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  • srijan_agarwal7 5w

    Happy 1.5 years of love he said .
    Forever she said smiling

  • srijan_agarwal7 6w

    Kinda Weird but pure :)

  • srijan_agarwal7 9w

    When diljit Dosanjh said
    रूसी वि माशूक तां मनाई जांदी नी
    साले फिरदे आ जग्ग पीछे लॉन वास्ते
    I felt that and couldn't look at myself in the mirror

  • srijan_agarwal7 13w

    Use books to understand people when you don't know them but once you know them you've got to read them not the books ,it helps understand better and clear misunderstandings because only you both know each others behavior and situation and it can't be understood by reading a book which is generalized for everyone at the outer level because everyone is different on a deeper level .

  • srijan_agarwal7 14w

    I'm not a person who chooses to forget beautiful memories because they're on a path that is difficult and less travelled by.Instead I choose to hustle and relive them back because in my system we don't know what's giving up whatever maybe the hardships

  • srijan_agarwal7 19w

    Please I can't see you like this

  • srijan_agarwal7 20w

    You might not believe or even think of it but he may have wept more a night earlier thinking of losing you

  • srijan_agarwal7 21w


    I know I've been a devil the last month with negative things going around my head and have misunderstood and illtreated my favourite people around me hurting them and I am very guilty for it but all I can do is say a mere sorry to makeup for it and promise to makeup for it .

  • srijan_agarwal7 35w

    I love you but I hate love

  • srijan_agarwal7 38w

    Dear girls,
    you're not allowed to cry
    It melts our hearts into sadness to see that tear running down your cheek