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  • spiritualdove 23w

    Silly ME:)

    TO Be Or Not To Be!

    Now, what was the question ?

  • spiritualdove 23w

    Inner beauty

    "The beauty of the sunflowers, reflect your inner beauty"

  • spiritualdove 23w

    I feel you

    I can feel you looking up at the full moon every night
    Wondering if I'm doing the same from across the ocean
    How cannot I not honour our promise
    To meet in the radiance of such beauty
    Years have past like a blink of an eye
    Yet your essence is still permeating my every cell
    I imagine what you do each n every day
    Following you like a forgotten shadow
    Wondering if my thoughts ever cross your mind
    The IF's and buts are neverending
    But I remember the words coming from your broken heart and your trembling lips
    IT IS WHAT IT IS....

  • spiritualdove 23w


    Keep calm and find that place of serenity...Breathe in deep the fragrance of the deep red and drown your senses in waves of colours, shapes and scents... Reminisce in visualising the streets of Morocco paved with history and culture, the hussle and Bussle of the street markets, transporting us to another time and place.

  • spiritualdove 24w

    "Missing, Yourself"

    After a couple of days of being stuck, of not knowing where to begin, not knowing how to add 'myself' into the mix of my poems since I am not visible to myself anymore, I spent a restless day and night reflecting on the emptiness inside me...

    At dawn this morning I had a Eureka moment!!!...A deep realisation dawned upon me...I have spent years walking the path of 'Sufism'...The path or goal of the Sufi's, is to tame ones ego to the point of none existence on a deep spiritual level...For in the bigger goals of life I AM but part of the bigger whole...

    I AM the fairest blossom on a spring morning,

  • spiritualdove 24w


    What am I missing:))))???

  • spiritualdove 24w


    Trust is a fragile thing made of glass
    Guard it with shields of molton brass
    Broken, it fragments into millions of pieces
    Every piece holds heartache and sorrow
    Can it ever be the same again tomorrow?
    It takes years to form and moments to break
    Don't ever take this precious gem so lightly
    For life can become empty, when it was shining so brightly

  • spiritualdove 24w


    I am enticed by an alluring fragrance, so sweet and delicious...It sends my senses into a spin...As if by magnetic power I am being pulled to take steps forward, my feet moving in their own rythmn, one after the other ...I am compelled to break through any resistance...It is too sweet, too aromatic not to behold the carrier of this essence...I must see, I must allow the flow of this becoming...The fragrance is getting more prominent more pleasing to my senses, so much more depth yet not over powering...I am close, so close and yet the journey is infinite in its vastness, in its final destination...I must keep moving forwards, I am almost there....

  • spiritualdove 24w


    The sun was out, shining in the horizon, it's rays streaming through my window, lighting up every dark corner in my room...Still in bed, I throw myself face down and stretch out in a cat pose, cracking all my muscles and joints, feeling my muscles tense, than relax...I took a big yawn, looked out towards my bedroom window and hills and trees beyond, how blissful it all looks...A new dawn, a new day..."I wonder what new challenges are awaiting my for me?"...I feel a rush of energy enter my body and I smile a knowing smile, whatever it may be, I know I can rise to the challenge...

  • spiritualdove 25w


    What is a soulmate?...

    In our understanding we believe a soulmate to be someone of the opposite gender who comes into our life to carry us off our feet, into new horizons...We look into their eyes and feel deeply loved, cherished and cared for...We start a sentence and they end it...We get goosebumps just at the mention of their name...We unendingly write their name in the sand over and over again...We know when they are thinking of us and vice versa...They go past us and our body lights up like a Christmas tree...They make us feel whole, filling up the void in our lives...Until those feelings start to subside and they leave our lives in one way or another...

    Now let me explain what a real soulmate is...A soulmate can be of any gender, man, woman, or child... Any age, any ethnicity and from any background...The sole purpose of a 'soulmate' is to help us either learn a lesson or to teach and support us to cross bridges we never thought possible, whether it's to climb a mountain or to learn to openly share love...They can be kind, generous and loving, helping us to find answers to questions we have about life spirituality in ways no one else can...

    They can be our best friends or they can be our worst Enemies...People we hate, dispise, loath, don't see eye to eye with...through our interaction with them we are learning many lessons...Their actions, verbal or physical prompt us to either use our God given intellect and wisdom to learn lessons of forgiveness, tolerance, empathy, compassion, seeing from another's perspective or standing up for ones own rights and rights of others...We are taught to become brave and have courage...To stand against what they represent...They come into our lives to literally shake things unravel our mundane existence, to help us find clarity in thoughts and vision...Our enemies are our BEST 'soulmates' for they reflect to us what WE could be, helping us to make better choices ...