Jotting down words that heals me or breaks me at the same time

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  • spilledblues___ 25w

    We were running
    To the other side of the burnt cottage.
    I am dressed in a white satin gown
    You held a brown book close to your heart.
    I picked a flower and put it behind my ear
    You sketched me with charcoal strokes.
    We lay in the grass sun faced
    Your brown hair fluttering in the summer breeze.
    You keep your eyes down on the book
    I listened while you recite your favourite lines-
    "The smiles that win, the tints that glow,
    But tell of days in goodness spent,
    A mind at peace with all below,
    A heart whose love is innocent!"

  • spilledblues___ 31w

    How come we plan everything
    But our last words?
    374(58) books long life
    All the words in the world
    Yet so difficult.
    It shouldn't be too long
    An epilogue,
    It shouldn't be too short
    An epitaph!
    Should it be some thing you longed for?
    Or something you are proud of!
    Should it be directed to someone
    Showing your love?
    Or should be all the hate buried,
    still waiting for right day all along?
    Maybe you will want it to be historic-
    "Et tu brute!"
    But what if you end up saying
    -Oh shittttttttt no
    -Im fine Yo?
    - Take a chill pill and relax
    Cause life's long, bro !!


  • spilledblues___ 42w

    There's light at the end of tunnel.
    You can breathe once you are at the surface of the water.
    It will stop hurting oneday.
    You are gonna be happy.
    Someone out there is waiting for you.
    You will die without food and water in few days,
    But without hope you are already dead.

  • spilledblues___ 44w

    We saw everything crumble into pieces
    Closed our eyes
    Pretended it to be a dream
    Clapped our hands helplessly.
    While we were locked down
    We saw the
    World bloomed a little differently.


  • spilledblues___ 46w

    It took hundreds of woman (struggle)
    For us to be here
    Standing tall.
    It will just take tens of us (struggle)
    For another hundreds of girl
    to stand tall.


  • spilledblues___ 50w

    Why after finishing a poem everytime
    I feel there ain't gonna be another one.


  • spilledblues___ 50w

    Slowly I realised home is not a place but feeling.
    And sometimes homecoming also means feeling ourself after a long time.


  • spilledblues___ 51w


    I feel like a myth.
    Words coming out of my mouth
    Feels more like a poem
    without a rhyming scheme
    Than actual sentences.
    Because it is almost same
    reciting my poems
    And sharing my thoughts.
    Not everyone gets.
    Not everyone cares.
    I feel like a fallacy.
    She said that he talked about me
    They heard them talking
    Light travels faster than sound they say
    Bet they never heard a rumor making its way.
    I feel like a vintage book
    But with a torn cover and dust all over.
    Some don't even bother to look
    Others have dust allergy
    But surprisingly
    There are some
    Mending the corners with cellotape
    To prevent it from further breaking.
    I feel like that diary
    Where you write all your hearts out
    Page by page
    Soaking up all your tears
    Bearing up with your fake resolutions
    At the end
    You don't even bother to find it, once lost.
    I feel vulnerable.
    Afraid of my ownself,
    Afraid to be living a fake life,
    Afraid of hurting.
    As I watch people taking me for granted,
    And I try real hard
    making my shadows
    and reflection match.

  • spilledblues___ 55w

    Wish we miss 2020 more than 2019.
    Happy New Year✨


  • spilledblues___ 58w

    Unees To Bis(ch)

    19. I have just finished wiping off my tears
    I cry all the time about every little thing.
    But two decades taught me,
    When and whom to show my tears.
    20. I have mastered fake smiling
    What a relief from dramas and queries.
    Two decades yet I can't fake laugh,
    I ROFL at my own pjs and HAHA
    at your mean jokes.
    19. I keep holding back friendships
    Sometimes going way out of my league
    My ego always vanishes
    When it comes to you, me or him.
    But remember I too have people
    In my blocked list.
    20. I learned that the
    Hurt you got
    Pain you gave
    Love you want
    Lust you get
    All sorts of feelings in life
    Are like metaphors in a poem
    Without it, all's that left is blunt
    19. I have learned
    It takes no time to hate
    And forever to love
    Well 20 years flew by
    I still get stuck
    At the 3rd thing about me that I love.
    20. I felt home in delhi
    And alienated in my room
    I found home in few people
    And packed my bags
    moved away from some
    whom I have mistaken as my cue.
    19. 2 decades is long
    Birthdays don't excite me anymore
    I knew I had an old soul
    But never thought
    With years
    I am getting old.
    20 . Reality strikes
    I am determined
    I want to change the world
    Well let's sleep now
    We will think about it tomorrow
    There is time.
    That's me
    I guess I will never change
    by any chance
    Maybe in the next 20 years
    I might.