is a sadness beyond words.
    There are silent tears, measured within hearts.
    There is a loneliness, that transcends crowds.
    There are prisons beyond walls. There are scars that wound souls.
    There are dreams that fly, high above clouds.

  • soulsearching123 3w


    A star shined brightly that cold Night. It was a quiet,secret place. But for those who knew, a perfect delight. It would be the place of the birth of the Only One.
    The evening was done and night fell.There was no place to comfort, the Birthing Mum.
    Outside of the gates of a little town, in a carved rock by a mount, there was a stable, warm and sound. A word of prophecy would speak of this ancient City. It is there,She would give birth to Her Little One.
    The ox and lamb,bowed with respect to Him. They knew He would be, the True Sacrifice , for all of Humanity.
    Outside, the shepherds lay gazing at the stars, while their sheep were grazing the fields.A brightness came over them, it was an Angelic Symphony.
    They announced the birth of the wondrous Child. The newborn King who would bring, Peace and Mercy mild.
    And in that moment of serenity, the angels did say, come and see.
    And so, in perfect Harmony, the shepherds were united with the animals,in all humility.
    In that perfect moment, beyond the wars and sorrows, beyond the cares and cruelties of all tomorrows, there He lay in a manger, for all to witness.
    The Great and Eternal took our form, the lowly and the limited. He gave us the ability to be great and limitless.
    His Life He gave, so that we may learn, the wondrous paths to His Home.
    And so on this day we celebrate,
    Glory to God in all the Highest.
    Peace on Earth and good will toward all. Let us not forget the true Message of it.
    Forgive me all if I have offended.
    A message of love,warmth and kindness to all, I submit.

    Wishing all my Friends on here, A Merry Christmas

  • soulsearching123 3w

    You pierced my soul with a perpetual memory of you
    A dagger that sears my heart when I think of you.

  • soulsearching123 4w

    If only my heart could speak to you, instead of this elaborate disguise.
    If only I could harness that sweet magic in your eyes.
    For if foolishness was a valiant warrior, I would surely capture the prize.