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  • soulwriters 1w

    Subconsciously Stuck Alone with You

    We began from the very beginning, we knew no end,
    Friends we are, from an age that didn't know what it meant,
    A graceful journey, desirable childhood, we grew with innocence,
    Reached ages when we respect each other's Emotions,
    Learned to love, Learned to stand by each other, only to know it wouldn't last long,
    Supported you in all your lows, stood by you even when you were lost,
    I have lost you a lot of times, I have you Now, Wouldn't want lose you again,
    But I have well lived with changes, unfortunately I know, You will again be gone.

    We had terrible times together, we had the most of our happy times too,
    You've been the dumbest girl before me, I know your most intelligent sides too,
    You've once trusted me the most, You've often prioritised other over me,
    Talking of time, you've spent the most with me, yet I'm no longer the one,
    Why is it then When I am all the same and you are still not my version of you.

    Everything was happy, Not a bit of what I wouldn't want,
    The chilled out life, happy times, we sung loud our favourite songs,
    Re-lived the moments from memories again, talked heart to heart,
    Then Came in new Realities, not that you were lying all along,
    But they became your priorities and I could never Move on.

    I'm subconsciously stuck alone with you, in the past of My backhead memories,
    I'm happy for you that you're adventurously enjoying your life,
    Who knew, the ones who used to be shipped together, our bond so strong,
    Will live on parted ways, where you would be happy making more friends,
    And I...You would never even know, I will be stuck here, Writing for you.

  • soulwriters 1w

    Being What I wanted to

    Rise of sudden thoughts, dilemma's clear call, I think I shall leave it all,
    Leave each lie that has kept me stuck, lose each grudge and move,
    To leave everything from past and put myself to a completely new start,
    To start living my own life and work for being what I have always wanted to,
    Lost everything so far, people I loved would still not bother to secure my heart,
    I wish to drop it all, lose again and restart for the life ahead to be my life's better half.

    Life is an illusion, what I expected would never really happen,
    I still would give in my best and care for all only to fall apart,
    My life would degrade each day, I'm sacrificing what I truly deserve,
    My life so far has been about them, them are the people I serve,
    Serve them to their happiness even though they never asked,
    Not that they care, I loved them for real and my love's purity got no scars.

    Maybe it's time I move on, sing my favorite songs and dance my heart out,
    Change priorities and of course change everything my life has been about,
    To work on my dream, to treat myself better, to understand what they couldn't,
    To work on my life, to live it with my vibe, to become what I thought I wouldn't.

  • soulwriters 1w

    5AM Draft

    Of all that I've Written so far, this is
    the only one of its kind,
    Written in confusion of what to write,
    It's those same emotions on a repititive
    Lost so bad, fallen back, sad, depressed,
    oh that's already said and what's not will
    never be,
    Never shared when you could, you still can
    but you would ? Oh No!,
    You've trapped yourself so bad, nothing
    now can get you back,
    As it always has, it'll all still stay in
    your head.
    What would you now do to mend what you've
    spoiled for years?
    A victim of your own tyranny, and your
    head has been the Traitor,
    Salvage solutions to your catastrophic
    Oh you thought you could find 'em ?
    You never thought life could shoot at you
    with pain from all directions, did you?
    For all that life has done to you and Will
    continue to,
    Who other than you will you condemn?

  • soulwriters 1w

    Kuch tham sa Gaya hai

    Hawaaon si beh rahi zindagi me kuch achanak se tham sa gaya hai,
    Udd rahi meri patang par ruk gayi uss hawa ka asar kuch is kadar hua hai,
    Na dor Kheechne se smbhlti hai, aur ab to hawa ke rukh se rukh mod liya hai,
    Yun to chal rahi zindagi me is thami hawa ka asar dil par kaafi gehra hua hai.

    Kabhi kabhi neeche dekh kar seedhiyan chadhne ke bawajood,
    Kuch aisa kho jaata hun soch me apni ke hawa me pair rakh deta hun,
    Aadat si ho gayi hai bepanah zindagi me khudko bewajah udaas karne ki,
    Yun to chal rahi zindagi me, khushiyon ke pal aksar undekha kar deta hun.

    Doobti kashtiyaan kinaare lagate lagate khud besahara beech me fasa gaya hun,
    Har lehar kuch aisa paani bhar jaati hai pehle se doob rahi meri kashti me,
    Lehro ki sundarta nihaarte nihaarte, kashti se paani ka wazan nahi hata paata,
    Yun to chal rahi zindagi me, khud doob raha hun, ye humesha bhool jata hun.

    Iss jahaan ke joothe jazbaat aur Khushi se khaayin vo joothi saugaaten,
    Galti na bhi ho meri, phir bhi bhoj in adhure vaadon ka akele jhel raha hun,
    Cheeni sa meetha dikhta ye dard, mere paani me zeher ki tarah ghul raha hai,
    Yun to chal rahi zindagi me bikhar chuka hai sab, magar Koshish ab bhi kar raha hun.

    Patthar jaisa mazboot banne ki har mumkin koshish karta hun,
    Khudko ragad zameen par kuch andheri zindagiyon me ujaala karta hun,
    Zaruratein puri ho jayen to mai Zaruri nahi rehta, Phir kya, faik diya jaata hun,
    Yun to chal rahi Zindagi me, Mai bas kagaz ke aage himaat haar jata hun.

  • soulwriters 1w

    Friends : Kya Cheez hain ye

    Kuch dosti ki missal hain to kuch kamine har hadd paar hain,
    Fasa bhale hi dete hain kayi baar par sambhaal bhi lete hain,
    Kuch nakhre hazaar karte hain to kuch shakal se hi bayaaan kar dete hain,
    Kuch dil tutne par saath dete hain to kuch mazaak uda uda kar hasa dete hain,
    Ye kamine hi to hain, jo yun to chal rahi zindagi ko hawa se tez raftaar dete hain.

    Haath bhale hi na pakad kar chalte hon par sadke saath hi paar hoti hain,
    Koi mazaak smjhta hai dosti ko to kisi ki muskaan hi kaafi hoti hai,
    Dosti hi to hai, tutne par khud smbhalna sikha hi deti hai,
    Ya fir smbhalne ke liye naye dost bana diya karti hai.

    Ajeeb si zindagi me thode zyada ajeeb ye yaar hain,
    Kuch Ko secret crush hai apne best friend par,
    To kuch ke beech bhai-behen wala pyaar hai,
    Jaldi se bhaav dete nahi ek dusre ko ye draamebaaz,
    Par, Khudke ghar ke bahar ye yaar hi pehla parivaar hain.

    Kabhi Bachpan ki dosti se zyada pichle mahine mila dost khaas ban jaata,
    To Kuch ko naye raaston par bhatakne ke baad purana yaar yaad aa jata hai,
    Hazaaron naye logon me apne jaisa dost chun na bada mushkil kaam hai,
    Vaise to 'Kab dost ban gaye pata hi nahi chala' ka bhi apna itihaas hai,
    Matlab ke zamaane me, dubaane wala koi khaas dost hi hota hai,
    Magar, kandhe ko sirhana aur lame jokes par hasane wala bhi, dost hi to hai.

    Friends, kaun sachha dost hai, kaun nakaab me baitha dhokebaaz,
    Chinta dil tutne ki hai to sun lo do alfaaz, kuch yun kehte hain,
    Darr agar dubaara tutne ka hai to ek baar aur panga le lo yaar,
    Shak ki buniyaad par bharosa hi na karna, Ye dosti nahi hai Yaar.

  • soulwriters 1w


    I'm becoming so useless, losing everything that I used to have,
    Not a Buck of Self-Worth, Guess I have fallen so bad,
    Losing grip on poetry, running out of Emotions,
    I'd be happy if I had tried again but I never stood Up.

    Tried a million times to try again, but I failed everytime,
    There was A lot I could Do, Irresponsible, why did I not try,
    A lot there is I still can do, but I'm Stuck Where I am,
    Perplexity in priorities, to live a lost life or find meaning in Majority?
    Decision too tough to make, To Kill a life for another to be alive?

    I'm not a man who chooses to live for myself over others,
    But for others who'll later live with me, I have to be a lot better,
    Responsible in my own life, to be able to take good care of those,
    Why do I have to sacrifice this phase for the good of another phase from later?

    Choices to make are difficult indeed, lifes dependant on me at stake,
    If I choose Myself, I lose all others; I choose all others, I die,
    Lifeless, Helpless, Wrecked Aside, What in life is meant to be right?
    I'm failing with each alphabet I type, tired of living with Anecdotes,
    I want a lifelong story now, to have my way clearer , clearer than ever before.

  • soulwriters 1w


    Why Am I in those lives where my being doesn't mean anything?

  • soulwriters 1w

    Pyaar to nahi

    Kyun jaana un galiyoon me Jinme apna koi basera na ho,
    Kyu bhatakna ban raahi un palon ke sahare jinka anjaam adhura ho,
    Kyun tadapna unn khushiyon ke liye, jo kisi aur ke hisse ho gayin hon,
    Ki thi koshish tab bhi, ab bhi karte hi rahoge, pyaar dubara ho jata hai,
    Aazma kar to dekho, Patjadh ke mausam me pattiyaan kab tak jhadte rahoge.

    Maana ke pyaar mazaak nahi, saudebaazi ka ye bazaar bhi nahi,
    Rishte to hazaaro juthe hain, barbaad soch hai, Pyaar nahi,
    Jo dil se kiya bhale hi dil tutne ke liye, pyaar vahi hai dost,
    Jo matlab ke liye kiya vo to matlab hai na, Pyaar to nahi.

  • soulwriters 1w


    Jiske paas ho saadhan vo madad nahi karna chahta,
    Jiske paas kuch nahi hai vo madad karna chah raha hai,
    Insaan, koi kya hai to koi kya hota jaa raha hai,
    Yun to achee log laakhon hain iss jahaan me,
    Magar achii chahaton ko mukkammal karne ka,
    Achaa insaan, har zariya khota jaa raha hai,
    Insaaniyat pe bharosa phir bhi barkaraar hai,
    Magar, Kayi logon ki niyat se bharosa uth ta jaa raha hai.

  • soulwriters 5w

    Why is Sleeping so Tough!!

    Had it been Math I would understand,
    but why is sleeping so tough?
    I lay on my bed, the moment I relax,
    thoughts takeover, and follows its trend,
    what had she done, why did she do that,
    why Am I even thinking about you?

    It's one like a deadly roller coaster ride,
    A moment of smile, another's a dead fall,
    One thought starts, attracts another million,
    they need no fuel, do they know self-generation?
    as another AM strikes, these thoughts would intensify,
    Tonnes of flashbacks, all at once, I, wanna know Why!!
    eradicating my thoughts, I turn myself around,
    Why not divert myself? Imagine something good,
    And every morning When I wake up I realize,
    Fighting thoughts is a fantasy, I couldn't even Imagine.

    Comes another anti-thought, and there I am,
    eating with hands, sitting on floor beside the refrigerator,
    Dumb I was, I thought eating would help, But, It doesn't.
    What else could I do, I had to wake up early,
    I lay on my bed again, only to restart my ride,
    Couldn't she hurt me less? Will I lose her again?
    I have no other option but to think about you,
    Ofcourse, What else Could I do, I am helpless.