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  • spacygolem 2w

    Stay Forever

    Your were with me in my bad times and now if you aren't there in my good times then I don't want this time also.


  • spacygolem 3w

    That's all what I can post about, love.������

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    Still Think of You!

    Every time I think I've found somebody
    I just wish that somebody was you
    There's no way that someone else could make me ever
    Feel the same way that you do!

    Make it hard for me to love again
    Where do I start and when do you end?
    Even if I tell myself I can
    I know that I'll break before I can bend.

  • spacygolem 5w

    �� not so good in poetries but I can say I try my best.
    ☺️ Hope you like it.
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    There is a restlessness from the first moment itself,
    I have no idea what'll happen going further.
    Why is my heart leaving me and going towards you?

    new beginnings,
    these are new things.
    now there are new nights,
    it seemed.

    when you met me,
    my breaths have found new air to breathe.

    now your heartbeats and mine,
    are travelling as they wish to.
    now when you look at me I wish to live more.
    it seems like your sight is my life.

    my whole world is from you,
    my heart is in love with you only.
    as you are there, I know myself.

    I have found the destination at the first step itself,
    Now what do I care about these paths...

    what do I have to do with what the world sayI am only related to your words now.

  • spacygolem 7w

    I wish!

    I wish to be a traveler,
    and my path to be yours.
    I wish that my destinations
    be related to you.

    May my mornings begin
    with your light.
    May I live
    wherever your stay is.

    here, there is nobody mine
    other than you,
    don't leave me alone and go,

    May there be my story,
    and your translation,
    your prayers
    and my head bowed.

    even in your secret
    there should be my truths hidden,
    May I be collecting my earnings
    and your debt be cleared

  • spacygolem 7w

    Life is too short to, realise why aren't you with me?


  • spacygolem 8w

    I don't know if it was right or not but if it can help us being a good human beings then I would definitely appreciate our decision. I've never expected if this really going to happen in our lives. Afterall I'm happy because you are happy. I've nothing to lose, you a nothing to keep. I know it's difficult to live without you. But it doesn't mean without you I'll die. I don't know if it's over forever or for sometime. Perhaps if you miss me don't keep yourself away from me. I'm still there where I was.

    PS:- Don't forget how much I love you. ��

    #love #mirakee

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    The secret fixing of gazes between the two pairs of eyes
    Which was a habit previously, has now been resolved
    Both of us being in love
    That time has passed away
    I had no worries about the world
    Now my concerns about You have even been decreased
    You are still you
    I am still
    Look, the whole world has turned upside down
    You don’t know and even I don’t know
    How such a thing occurred
    That event which was about to occur
    Has finally occurred
    The secret fixing of gazes between the two pairs of eyes
    Which was a habit previously, has now been resolved
    Praising You and having a fear of losing You
    Now I’ve forgotten that I used to die on You all day long
    The whole intoxication of love is now over
    The clouds of lovely talks has also blown off
    From being partners to friends, how did we arrive
    Seeing myself in this way puzzles me
    We had become one from two
    And now our paths have separated
    Now there’s no worry anymore
    There aren‘t any mentions of sadness/grief
    Whichever road I am upon
    Happiness arrives on it
    I’m free of You
    You’re free of me
    Whatever Your heart desires
    And in whichever way, just do that
    The fragile string of modesty and transgress
    Which was prevalent between us, has gotten cut
    You didn’t change and I also didn’t
    But look, the whole world has changed


  • spacygolem 8w


    He who does not fear the sword he holds is not worthy of holding a sword.

  • spacygolem 8w

    My Love ♥️

    Be it sorrow, or happiness,
    The heart always calls for you..
    You've made me,
    you've made me better..
    For the world, there is God, but for me, there is you..
    Only you should be there.. whatever it is,
    I'll do once you say..
    I'll die..


  • spacygolem 8w

    Running out of content! ��
    Hope You Like it! ��
    #love #quote #for #love #on #mirakee

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    Without myself, I am living,
    In your winds, I am sailing,
    I don't know how, 
    I have become yours,
    I feel I'm a wish of your heart only..
    as I got you,
    I learned to live,
    Now I wish this moment pauses, stops, lives between us two..
    as I got you,
    I learned to live,
    Now I wish this moment pauses, stops, lives between us two..

    More than earlier I am living,
    Since I am attached to your heart,
    I've walked on your paths,
    you're my destination, I've started stopping at your feet only..

    In your sight, there's a new style,
    a new intoxication is dissolved too,
    the cloud that was tied for many days,
    has opened in your hair only,
    my living is in your limits only,
    now you too
    have to go where..
    where you live, I'm that world,
    the one you live, I'm that surrounding/weather,
    Because of you, I'm new,
    previously I didn't say, now I have started telling you


  • spacygolem 9w

    Your Face

    my restlessness gets peace,
    when I see your face..

    my madness gets patience,
    when I see your face..

    whenever there is a talk about you,
    see, from my eyes
    this love flows as water..

    my loneliness gets a divine light,
    when I see your face

    I pray day and night,
    that I live and die for you,
    all the time I wish to see you,
    I wish to sacrifice my life for you..

    whenever there is a talk about you,
    see, your feeling remains 
    lingering on my lips

    every path of mine should get the destination,
    when I see your face..

    colorless winds, I don’t know why,
    just called me..
    this love is like 
    I’ll lose my life in this love sometime.

    every pain of mine gets heeling,
    when I see your face