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  • ss_dd__ 5d


    You greet people with joy whenever happiness around there,yes this is a bond..
    But the real bond is whenever the other one is not in a position to be available and you will take responsibilities of them..

  • ss_dd__ 2w


    Some people do not express their anger not because they don't want to do, its because they don't have anyone to make them understand...

  • ss_dd__ 2w

    A break!

    Want to comeback stronger than ever,
    before that all I need is one year break from everything and everyone...

  • ss_dd__ 12w

    Good night!!

    When she says good night, my mood gets upset as it knows that's it for today and it has to wait for tomorrow to get next text...

  • ss_dd__ 20w

    Fed up!!

    My fortune always plays a dramatic role in my life..
    It never allows me to get what my heart wishes and neither keeps the things away,when they are not meant to be fulfilled..