uncertainty comes with great responsibility used to be writtenbybshark i also post my contents on instagram: @soulsofkia

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  • soulsofkia 4w

    hello !!! been awhile since i've posted aaaah i've gotten busy with college and personal endeavors that my writer's block had gotten worse�� but here's another new piece! hope you like it❤ #mirakeeworks #love #patience #soul

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    once again, another tragedy
    turned into beauty
    something i would consider
    to be part of my journey

    oh, how foolish it is to think
    that a certain lost shadow
    has found its way
    to its home of compassion


  • soulsofkia 15w

    writer's block can really be a pain but i really tried to squeeze my brain cells out to make a writing !!! #mirakeeworks #mirakee #mirakeeindia #mirakeeph #poem #love #writing

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    i always wonder what it feels like
    to be near your presence
    even just a glimpse of your warmth
    which brings nothing but burn

    the tip of your fingertips
    as shivers follow through your trails
    left a sense of intoxication
    oh, how numb i turned under you

    but silly how i will always end up
    longing for your touch
    not something out of lust
    but full of innocence and worship


  • soulsofkia 28w

    been demotivated and sudden lack of enthusiasm to do things lately but i'm still fighting! #love #mirakee #mirakeeworld #writersnetwork #thoughts #feelings @writersnetwork @mirakeeworld

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    am i really in love?

    the warmth i feel when i feel your touch
    and the sense of ecstacy fills the edge
    how solely embarked in my deepest scar
    and the assurance that i'm your end

    is there really an answer to love?
    or is it another illusion of our ideals of us
    recklessness of oneself to achieve pleasure
    and the fear of living alone in danger

    but, love, is not something you can decipher
    cognizance of emotions and intentions
    that patience and passion of being together
    like the stars lighting up the lonely moon

    maybe it isn't the words at all
    how you're swayed by their actions
    and how perfect your hands for each other

    maybe, you are the love.

  • soulsofkia 30w

    you told me your favorite things and even the smallest details, i kept it. for i know how much value they have for you, i was captivated by the sincerity of your love.

    i miss you.

    #poem #poetry #mirakee #writersnetwork #writingcommunity #feelings

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    it's the way your face lights up
    when the rain falls down
    how it gives you comfort and peace
    feeling the embrace of the cold breeze

    it's your smile that's contagious
    when i make you your favorite coffee
    the splash of its bitter taste on your buds
    calms your troubled mind and heart

    i love how you're genuine about it
    your playfulness during a sad day
    your voice as music in a silent den
    and your love for the little things

    you are love.

  • soulsofkia 31w

    something a little plain and emotional because i need to get this out.

    #mirakeeworks #writingsnetwork #poems #poem #poetry #feelings

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    it hurts to see you happy
    not in the way of being greedy
    not in the way of depriving you happiness
    it hurts to see that it's not with me

    this type of feeling is seldom to me
    the selfishness it brings

    but this type of feeling is something i'll hold on
    like the promises filled with patience
    and the pain turned into strength

    i will be here.

  • soulsofkia 31w

    he's the love that no matter what comes in my way, will be the definition of sacrifice and faith.

    #writersnetwork #poem #poetry #mirakeeworld

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    it's the type of love
    that even two baffling words make sense
    the chance of being at risk yet comforting

    it's the type of love
    you are willing to commend
    and compromise for what is left

    he's that love
    threatened by the winds of pain
    unsure of what comes next
    but still filled with negligence

    he's that love
    full of certainty and trust
    faith and genuinely waiting
    for what he promised 'til sorrow ends


  • soulsofkia 32w

    everyone goes through struggles everyday that, if not all, only a few will understand and are willing to empathize with.

    don't force yourself to be okay on the spot and advance your decisions that you think will change everything. embrace your emotions. learn from them. you have the time in this world to feel and know your worth. you are stronger when you let yourself know your real feelings.

    #poems #poetry #poetrycommunity #worth #mirakeeworld #writersnetwork

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    it's okay
    if you can't let go
    it's okay
    if you chose to stay and endure the pain

    the most humane thing you can do
    is to feel and understand

    you will grow
    like a withered flower
    during the seasons fall

    until you bloom at your pique
    at your worth's grace
    and prosper what you've discerned


  • soulsofkia 32w

    the worst thing a lover could do?

    do we ever tend to look through from all the pain and sorrow we endure?

    do they ever mean something to you?

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    promises that were meant to be shields
    from the falling faith and hope of us
    became only a fragment of your love
    that no one could ever break down

    but the shout of silenced defeat from you.


  • soulsofkia 36w

    currently watching the animated version of Your Lie In April and i'm inspired to write this short poem because of it��❣

    @writersnetwork @mirakee #poem #love #autumn #sweet #random

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    combination of artificial and natural
    is something you would never combine
    but if two strangers work for compromise
    it's a beautiful sacrifice.


  • soulsofkia 38w

    i was once broken by a former lover who i thought will be the cover of my ends. until i met a stranger who somehow showed me the way through a dim lit tunnel 'til the light shines in front of us.

    we fall in love in suspicious yet exciting ways. and pain is inevitably there to be felt. but one thing's for sure that at the end of each pain, there will always be hope and peace that will embrace your souls.

    #poetry #poetrycommunity #pain #love #sadness #faith #writersnetwork #mirakeecommunity

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    A fleeting line of sadness
    with an endless scarring of pain
    met a puzzling fragments
    that transpire serenity and faith.