ರಾಜನ ಆಗಮನಕ್ಕಗಿ

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  • soundaryam 3w

    Everyday in my dream I see you
    And,. That's why I know you in my heart

  • soundaryam 5w

    Self-love will never hurt you

  • soundaryam 7w

    Love comes to you when you are not ready for it,
    And leave it when you need the most

  • soundaryam 8w

    Love the life you live
    Live the Life you life
    Because we can't satisfy everyone...

  • soundaryam 9w


  • soundaryam 9w

    We all come from no where to now here to no where. It's all the same it's all one..

  • soundaryam 10w

    The only difference between Alone and All one is one "L" and that stands for "Love"

  • soundaryam 10w

    Sometimes, I want to treat people like they treat me
    I can't because that's not my character...

  • soundaryam 10w

    To conquer the difficulties there is more power in a smile than in a sight...

  • soundaryam 10w

    Remembrance is a form of meeting, forgetfulness is a form of freedom...