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  • springtea 6h

    The pendulums of karma ; ain't gonna stop oscillating throughout life

    Springtea ✌❤

  • springtea 1d

    The World ain't gonna experience day and night always

    One half would be illuminated ;
    In the other darkness reigns!

    Similar to Mankind ,
    Not everything in the world is of positivity , there is negativity rambling on the streets somewhere!

    You must learn to live with it !
    Springtea ❤✌

  • springtea 2d

    So today , I was scrolling through my WhatsApp feed and then one thing caught my eye ...

    It said : #Georgeflyod # Homicide # asphyxia # Minneapolis cop

    At first, It made no sense ! Then a video was posted : I saw it a couple of times and every time, It gives a notification: WARNING : DISTRESSING IMAGES! OH BOY ! IT WAS DISTRESSING! I researched through Google and was shocked!!!!
    So then , I thought that it deserved to be penned down and I simply couldn't resist!

    Racism , discrimination, prejudice ; A talk about the past , but little did we know that somewhere out in the world,
    It's still rambling on the streets !

    So ; George Floyd: African-American , a professional football player was pinned on his neck down by a police officer's knees ! It seems that, he was reported for a forgery and resisted arrest !
    So what should the cops do ??
    Give him a punishment! : Is what I'd say ! BUT NOT DELIBERATELY KILL HIM !
    The officer put down both his knees on his neck and never let it go ! Just imagine that pain ! Blood flowed like a stream aimlessly in the streets !💔💔
    The man pleaded:
    " Oh man , he is gonna kill me !"
    "JUST GET UP !"
    " I CAN'T BREATH! "
    Despite his pleas he never let go! And soon enough, he passed away.. in 8 minutes 46 seconds !
    The doctor confirmed that it was a homicide : The mere act of one killing an other !
    and his heart had stopped ! Due to Asphyxia : Neck and back compression which results in lack of blood flow to the brain !
    I was 💔💔 moved by seeing this! Emotionally felt sympathetic ...💔💔
    It happened on May 25th, and four Minneapolis officers were FIRED after the involvement in that man's death!
    People still remember him and do various tributes on his sad demise: like graffiti's and paintings on walls ..

    For more info : Search on Google
    #Current affairs

    The bitter truth of the world !💔💔💔
    #Justice for George Floyd # Humanity fading away # Let's pray for justice
    #current affairs 💔💔💔
    I hope you like it !

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    The world united by countries ;
    But sometimes divided by emotions ,feelings ,and actions

    (Read the caption ...)
    Springtea ❤✌

  • springtea 2d


    This actually happened to me in my life and I just wanted to share with you all !
    .. it may happen to anyone in life ! Life is always full of surprises, miracles and hidden truths .. Friendships are like roses..friends maybe sweet , but beware of the thorns !

    So as I was telling earlier ,
    I moved to a new apartment ; a new school, new friends ..
    I got bffs quickly .. but there was this one girl whom I didn't intend to have any emotional feelings for ..
    She introduced me to Mirakee,
    I'm grateful for that but not all the other things she had done to me ..
    I felt uncomfortable around her..
    She dominated me , I hated her from the very beginning ! Even my bffs hated her! 💔💔
    Still our friendship continued for 5-6 years .. her love towards me grew stronger..although I remained the same .. I had a whole gang of bffs : some younger, some older than me, but they were the best !✌❤

    I already knew that someday our friendship would end .. I was prepared for that..

    Then it happened..
    I was cool and alright , but she ..
    I don't know .. I never talked to her until that happened ..

    Lesson :
    1.Be prepared to face all these things in life ..(anything for that matter! )
    2.Be strong , focus on things and get your priorities straight!
    3.Sometimes these things happen in life, so that we intend to become strong ..
    Everything in life happens for a reason !

    ✌❤ Stay strong! Keep smiling!

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    "I don't care !" was the last message typed by me to my friend...

    That's all !
    We moved on to different paths..

    ( read the caption)
    Springtea ✌❤

  • springtea 3d

    # tried something new today .. #memes #memer

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    When boys chat :

    Person 1 :
    Hey ! How are you ?

    Person 2 :
    I'm fine . What about you ?
    When GIRLS chat :
    Person 1 :
    Hey babe , how are you ? ♡♡♡

    Person 2 :
    Hey darling! I'm fine ! What about you ???♡♡♡♡♡♡♡

    ♡ : emojis
    ☆ : stickers

    Springtea ❤

  • springtea 4d

    #inspiring #love yourself #be better than before ... # make yourself...
    My MOST ❤❤❤❤ favourite writer on Mirakee : @_mr_write_sayings_ ..
    Not words! Just heart-felt and true feelings ...❤❤ keep penning always..

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    Upgrade yourself, be better than you were before ...


  • springtea 5d

    # inspiration from nature

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    ~🌜🌞 ~

    Be the Sun , leave a trail of your light ,charm ,and happiness across the world, to every place you embark to ...

    Sometimes be the Moon ,
    In someone's life and give them hope in the darkest times ...

    Springtea ❤

  • springtea 1w

    #@_mr_write_sayings_ .. # i hope you 're reading this.. And it is for you , for that happiness you filled me with yesterday ....
    Stay blessed...❤

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    Some people can make you smile..
    But very few can make you happy ...

    Springtea ❤

  • springtea 1w

    #as usual.. my favourite writer on mirakee first : @_mr_write_sayings_

    I hope you get the message! ❤

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    " How did you get a thousand followers on Mirakee?"

    ME :
    " Nothing is big at first , it is MADE big by thousands of tiny fragments ...
    From no followers to thousands of followers...

    From a tiny seed to a huge tree..
    From a brick to a huge house.. "

    Springtea ❤

  • springtea 1w

    Greetings everyone !
    What were talking 'bout last time ? I know it's hard to remember ! People bored in the lockdown ; some having fun !
    What about you ? What are you up to ? Tag me in the comments below ! Anyways, I won't bore you with the details ! But if you really wanna know just read part 1 , part 2 by @adithir ( my other account ) and part by 3 by @springtea ( this account ! )

    I think we might be late ! time is running out !

    Types of students !
    Speaking of late , this student is ALWAYS late !⏰⏰
    always tries giving silly excuses to teachers, so that they get convinced !

    Next, Athletes !🏃🏻‍♀️🏊🏻‍♂️
    super- OBSESSED with athletics ! does brisk-walking to school, runs around in class, does stretch-ups while handing out the exam papers ! OH, BOY !

    Singer / Pop-star🎵🎧
    A music-lover , alright, I admit, I'm a big fan of music , but NOT obsessed !
    my favorite songs : Movie songs, telugu songs.. Electronic music , Karaoke , And BTS ARMY songs etc. ! yours ? Tell me in the comments below !

    Teacher's pet :
    Me again ! My classmates used to be jealous of me cause, I get a lot of work on my hand, and teachers think they
    ( other students) are useless ( not useless..that depends ! ) And that is one BEAUTIFUL FEELING !(^∀^●)ノシ(。・∀・)ノ゙( for anyone who is a teacher's pet ! )
    Do you agree ?

    Gossip-Girls !
    It's like those girls live for gossip !
    ALWAYS gossip on current-affairs ( not worldwide , like :
    Fights, Arguments, talking conspiracies behind an other one's back ! ) Even in the bathroom ! they make me laugh !🤣🤣🤣

    Chill people !😎😎
    PRETEND to be cool ! while actually, they aren't ! (depends..) Make others laugh so badly ! Don't bother at all ! except if exams are coming near !!!

    Anything left out ? Tell me in the comments, on other types of students you know ! Or anything about school life !

    Take care !
    BYE-BYE ! 😍😍
    Hey, Don't be late for tomorrow's post ! LATE-COMERS !
    Just kidding !😂😂

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    ❤School Saga❤

    Part 4
    ( Read the caption... )

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