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  • spacegallery 2w

    Lost in thoughts

    Travelling as a sole man
    Through the deserts
    The hot sky blazing through ne
    Coluring my skin
    Watching the catcus grow
    Oh pain in my nervers
    Breaking me shivering me
    And ill fight till the end

  • spacegallery 4w

    This is me I gave up poetry but I'm coming back so why cant you?

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    Coming back

    Oh what have I done
    Leaving my talent
    Leaving it
    I shall come back
    To my talent
    What have I done
    I wont give up
    I am warrior not failure
    I shall come back pick myself and do what.i like

  • spacegallery 12w


    A force bending and twisting me
    And killing me
    Making me waste my precious energy
    Stopping me from doing good
    Dragging me to hell.
    And making me disobey my own parents
    Haha devil says
    You shall never be good
    No one can stop it
    No one but only you can
    Punch it in the face,Make it bleed
    And throw the anger out of the world

  • spacegallery 12w


    with nobody to help
    with no one
    for me,no one to tell me what is wrong and what is right
    i feel like the world is against me
    Are you crazy? a voice in my head says
    you can rule the world if you want to
    you are imagning
    you think your alone?
    show the world your a king
    show the people who mocked you
    that your the king

  • spacegallery 14w

    Picture credit to rightful owner

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    The Wild West

    Walking across the old sandy road
    With people on both sides watching from afar
    Oi win the match with that cruel ol selfish man
    Says the Rol the barber
    With a badge on my chest and a gun in my hip
    I meet face to cruel ol selfish man named Jake
    U ready chief? Asks the burglar
    Ready from the last blue moon I say
    I flip through the strong but old bullet
    And shoot him
    He falls down in an instant You are going down chief
    That shall not happen in the west You are going to jail young lad

  • spacegallery 14w

    (Picture credit to rightful owner)

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    A strong power pushing me down
    To the earth soils
    Preventing me to do what I want
    Its covering my sunlight
    Like a strong blanket
    Called fear
    Battling with it is tough
    Tougher than you think
    A huge strong force Stops me
    Some thing in my head says
    Rise like a rocket
    Cut through it like a knife
    And rise above the sky
    Be fierce

  • spacegallery 14w

    Shall never give up

    Fails to run
    In the marathon
    Gets mocked
    By bullies
    Cant run
    Still shall never give up
    Run! Run! Run!
    Take as many attempts
    But dont ever
    Give up!
    Run till your feet ache
    Hold hold the scolding of the bullies
    I shall never give up
    And succeed
    To win
    And shall never give up to succeed
    To win

  • spacegallery 15w


    A season where orange rough leaves fall
    As they cant bear
    In the tree anymore
    To thee be burned
    By the fellow citizens who see the leaves at their garden
    Shall disappear in the soil
    To help other plants grow
    An season enjoyed by all
    Time to roast sweet potato
    With your friends
    As it roasts in a jiff
    Or dance
    As the leaves fall
    Also knows as AUTUMN

  • spacegallery 15w

    Tell me your favourite music in the comments ;)

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    A wave of sound
    composed beautifully
    To relax you or to make you dance
    Wow! What is that beautiful sound
    A melody so beautiful
    If it is possible to see music
    It shall be the most beautiful Human on history
    It can make memories
    Composed by hardworking musicians
    Who work hard
    So that we get a perfect song
    Music a wonderful invention
    And shall remain beautiful
    Even as great flood shatters
    Storm breaking the ground
    The good ol music
    Shall never fade..

  • spacegallery 16w

    Word Prompt:

    Write a 10 word micro-tale on Feathers

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    A soft fall of leaf from birds