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  • speak_it_bygrace 4w

    Sa alapaap tayo muli ay lilipad

    Ulap ma'y kailangang lisanin pansamantala
    Wag kang mag alala, pakpak ay ipahinga
    Isa lang ito sa napakarami nating paglapag
    Maghintay, sa alapaap tayo muli ay lilipad

    Sa ating pagbabalik
    Mapupuno ulit ng ngiti ang langit.


  • speak_it_bygrace 10w

    Noong Una - Yung masaya

    Noong una,
    Hawak ng kamay mo'y kay higpit
    Ramdam kong ako'y hindi ipagpapalit
    Noong una
    Mga yakap mo'y puno ng pag-asa
    Pag-asa na ito'y pang habang buhay na
    Noong una,
    Mga halik mo ay may lalim
    Na sinisisid ang aking damdamin

    Noong una. Masaya.

    Hindi ko nakita na dito tayo patungo
    Hindi ko inakalang sa dulo'y 'di magtatagpo
    Kelan nga ba tayo bumitaw?
    Puso'y pareho ng naligaw.
    Wala ng magagawa
    Hindi na maibabalik
    Yung tayo, noong una.

    Yung masaya.


  • speak_it_bygrace 12w

    Do I deserve this?

    You sleep so soundly
    While I can't even close my eyes
    My mind is in frenzy
    My imagination is running wild

    Your mind is at peace
    While I can't even last an hour
    Without any paranoia and self doubt
    My peace is nowhere to be found

    I am not perfect, yes
    But do I deserve this?


  • speak_it_bygrace 13w

    Why leave me with nothing?

    You are the ghost under my bed
    The haunted phantom in my nightmare
    You are the missing chunk of flesh
    In my heart that you arrogantly tear

    You are the scary voice in my scream
    You are the shadow attached on my skin
    You are the painful weight over my chest
    The crawling monster, the unwanted guest

    Why do you have to take everything?
    Why push me in the pit of despair?


  • speak_it_bygrace 13w

    You are my everything

    You are the words in my poetries
    And the lyrics in the song I sing
    You are the reason behind my smile
    And the worthy tears that I cried

    You are my wish upon the million stars
    And my hundred coins in the wishing well
    You are my most waited miracle
    My answered prayer

    You are my reason.
    My life.
    My always.
    You are my everything.


  • speak_it_bygrace 13w

    Do you know what I see inside your eyes?

    You and I dancing in the meadows
    Your sweaty hands intertwined with mine
    Your kisses in my forehead
    Our life as years go by

    And above all this imagery
    Something stands out the most to me
    I see the eyes that I'll see
      The day after that
          Next month
    Next year
    The eyes that I'll choose to see
    For the rest of my life.


  • speak_it_bygrace 14w

    To the man who will love me next

    I am fully exhausted and broken right now
    My heart is tormented and still healing
    And there are still days that I am in pain
    And some nights that I still cry
    I have to admit that I am still afraid to try

    Can you wait a little longer?

    Because before anything else,
    I want to be fully healed
    And my heart to be restored
    I want you to see my happy eyes
    I want to give you a genuine smile
    I want to be strong and trusting again
    I want to be boldly committed to you

    And I want you
    To be the last man
    that I will love. Forever.
    So please wait a little more.


  • speak_it_bygrace 14w

    My Happy Place

    Inside a blanket with your warm embrace
    With you, under the umbrella on rainy days
    Under the sky as we watch the stars
    In the passenger seat with you in our car

    Sitting by the shore, and you on my side
    As we wait for the sun and the ocean collides
    My happy place is just anywhere
    Anywhere, as long as you are there


  • speak_it_bygrace 14w

    My second persona -
    Your masterpiece

    You are a saddist artist
    You turned, cut and molded a beast
    My second persona -your masterpiece

    The one who doubts
    The one who fears
    The one who cries to sleep
    The one who is in pain
    The unworthy and unforgiving
    The lifeless, the broken
    The one you promised - I will never be.


  • speak_it_bygrace 14w

    One more day

    I saw a man holding his daughter
    It made me think of you, father
    Can I request for one more hug?
    Just one more hug, it's all enough


    I saw your picture in my drawer
    There are so much things to remember
    Can I request for one more smile
    Just one more smile, just for awhile

    I am begging.

    I saw a woman on his wedding dress
    And his father on tuxedo and vest
    Can you walk with me for the last time
    Just one more walk, down the aisle.

    Just one more hug
    .... one more smile
    .... one more walk with you
    Just one more day.

    Please. I'm begging. Desperately.