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  • sprinklet 3d

    (Avi's POV)

    "But I wonder what will Ravya say when she will look me with you?" I asked.
    "Oh my love! You are so navie. She doesn't even matter. I hated her whenever I saw you talking to her. But I knew that she will leave you because she can't fall for anyone. She is totally money minded and she don't believe in long term relationship."

    "Does that mean she liked me just for money?"
    "Yes. But she didn't want to break up with you. Coz' she knew you are the richest boy in our school. But fortunately to me, you saw her with another boy and I am so happy that you broke up with her instantly." Rubi chuckled.

    But all this new information, hit me hard. I thought that Ravya still love me and she will come to me to apologise and I would forgive her instantly. But after hearing all this, I am feeling sad. Those memories with her seems all fake. I thought she love me for real but everything was just for money. Just thinking all this is making me sick to my stomach.

    "And what about you? Do you also abducted me just to get my money? I know you are her friend, so you must be like her!" I hissed.

    She said smilingly," I know you are in pain after knowing all the truth about her. But my love! As I said don't compare me with her. I am as rich as you are! If I wouldn't have been wealthy, I would have asked for your money rather than your love!"

    I don't believe her. She is her friend and she is also a liar.

    "Okay! I believe in you. Please do me a favor."
    "Yes, yes! Tell me what you want!"
    "Please untie my hands. These chains are hurting me badly. I swear I will not try to run away from you. Just untie my hands."
    "No, I can't...I will not...I don't believe in you..you..you will run away from me."
    "I am saying I will never run away from you. Just untie these already!"
    "No, never!"

    "Okay, then never say that you love me because if you had loved me, you would have done whatever I am saying. You don't love me!" I said aggressively.

    "No, no! That's not truth, I love you, I love you with my everything. Please believe me!" She panicked.
    "How can I ? When you don't believe me, how can I believe in you! You are a liar. You also want my money just like your friend."

    "Shhh...stop it. Okay, I will untie you but promise me you will not run away from me"
    "Yes, I promise!"

    She started untieing my hands. Yes, my Oh God! Thanks a lot, now I will be able to run away from here!

    The moment she untied my hands, I pushed her with my whole strength and run towards the basement staircase. I was just a step close to the first floor but suddenly the door closed.

    "What do you think babé? I am a fool? I don't know what's on your mind? My love! I know everything about you! Your movements, your lies, your truth, your secret, your smile, your cry...I freaking know EVERYTHING! I knew you would do something like this."

    "Just shut up! You do not know anything about me. I am going to escape from here even if I had to broke the doors or this room." Saying this I started breaking chairs of the room.

    "Stop misbehaving Avi! You will not be able to escape from me even if you get out of here."
    "What? What do you say? I will report you to the police, you murderer!" I shouted at her in full range.

    At this, she pushed some button near the wall and the door opened.
    "Now go and report me! Report your father also because he is also a killer like me, he also murdered someone."

    What did she said? Is she insane or something like that. And why am I believing in her, I should just run away from this psycho.
    "I have evidence against your father. I will show it to the police the moment you reported me. Actually no, I will get them viral on social platforms so that your family reputation will go down instantly. And your father would die with some heart attack."

    I stilled in my place. I couldn't move or run away from there.
    "What happened my love! I told ya, I know everything about you and your fate is entangled with mine. YOU BELONG TO ME."

    She started laughing hysterically.
    Yo guys, I am back with this late update���� sorry for this. But I got super busy ✨��.....now, now past mistakes of Avi's parents will trun his life into a mess. But how? For this you have to wait for next chapters ����

    Next chapter will be uploaded soon.

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  • sprinklet 1w

    Tell me if you wanna get tagged ����
    Rubi's POV

    I did it again, shit, never thought that he would get so panicked after seeing a dead body.

    He looks so adorable while sleeping! Gosh, I love him so much.

    "Sorry Avi! I mixed a sleeping pill in the water. You should sleep for few hours until then I will dispose this body somewhere in this forest!" I kissed his forehead and dragged the dead body out from basement.

    (After 5 hours)
    Avi's POV
    There is no need for you to be scared��
    One taste of me and nobody compares��
    Nightmare, let me be your nightmare ��

    I heard the same voice singing the same song as I heard few hours ago. Ugh..I don't even know how much time has been passed since I am here. Is there no one searching for me? Will no one come to rescue me?

    I heard footsteps coming near me. But I decided to keep my eyes close so that Rubi will leave me alone with my thoughts. After seeing her with that dead body I am scared. She is dangerous. I wanna get away from here.

    "Avi, my love, wakey-wakey! Don't sleep too much. It's not good for your health."
    But I ignored her and kept pretending.
    "I know that you are awake. Don't make me repeat things babé, wake up or else I will punish you!"

    "No, no... please don't kill me.. please let me go...I will do whatever you want, just let me out from here." I said while shivering.
    "Hey, calm down! I am not going to kill you and I want you to be with me so what's the point in getting out of here. You need to be here, with me, for forever."

    "Why did you kill him?" I asked her.
    "Huh, what are you...ohh you are talking about Ronit! Don't you remember what he did to you? Don't you remember how he broken your limbs and because of that you have to admit in hospital for three days! How can he be alive after what he did to you? He needed to die." She chuckled.

    A memory of that day swept in my mind, when I saw Ronit kissing Ravya in a party. My blood was boiling and I went towards them with full rage. Ravya said that Ronit was Kissing her without her consent. This made me furious and I started beating Ronit. He was strong than me and after ten minutes of punching each other I fall on the floor and he started kicking me badly which made my ankle bones damaged. I literally had to rest on bed for one week. Sometimes I still feel ache in my ankle.

    But it doesn't mean Rubi has to kill him. She did a murder. She should be in jail.

    "What are you thinking, babé?" She asked me in tempting voice.
    "Nothing I just realised that how much you care about me. I always wanted to take revenge on Ronit and you fulfilled my wish. How should I thank you?"
    "Aww... that's so sweet of you! You were thinking about me. I know gradually you will also love me like I love you!"

    Yes, first phase of my plan succeeded! Now Rubi has trapped in my plan, i will certainly escape from here!
    I am really sorry guys for this late upload but I literally was feeling low during the past week, that's why I couldn't upload my story ��...I am all good now and here is the chapter 4��.....will Avi's plan succeed? What do you think? Tell me in comment box ��❤️

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  • sprinklet 2w

    I push away the people
    that I love the most
    Coz' I know they will break
    My heart when they will find out
    That I am 'lost'
    They will mock at me
    When they will find
    That I am too vulnerable
    This will destroy me
    Coz' I am so emotional

    I cry in the dark
    So that no one can see me in tears
    I repeat this until my mind clears
    From the negative thoughts
    From the lost hope
    I still struggle to find
    Even a little bit of scope

    I will remain strong
    Even if it's just for show
    I will still thrive
    Even if no one know
    My hardships
    My insecurities
    I will bury all my curiosities

    I know this will make me all alone
    But the feelings of care and love
    From my heart are long gone
    As long as I am alive
    I will kill all those emotional vibes
    That will try to strangle my heart
    In beautiful lies of love
    Coz' I can't be able to survive
    With another piece of broken heart

    My heart is beyond repair
    I am trying to
    Come out of my state of despair
    And I made a pact with pride
    Not to get any help
    So I will struggle
    With my whole to dwell
    In this life where
    I am a prisoner of my own thoughts!!!


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    I push away the people
    that I love the most
    Coz' I know they will break
    My heart when they will find out
    That I am 'lost'!

  • sprinklet 2w

    इश्क़ वही जिसमें जुनून हो
    ख़्वाब वही जिसमें सुकून हो
    मंजिल वही जिसे पाने की तड़प हो
    मकसद वही जिसकी हर पल तलब हो

    रिश्ते वही जहां अपनापन हो
    अपनों के गम में शामिल होने की तड़पन हो
    दोस्ती वही जहां इख्तियार हो
    एक दूजे पर जान से भी ज़्यादा ऐतबार हो

    कामयाबी वही जिसे पाकर
    खुशियों का अहसास हो
    नाकामी में भी सफलता की आस हो
    और हर लम्हा आगे बढ़ते रहने की प्यास हो!


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    इश्क़ वही जिसमें जुनून हो
    ख़्वाब वही जिसमें सुकून हो
    मंजिल वही जिसे पाने की तड़प हो
    मकसद वही जिसकी हर पल तलब हो

    रिश्ते वही जहां अपनापन हो
    अपनों के गम में शामिल होने की तड़पन हो
    दोस्ती वही जहां इख्तियार हो
    एक दूजे पर जान से भी ज़्यादा ऐतबार हो

    कामयाबी वही जिसे पाकर
    खुशियों का अहसास हो
    नाकामी में भी सफलता की आस हो
    और हर लम्हा आगे बढ़ते रहने की प्यास हो!


  • sprinklet 2w

    Tell me if you want to get tagged ����
    Avi's POV

    After half an hour, Rubi came into the basement. She was wearing a red gown with a beautiful golden floweric brochure fixed in it. She was looking beautiful.

    "Are you checking me out" she chuckled.
    "No, I am not! I thought you would bring something unique. You were saying I would love your surprise but for your information i am not a bit impressed by it. You only chaged a mere dress."

    "Stop telling lies, I know you liked my dressup. By the way, it's not the surprise. I just changed because my clothes got dirty. Now I will show you that precious surprise."

    Saying this, she pressed some button near the staircase and suddenly a squarical piece designed on the roof pushed aside and to my great horror a body hanging to a rope settled straight in front of my eyes. And then again Rubi pressed the button, the rope cut down and the body of a boy fall down near my legs.

    There was zero movement in him. It felt like he was staring at me with his big eyes. The seen was so terrifying for me. Blood and cuts were everywhere in his body.

    "Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!" I screamed with the top of my lungs," Whattttt....how.....This is..this is Ronit! How did this happened...what happened to him?" I panicked.

    "Huh, you remember his name? Well, when I asked him about you, he was like a scared abandoned dog. He didn't even know about his wrongedoings so I had to make him remember. You know, he is the reason my dress got dirty. I tried to cut him into little pieces, but it was such a tough task. So I decided to just hang his body in rope.....do you like your surprise?" She chuckled.

    I started shivering badly, tears were brimming continuously in my eyes, I was terrified as hell. Rubi cupped my face with her hands and started rubbing her forehead with mine. She was trying to calm me down but I pushed her aside with my whole strength.

    "You murderer! You psycho....stay away! Don't touch me.. don't come near me...stay away."
    She shushed me yet I tried to resist," Someone please help me! Please let me out of here....please helpppppp....."

    "Shhhhhhhh....I said stop it! My love why are you being like this? I just killed him not you. Why are you screaming? Listen babé, no one is here. It's my house, in the mid of forest. No one lives here! And stop crying, I hate seeing you like this. Otherwise, I will have to punish you."

    I tried to calm down. She gave me a glass of water and patted my head. I wanted to escape from here but I was all tied.

    I can't make her angry she will kill me too!

    After a while, I was feeling a little dizzy, my vision became blurry and I fainted.
    Phew! This was intense ��...welp, I hope you were thrilled. I tried to describe Ruhi's psychoness in a different way...I hope you liked it! ��
    Next part will be uploaded after three days!����
    Feel free to give me suggestions ����

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  • sprinklet 3w

    Tell me if you wanna get tagged ��
    Avi's POV

    I am in such a great pain. She really is a maniac! I think my legs have turned blue and prints of cane have made them look ugly. Ugh...what am I thinking? I need to escape from here somehow. I think my parents and friends will be worrying about me. Maybe they have already reported to the police. I really have to bear with her torment for a little while. God knows! Maybe she will kill me if I did something wrong. Oh God! Please help me.

    After 5 minutes, I heard footsteps near the staircase of basement. I wonder if there is anyone in this house except both of us.
    "My love! I brought the ointment. It will give you a little burning sensation so please bear with it." She said in her cracked voice.

    See, I told ya, she is a total maniac. First of all, hurted me with her own hands and now regretting it. Maybe she is just putting on a show so that I will get attracted towards her. But that's not going to happen...nah, never.
    "Ouch" I squeaked," hey, apply it nicely. It's really hurting me."
    "S..sorry..I will apply it slowly." She was seeming threatened by me. What an hypocrite!

    "It's done! Now I will bring you some food, after all you haven't eaten anything since morning." She stood up with wobbly legs.
    Suddenly my eyes went to her legs and I saw some dark red-blueish marks on them. I wonder how did she got them.

    After five minutes, she brought food for me.
    "Look, Avi! I made this myself just for you. Taste it and tell me how is it!"
    I literally didn't want to eat anything made by her but the hunger was killing me so I nodded and guess what she didn't even unlocked my hands and started feeding me like a four year olds child.
    "Ugh.... can't you just unlock one hand and let me eat on my own?"
    "No, my love! I don't believe that you will co-operate with me. As soon as, I will unlock you, you will try to get away from me. And I don't want that!"

    Huh...she is viciously smart! After eating food I asked her,"Hey, tell me one thing, how did you got those marks in your legs?" Ugh....why do I have to ask her that but curiosity is eating me alive.

    She smiled," I am feeling so delighted to know that you care for me. Well, this is my punishment for hurting you!"
    "Whatttttt???? Are you totally insane? What in the world does that mean? This isn't even ridiculous!"
    "Why my love? I hurted you, so I deserve this. I am not like others who believe that hurting their loved ones will keep them near. If I hurted you, I also need to get hurt. After all, I love you with my whole heart. I will die for you, I will die with you and I will hurt every damn person, every damn thing that will hurt you including me. This is the depth of my love for you."

    She is a psycho! No, she is far more dangerous than that. God, why aren't you saving me?

    "Stop staring at me like I am an alien! By the way, I have a surprise for you. I think you will love it! Let me bring it down. It's really heavy." She chuckled lightly.

    Surprise? What could it be? How is she so confident that I will love that?
    Yo! How was this chapter?��tell me in comment box!
    Next part will be uploaded on Sunday.✨��

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  • sprinklet 3w

    Tell me if you wanna get tagged ����

    A horrific melodious voice of girl....

    Call me sin, call me trouble, call me a deadly vice��
    I will wake you up, set you on fire, I will bring you to this life��

    "Help, help! Who is this? Please...please get me out from here!" A male's panicked voice was echoing in the basement.

    There is no need for you to be scared��
    I want to be your nightmare ��
    Let me be your nightmare ��

    "Who are you...stop singing? Please let me go!" He shouted again.
    "Shhh...Why are you so noisy, Avi! Let me unfold the clothe from your eyes." The girl whispered.

    Rubi's POV

    "Rubi! You?? What are you doing here? Why did you binded me with iron chains? Let me go!" Avi panicked and tried to unlock the chains from his arms and legs.

    He is so adorable! I wanna chain him up here for the lifetime so that we can live together without any hinderance.

    "Just hearing my name in your beautiful voice, soothes my mind! These are iron chains; why are you struggling to break them with your slender hands.Ohhh, darling! Why are you so navie? Now stop this! You might hurt yourself."

    "What do you want? If you want money say so, just tell me how much money do you want to free me from here?" Avi screamed at me.
    "No babé! I have plenty of money. I want you. Hahaha...hahaha...why do you think that I will free you just for some money shit!" I stated.

    "You want me! What a ridiculous thing to know! For what do you want me...to break my heart, like your best friend Ravya broken me. You are just like her! No you are more vicious than her."

    "How dare you compare my pure love, with that bitch! Call me vicious..you have right to say anything to me but how dare you compared me with that bitch!"

    "No, you are just like her! A cheater's friend is also a cheater!"
    "I told you, not to compare me with her! You need to be punished."

    My anger was boiling like hot water. I took a cane and beat his legs like a maniac. He was squeaking with pain and in an instance, I looked into his eyes, to my horror, tears were brimming in his beautiful captivating eyes.

    Cane fall down from my hands, I touched Avi's face with my hands and cupped his cheeks," I am..I am sorry..I am really sorry, my love! How can I hurt you? I am really out of my mind. Look, please forgive me...I really love you and I promise that I will never hurt you. Please just..just never compare my love with anyone. It makes me furious. I will..I will bring ointment for you...just bear a little bit!"

    I dashed to my room up above the first floor. He must be in so much pain, I need punishment for myself. I promised that I will never hurt him. He is already scared and by hurting him like this may have scared him a lot.

    I need to punish myself!
    I am back with my story as promised ��! Tell me how is this part?
    Feel free to give suggestions and show my mistakes ������
    Next part will be uploaded after three days!

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  • sprinklet 4w

    I was struggling with my issues
    in that empty room
    Abandoned by world
    Fallen into the great pit of grief
    Sadness was taking over me
    I was crying loudly,
    asking for help
    Trying to break the cells
    Of my dark thoughts
    But nothing was working
    No one was coming.

    Then one day
    You came into my life
    While I was a mess
    Struggling constantly to live
    Your sweet voice and tender touch
    Soothed all my agony
    I was bloomed again
    Into a flower

    With you I forgot all my hardships
    All my life time griefs
    I was jubilant again
    Your precious smile
    Your beautiful eyes
    Were healing me gradually
    I was falling for you consistently

    But how can a cursed
    person like me, be happy
    Everything that I loved
    Always got snatched away from me

    And now it was your turn
    I prayed
    I cried before Almighty
    Not to seperate us
    Not to make us apart
    Nothing worked out

    To my great fear
    HE snatched away you
    HE left me all alone again
    HE broke me once again

    Now I am still more like numb
    Everything is still around me
    I am just waiting
    Waiting for death
    To take me away from this horrific life
    Thinking about why am I still alive?
    Why a cursed person like me
    Is still breathing on this earth?
    Why am I not taking my life?


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    But how can a cursed
    person like me, be happy
    Everything that I loved
    Always got snatched away from me

    And now it was your turn.....


  • sprinklet 4w

    सवेरा !!!

    आज जिन्दगी में अंधेरा ज़रूर है
    पर जल्दी ही ये बुरा समय कट जाएगा
    आज चारों तरफ़ मुसीबतों का दौर है
    पर खुद पर विश्वास रखो
    एक दिन सवेरा ज़रूर आएगा

    भले ही मन में कई उलझनें हैं भरी
    भले ही सब पर घोर विपदा है आन पड़ी
    पर दैव ने भाग्य में जो 'बद' लिखा है
    वो ज़रूर मिट जाएगा
    खुद पर विश्वास रखो
    एक दिन सवेरा ज़रूर आएगा

    मज़बूत इरादे किस्मत का फेर बदल देंगे
    अटल निश्चय से उठे कदम
    डट कर इस विपदा का सामना करेंगे
    शतरंज की बिसात पर रखे सब मोहरे पलट जाएंगे
    जो आज हार से त्रस्त हैं
    कल वही जीत का सेहरा सजाएंगे

    अत‌एव विश्वास रखो
    एक दिन सवेरा ज़रूर आएगा
    और मन में फैला अंधकार स्वयं ही
    धीरे धीरे छंट जाएगा
    हां, एक दिन सवेरा ज़रूर आएगा।।।

  • sprinklet 5w

    Dark red blood
    Dripping slowly from her arm
    Eyes filled with tears
    And her body was shivering in fear

    She did it again today
    Even though she promised to herself
    That she would stop cutting
    But the darkness swept over her mind
    Again leaving her broken
    The sadness covered her completely
    Her arms felt like aching badly

    So she searched for the blade
    And decided to cut away all her pain
    With three new deep cuts
    It gave a soothing vibe to her mind
    Even though it was hurting like hell

    She started humming a self made
    Poetic lines with her rusty voice
    While sadness took over her and
    Tears started falling endlessly

    "Oh mom! Oh dad!
    Sorry for being so bad
    I am sorry for hurting your feelings
    I am sorry for shattering your dreams
    I am truly sorry for being a dumbhead
    For never taking care of my future ahead
    I am just worthless
    For your love, for your care
    I am just tired of living
    This life is just hurting
    And this pain is never ending
    I wanna take my life
    Yet I am afraid to die
    I don't wanna make you cry
    Over this worthless body of mine
    So I am struggling to live
    So I am faking my smile
    So I am trying to look content
    Even though I am really tired
    Of always faking my feelings
    But I will do this for you
    Dear Mom, Dear Dad!
    I will fake every moment of my life
    To see a smile on your face!"
    In the end of the day
    All she can think is
    "Why is my life so ABSURD?"

    And she went to sleep
    To wake up again
    To fight with her demons
    To fight from this world!

    She is strongest than anyone
    Because she is still struggling
    Even though it is hurting her
    Cracking her body, piercing her soul
    Yet she hasn't given up.
    She is living and she will live
    Eventually, her struggle will win
    She will win
    She will snatch away her life
    From the dirty and vicious claws
    Of depression and suicidal thoughts.


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