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  • speakitloud 2w


    A thousand a times I have played on foundations of a house that the owner built. I had no idea what they wanted to build or how it would look. A thousand times I have stepped on rocks to pass a stream and get to a dry and better land. What am I saying?
    It's the beginnings that are difficult to spectate, it's the beginnings that test our perseverance and patience. Don't you despise the humble beginnings. Don't you dare despise the humble beginnings. One day you will build a house on that foundation, one day that seed you planted will break forth from the soil and grow. One day you will be thankful for every stepping stone you used to get there hope one day you will look back and be happy you started that beautiful journey

  • speakitloud 2w


    You liked me because I was the dull background and made you sparkle in comparison
    I knew you liked my silence because you could shout in it
    And sound like a lioness

    And I'm mad because I knew.

  • speakitloud 5w

    By unknown writer

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    She rests her head on my shoulders
    Each time we meet
    She listens to my stories attentively
    As if she'll be quizzed later on but
    Her eyes give in to sleep
    And she leaves me wondering
    Whether my stories make her sleep
    Or she finds comfort
    Enough to sleep

  • speakitloud 6w


    I liked the effort you put
    In uncuffing yourself
    The mental talks
    You had

    There was so much darkness
    You decided to be the light
    You broke free
    You sparkled
    Free from the whispers
    Free from the eyes

    I love the way you
    Run and flew like a free bird
    Spreading your wings
    And soaring out
    Of the dark pit
    You fell into

    I like the innocence
    You showed as you went out
    And trusted again

    And I adore
    The love you
    Shower others as you
    Smile and talk
    Oozing kindness
    As you shine
    Like the light that you are️

  • speakitloud 6w


    You shone from a distance
    I could see you easily
    Because you were the only
    Light in the darkness
    I found myself in
    And so I moved closer
    And grabbed you
    In my hands
    Fascinated that
    There was a light
    There was hope
    There is hope

  • speakitloud 6w


    I waited a century
    For you to pick me
    I waited for you to see
    Me sparkling
    To open your eyes
    And realise I've been here
    Shimmering all along
    But I realize
    That I lost me

  • speakitloud 11w

    Word Prompt:

    Write a 3 word short tale on Identity

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    God's daughter.

  • speakitloud 11w

    Word Prompt:

    Write a 10 word short tale on Evoke

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    Her words gave life to painful memories buried centuries ago.

  • speakitloud 12w


    I see you crying your way
    To get things
    I hear you gushing tears for him

    You can't have everything
    Or everyone
    You're not a baby
    So stop wallowing over it

  • speakitloud 12w

    Stones and thorns pierced our flesh
    We struggled
    And endured through the race
    Hills and valleys lay ahead
    But we muscled through them
    Valleys taught us patience
    And mountains taught us perseverance
    We could see the finish line
    Unfortunately we decided
    The thorns hurt and our feet were too sore to run the race
    And so we pulled out
    And lay aside
    But we were close
    Very close
    Too early
    we gave up
    We gave up when we could smell victory