Al⊙ne ßoy �� Créãtør Öf MY Øwn sëlf

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  • soulwriters 2d


    I believe in efforts,
    God is a fargone fantasy.

  • soulwriters 2d


    Like Sun is to sky,
    And Moon is to night.
    A similar beauty is known to me,
    Not just a friend, she's a habit of mine.

    Like water to coulds,
    And stars are to skies,
    She keeps with her a part of mine,
    I am happy to celebrate her happy times,
    More blessed indeed to share her cries.

    A little more special
    Than all I know.
    A little more precious
    Than all I own.
    Everyday to her beauty,
    I am peacefully drawn,
    No, not the one of her face, so pretty though,
    But one that she holds in her soul, so pure.

  • soulwriters 1w

    Ironically True

    The Greatest Irony of My life is, The ones I want to do everything for are the Ones who hurt me The Most.

  • soulwriters 1w

    A soul that was known to Mine...

    Rains I wish were as beautiful as seen,
    Bright Stars after clearance of Clouds,
    I wish were as soothing as I would always Gleam.

    Water would hit,
    Joys from skies were dropping,
    In a weather like this,
    The Heart that would always Shine,
    In pain was Tonight sobbing.

    The Dusty winds,
    The Stronger Stroms,
    The Falling Droplets,
    The Crowdy Roads,
    Witnessed tonight,
    The Death of A Kind, Pure Soul.
    A soul of Sacrifice,
    A Soul that praises other's kind.
    A Soul much blessed and was Known to mine.

  • soulwriters 3w

    Hey Stars...

    Hi stars You Shine brighter today,
    Your beauty is undefeatable,
    Beyond senses you are adorable.

    Well tonight got something special,
    Only twinkling pretty faces of yours,
    Clouds of confusion would solemnly disappear.

    I promise to sit with you,
    For as long as I can,
    Tonight I choose to be with you.
    Just admire the greatness of your existence
    And the purpose of myself,
    Which much like you is not just to shine,
    Spread happiness around,
    And, Silently cause SMILES.

  • soulwriters 3w

    A Good Day At Dawn...

    A good Day at Dawn,
    Was later bad at start.
    Like nails are to skin,
    Few faces were to heart.

    I wouldn't call it heart alone,
    The Brain was equally hit hard,
    For eyes that looked at me,
    Had Painful arrows behind their gleaming glance.

    Life is one mess,
    None would sort for you, it was Said to be,
    Still, living in the same situation,
    With Silence and actful smiles,
    To watch the same faces,
    Unavoidably all day round,
    Was easier to say not to think about,
    But Was No less than Catastrophe.

  • soulwriters 3w

    "It's all About efforts", they Say.

    Me- "What if they are only one sided?"

  • soulwriters 9w

    Not Alone

    For the world our there,
    And Men like me,
    I wish you hope,
    Health and Peace.
    Dwell, My buddies,
    A life is yet to come.
    Well It's All one Roof,
    We all stay Under the same sun,
    In a world you think isn't yours,
    Buddies you're not alone,
    If Bad Cards play your life,
    Wait for a while,
    Good Ones are yet to be Shown.

  • soulwriters 9w

    Now is Never Again

    It's okay if life is a game
    Rule your own
    Live life now
    Coz now is never again.

    These Sunsets seem so Glamorous, Dont they?
    Orange skies are so adorable, Aren't they?
    Go Cherish the Gleaming beauty,
    Admire the Adorables,
    Why wait for what's yet to come
    Live the Moment now,
    Coz now is Never again.

    Even if it seems a havok
    Fly it off to heaven,
    Live the moment
    Live for the moment,
    Live life now,
    Coz Now is never again

    Life is uncertain,
    To keep it for later,
    Are You sure You will be alive?
    Well, if it isn't yours for now,
    Go snatch away your prize,
    Go chase your dreams right away,
    Live the race, feel what it has right now,
    Coz Now is Never again.

  • soulwriters 10w

    "My Way"

    Thunders, Come Chase me,
    I wanna fight you away.
    Come Bring what Hardest You have,
    Newer me Stands stronger here,
    Greater than all your Problems is My Will,
    And I promise I will make myself a way.
    Come show me Your Darker tricks,
    Well I am Ready, Come Thrash me Hard
    Because When the turn switches to mine,
    I will rule and All you'll do is "My way".