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  • sphesihle 12w

    Come to me

    I see him reaching out let him touch me.
    His as stretched out let them reach me.
    He sees ever tear drop and it pains him.
    My pain reaches him ten times hard,it worsens.
    He's my light at the end of the tunnel,he blesses me.
    Puts a smile on my sad heart he delights me.
    Knows me more than myself he invades me.
    Everyday he be watching over me, calling out to me.
    He knows my thoughts before I even think them.
    Knows what I want before I need it.
    And he offers to give all,only if I go to him.
    His patients never ends it's deeper than an ocean.
    His grace is abundant it flows like a river.
    A whisper now a loud voice," come to me.
    And in my embrace all sorrow shall vanish and a new life awaits you come to me."✨
    Let's go together ❤️

  • sphesihle 12w

    My Lucifer

    I was born free but now I'm a prisoner.
    Not in jail I'm in my own prison.
    My life has become hell,I'm my own devil.
    All i do is hurt people I've become so evil.
    Dark thoughts shouting and screaming.
    It's all dark it feels like I'm dreaming.
    My lucifer now terrorising my mind.
    I need help but they think I'm out of my mind.
    Being his acquaintance i do not mind.
    For i knew i was deep down in my mind.

    I was born crazy i just didn't know it.
    It's plain and simple,no need to sugar coat it.
    Let's be real,the real me is dope.
    This dark aura makes me high,
    No need to take dope.
    Let's be frank,i never did love Frank.
    His love was toxic it always stank.
    I'm a loner and I've become so lonely.
    I tried my best and now I've lost hope.
    Now all i need to go is one strong rope.

    I'm losing my mind and i can't cry.
    It feels so good i don't wanna lie.
    I'm in pain and it feels so good.
    I'm fed up i don't need food.
    My attitude changed all think im rude.
    I'm a better lover,I'm even sending nudes.
    My lucifer finally ruling his kingdom,
    I finally feel I've attained freedom.

  • sphesihle 12w

    Just as Eve was made for Adam,let he or she who is yours reach you and find you in this chaotic world. Only the would people stop suffering from heartaches...

  • sphesihle 12w

    Have you ever loved someone and expect a lot from them. Loved them to the point that losing them would make you suicidal. That your every choice and decision now revolves around them,but they don't seem to care as much,to love as much. That too them you just an ordinary person and you mean nothing to them. That you'd literally sacrifice all your other relationships just to make that one bloom,to make it grow and reproduce and see it have eternal life. That the sweet nothing ain't that no more,and to you saying them is as real as the beauty of a sunset. Yet the love you give is never returned in full. It lacks in many ways than one and to you it's a slow poison,swallowing you softly,chewing down your cardiovascular system. But to live you need it,to it you addicted. Withdrawal might be the death of you.....
    If you have shout out to you for getting through it✊

  • sphesihle 13w

    If ever we could have erasers to rub off the mistakes and the bad choice once made,then people would stop judging...

  • sphesihle 14w

    He who loves All

    Tear drops pouring down my face.
    Feeling miserable,life was hard to face.
    And I kept on sinning like I was in a race.
    Couldn't handle my feelings,all I needed was space.
    Then I turned to him and my fears went without a trace.
    Feeling relieved,I knew right then I was in the right place.
    I'm finding myself I can feel it in my soul.

    Pain dripping down my heart.
    Feeling unwanted,couldn't even own a fart.
    That life wasn't mine,I knew we had to part.
    The pain I bore,in my mouth it tasted so tart.
    Then I knelt to him and I cracked like a nut.
    Feeling happier,there's no room for a but.
    I'm who I'm meant to be,I can feel it in my heart.

    Fear hovering over my life.
    Felt lonely,wanted to end it all with a knife.
    I sinned a lot like I was the devil's wife.
    Couldn't bear my weakness,I had to take a dive.
    Then I ran to him and he gave me a new life.
    Having hope,I knew right then I was in the right place.
    No more pain,my heart is back to one piece.
    I feel like sharing,everyone come take a piece.
    For he saved me from myself,and he can save you too...

  • sphesihle 15w

    If happiness was a person I'd call her mom.
    She gives me joy and makes me laugh.
    Without white life is black,
    Without the sun the day is dark.
    Without love the heart is sad,
    And without my mom I'm nothing.
    She gave me life and without her I wouldn't have life.
    I love and survive for her and she lives for me too....acknowledge all mothers♥️

  • sphesihle 15w

    Everyday brings with it new hope.Stay firm and let not the challenges of the world make you drop. Somewhere out there in this chaotic world someone truly cares about you,and I do're not alone♥️

  • sphesihle 15w

    If only I could view the world from the eyes of an innocent child...

  • sphesihle 15w

    Reaching out

    I lift my hand up hope you see it.
    It's swallowing me I need your attention.
    Notice the pain in my eyes its killing me.
    They say love is pain now i believe it.
    If only I could show my thoughts and emotions.
    I'm trying all possible ways to get to you.
    You far yet near but I'm still reaching out.
    Grab my hand baby and pull me out of the mud.
    I need this,I need you,damn I need us to happen.
    Maybe we'd be magicians and create magic.

    I raise my face to yours look at it clearly.
    The unexplainable attachment is had to conceal.
    The lust and longing us unbearable its eating me up.
    If only I could get you outta my mind I might survive this,
    Though if I withdraw I might suffer from withdrawal symptoms.
    You a forbidden fruit yet I'm still reaching out to you.
    Grab my hand and save me from this storm inside.
    Like a tornado its reeking havoc,I'm barely holding on.
    Say the magic words I'm sure that'd be the resurrection of me.
    I want this,I want you,It's crazy but i want us to exist.
    Maybe it'll be the removal of us from the depression club.

    I raise my voice up a notch.
    Hope you finally see I'm reaching out.
    Take a sec and look at me,
    Say the word you'll have it all.
    Stare deep into this face,
    What you see it what you get.
    I'll forever be here for you,
    Open the door and let me in.
    I'll forever care about you.
    Open your arms and embrace me.
    If only you say the magic words,
    I'd finally stop trying to reach out...