Writing what you fill is important because you can't always keep it in some point you have to let it out.

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  • soulsiren 9w

    The saddest beat is the sound of a heart that doesn't want to beat anymore

  • soulsiren 10w

    RIP George floyd

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  • soulsiren 10w

    I'm so tired of pretending
    Where's my happy ending?


    I'm so tired of pretending
    Where's my happy ending?

    I followed all the rules
    I drew inside the lines
    I never asked for anything that wasn't mine
    I waited patiently for my time
    But when it finally came
    He called her name
    And now I feel this overwhelming pain

  • soulsiren 10w

    Please follow me trying to get too 30 first 3 ppl gets a shout out and I hope u guys understand and please be careful what u say to anyone u never now what your words can create thank u love you all and bye

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    Few words

    It only takes a few words to break a monster but it also take a few word to creat one

  • soulsiren 17w

    Are we humans or souls

    Are we human or are we souls the answer to that question is...we are souls that are trapped in a human body ounce that souls gone it's just a empty shell

  • soulsiren 34w

    The feeling in my head

    the feeling in my head of losing something just won't go away.

    it causes issues all through my ways

    emotions scramble what to do what to do .

    need a clue am feeling blue .

    wish it was fake but i can't help but now this is real.

  • soulsiren 38w


    I don't get it how can someone expect u to understand them if they can't even understand u

  • soulsiren 41w

    Write down Bellow

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    Have u ever though what does life mean to u

  • soulsiren 42w


    Time pass memories fade. Feeling change. People leave. But the heart never forgets

  • soulsiren 43w

    Get you the moon

    You gave me a shoulder when I needed it
    You showed the love when I wasn't feeling it
    You helped me fight when I was giving in
    You you made me laugh when I was losing it

    'Cause you are, you are
    The reason why I'm still hanging on
    'Cause you are, you are
    The reason why my head is still above water
    And if I could l'd get you the moon I give it to you
    And if I could I'd get you the moon
    And give it to you