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  • soulsearching123 2w

    There was a time etched in the imagination. Like an oasis in a hazy mirage.
    There was a time etched in stone. Hard to ignore. Such a heavy burden it was,to carry.
    It was the time of our lives, slipping through, like sand in an hour glass.
    We left the hands of time walk us through.
    Until there was none.

  • soulsearching123 2w

    Her face shown on the surface of an endless sea. Upon every shore, she was there stroking his memory.
    Let me gaze upon her and dream. For in my dream, I dreamt of a boundless reverie.
    The kind you drown in, so helplessly

  • soulsearching123 5w

    For love is the elusive prize that hides in a scent of a flower, or the thorn of a rose.

  • soulsearching123 5w


    Play the foolish games and set the bonfires. The witch's brew mesmerizes.
    Dazzling eyes gesture, while reaping the fruits of desire.
    Try the banquet if you dare.Walk blissfully on thin air. Fly in the wind, toward medusa's glare. Locked eyes captivated in a lusty stare.
    Soulless victims blinded. Cashing in on the dream. Youthful gazes blowing off steam.
    Make a wish, blow a kiss. Sweet pleasure if you time it.

  • soulsearching123 6w

    Foolish hearts garnish steely knives.
    Pierced souls bleed silence, in the dark.
    Forever afters, float in bitter wines.
    The clocks tick. The bells chime.
    Cruel are, the hands of time.

  • soulsearching123 7w

    If only for a little while, we could embrace the bliss of a twinkling star.
    If by chance, we saw our hearts kiss from afar
    If only happiness froze the moments, we sought higher ground.
    If only a ballad, could find us together entwined.
    If only we were forever bound.

  • soulsearching123 8w

    Words ripple through ocean tides.
    Whispers of times, the soul sought delight.
    Castings of a wayfarer lost at sea.
    The hunter finds his way. The sage searches for a muse.
    Supplications of a heart bending the knee. Solace in times of need
    Losing forests, to save trees.

  • soulsearching123 9w

    Show me the night sky in bright lights.
    I promise to dream of a happy place.
    Let me into your arms, I will give you wings.
    Dress me in hope, we can fly toward the twinkling stars.
    Let me hold your hands as we whisper sweet melodies, waiting for the sun to rise.

  • soulsearching123 10w

    There are more words hidden in the heart. None that can be spoken.
    There are many more tears in the soul, than can be seen rolling down a face.
    Yet they easily roll in a melody of a song.
    Words that can not be seen on a face, can only be felt in a book of poetry.
    For that is all, that we can do, to keep our dignity.

  • soulsearching123 10w

    The heart frozen in the tundra casually brings forth, words as sharp as serrated edges of ice. Cutting through like a knife.