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  • srisaran 1d

    Let the fast moving days at happy times be the same at pains too!


  • srisaran 3d

    Fabulous Days

    Each day dawns without a bang
    And brightness fills the air

    Each day has got some substance
    Which I have to found out

    Sweating out is the order of the day
    Where I can't sit pretty idle

    My cells die everyday
    To keep me alive and move on

    Just like a bird's realm
    Can't lead a humming life

    Compete perpetually with others to be in the race
    And have to face odds to have a face

    It is getting to awkward often
    As I slip breezes and screechings

    Fabulously the days goes briefly
    With a renewed belief

    ....A. Saravanan

  • srisaran 5d

    Real life histories are always exciting than the best stories compiled ever by men!

  • srisaran 1w

    Exhibiting pessimistic attitudes at times is also an articulation of optimism !

  • srisaran 1w

    Luck favours idiotism but corrupts pragmatism!

  • srisaran 1w

    Very well know ... born with different attitudes and identities....but strange enough thrive to be like someone or other!

  • srisaran 2w

    Maturity is not of being humble and composed but all about where it should be!

  • srisaran 2w

    A seconds thought eliminates all the second thoughts!

  • srisaran 3w

    New Year Flowers

    Petals pattern themselves
    And form glowing flowers
    Then flows freshness and aroma

    Each day resemble a petal
    And soon the years and so on
    Bright or blight are made those
    light years

    Life is enchanting for those with a penchant
    Where love kindles kindness
    And kindness into righteousness

    Well! Blooming buds are awaiting
    To blossom and spread fragrance
    Because each day is a flower!

    -----A. Saravanan

  • srisaran 3w

    To prove a point .....a circle is needed to be drawn here!