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  • srushti_chauhan 1w

    In every rainy season I was looking for a rainbow!
    But I've always got a long dark night with storms!

    In every spring I was looking for a blooming sunflower but in my path sweltering sun was written!

    In every winter I was looking for warm hugs and beautiful sunsets
    But I always confronted cold hearted people and long hours of isolation!

    In every autumn
    I love to see changes in colour that takes place around us as if mama Earth show us how beautiful it is to let things go!
    But as always I got only disappointments!
    And I have seen people with their true colours
    People with rigidity and ruthlessness!

    At the end of all misery!
    I also started adaptation process with this world!

    In this journey I have lost a lot and gained a lot too!

    Now these storms and rumble of thunder can't bother me either!
    Now I'm not afraid to walk alone even on these dark nights!
    Now this social isolation cannot upset my mental peace!
    Even seeing people changing colours doesn't surprise me anymore!
    Now I have learn to find shade even in sweltering sun!

    Now it seems that maybe I have learnt to live life!
    But at what cost?
    I have realised it lately that this ruthless world stripped away;
    my softness
    my smile
    my ability to find happiness in Little things
    my emotions
    my innocence
    my peace of mind
    My desire to live!

    And now I can't even remember that sweet little girl who once used to live in me!

  • srushti_chauhan 9w

    આ જીવન માં મને સતત કંઇક ખૂટતું લાગે છે!
    રોજ સવારે પ્રસરતી આ રોશની માં મને કૈક ઝાંખપ લાગે છે!
    પંખીઓ ના કલરવ માં મને કોઈક રાગ અદ્રશ્ય લાગે છે!
    મમ્મી ના ચહેરા નું આ સ્મિત મને કૈંક ફિકુ લાગે છે!
    મંદિર માં બેઠા આ ભગવાન આજે કૈંક ચિંતિત લાગે છે!
    સફળતાઓ ની શિખર પર ઉભો આ માણસ આજે કૈંક નિરાશ લાગે છે!
    હા ! આ જીવન માં મને કૈંક ખૂટતું લાગે છે.
    રેતી માફક સરકતા આ જીવન માં મને કૈંક છૂટતું લાગે છે!

  • srushti_chauhan 9w

    कभी चलती हूं
    कभी भागती हूं
    कभी संभलती हूं
    तो कभी सहेम जाती हूं
    तो कहीं कोई मंज़र पर थम सी जाती हूं
    वक़्त आने पर लड़ती भी हूं
    बस कभी हारती नहीं,
    ना ही पीछे मुड़ती हूं!
    कदम कदम पर,
    ठोकर भी खाती हूं!
    मगर रुकती नहीं कभी!
    कुछ सीखती हूं और बस आगे बढ़ जाती हूं!

  • srushti_chauhan 9w

    સંદર્ભ તો ઘણા છે આજે
    મારી પાસે
    તારી પાસે
    આપણા સૌ પાસે!
    પણ બસ એક સમય નો અભાવ છે
    જોડે ચાલીને કોઈ નવી ઘટના ને આકાર આપવા માટે!

  • srushti_chauhan 13w

    यूं बात बात पर कटाक्ष करना जरूरी नहीं!
    "दिल नहीं चाहता" तो कोई बात नहीं ,बात करना भी हरबार जरूरी नहीं!
    कभी ज़िक्र नहीं करती,इसका मतलब ये नहीं की समझती भी नहीं!
    सब कुछ जान कर भी ,चुप रहना ये भी कोई आसान बात नहीं!


  • srushti_chauhan 15w

    पाता उस खत पे, इंसानियत का लिखा था,
    जिसे ढूंढ़ते ढूंढ़ते में थक चुका था,
    रास्ते में मुलाकात दो फरिश्तों से हुई मेरी !
    पता पढ़ खत पे मेरे, मुस्कुरा दिए वो दोनो
    और कहते गए,
    "जिसे तू ढूंढ़ रहा है मुसाफिर,
    उसे तू कभी ना मिल पाएगा,
    हर घर अब बस्ती है हैवानियत
    इंसानियत को ना मिल पाएगा!"

  • srushti_chauhan 15w

    Everyone loves a tree, covered with flowers and fruits. No one would look at that diseased decaying tree who is still giving them shed. Nobody likes weeds

    Everyman worships and bow down to the rising sun. No one says thanks to the setting sun for the whole day.

    So, this is the real world
    Everyone loves the people who is strong, rich,well established,well known and powerful!

    And if you belong to category 'B'
    A person with destruction so, that doesn't matter how kind or pure hearted person you are!
    They'll never love you or care about you!

    So, Let's start to learn how to live with our destruction ALONE!

  • srushti_chauhan 15w

    Word Prompt:

    Write a 10 word short write-up on Horizon

    Read More

    Keep walking
    Rainbow is waiting at the edge of horizon

  • srushti_chauhan 15w

    Nobody wants that little sparrow
    Whose path is narrow
    With fullness of sorrow
    Circumstances throw her into the hedgerow
    Yet she wants to upgrow
    Does not know
    What will come to her by tomorrow
    All she wants is to believe and grow!


  • srushti_chauhan 16w

    Worst feeling ever!

    When you realized that you are a control freak.
    & You loose control over yourself every f*cking day!