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  • spillai 5d

    My Love

    Like the sunflower blooms unfailingly
    Follow the rays of the sun.
    As the rivulets and streams alike
    Toward the ocean, steadfastly run.
    So does my heart seek yours, my love
    Ceaseless in its search for you, never to be outdone.

  • spillai 1w

    The Advent of Spring

    My life had been bare
    Devoid of meaning, empty of feeling
    Moving at its own slow pace.
    My heart was forever heavy
    Housing the corpses unfulfilled dreams,
    Filled with shadows of the doomed past.

    Like a miracle
    You entered my life
    Filing it with inexplicable joy
    You transformed my bare existence
    Into a garden of blooming flowers
    Where every flower
    is a dream fulfilled.

    All shadows in my heart are erased
    And everywhere there is
    Timeless and boundless bliss.

  • spillai 1w

    हमारा कोई नहीं

    टूटे हुए दिल का सहारा कोई नहीं
    तूफान मे घिरी कश्ती,किनारा कोई नहीं ।
    दर्द का आलम है ख्वाबगाह-ए-दिल में हर पहर
    तसल्ली दे जो दिल को, ऐसा नजारा कोई नहीं ।।

    सफर में तन्हाई ही साथ हो, ये मुराद तो नहीं मगर
    साथ अपने जो बुला ले, ऐसा इशारा कोई नहीं ।

    बेमकाम यूँ ही चलते चलते, कभी जातें हैं ठहर
    मुड के पीछे देख तो लें, पर पुकारा कोई नहीं ।

    दिल का हर एक गम, किसी को बता तो दे मगर,
    जो थाम सकें इस दिल को, ऐसा सहारा कोई नहीं ।

    वीरानों को आबाद करने में कोई छोडी नही कसर,
    पर जहन में कांटे चुनोती रही ये बात, कि हमारा कोई नहीं ।

    हमारा कोई नहीं ।।।

  • spillai 1w

    Aadat jo lagi hamein aapke ishq ki
    Dil ka aalam yun shab-e-mahtab ho gaya
    Gham yun toh zindagi mein kayi hain magar
    Marham-e-gham iss bahane thoda mil gaya..

  • spillai 1w

    My Anchor

    My love, as we embark on this journey together
    Many thoughts come to my mind --friendship, love, relationship
    I was an unanchored ship trying to find still waters
    I have been through storms, timber battered, stern broken
    On a beautiful day, my quest came to an end when I met you
    I dropped my anchor, my battered body and soul found respite
    The broken mast has been repaired, the timber replaced , the stern redone
    I am ready to sail and conquer the ocean again with you as my companion.