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  • staceyrotten 1w

    Flames are only sparks

    What a shame

    to convince these flames

    they are only sparks;

    what a misfortune

    to say this fire

    is a flame.


    have always been


    stop pretending


    haven't always been

    the match.

    –Tyler Knott Gregson

  • staceyrotten 1w

    "& The heart will break, but broken live on. "

  • staceyrotten 1w

    Unknown (anonymous )

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    We burned with love for ourselves, all of us, starters of the fire we suffered _ Our love was the affliction four which only our love was the cure.

  • staceyrotten 1w

    Pretty is thoughts that breath and words that burn.

  • staceyrotten 1w

    We will find our souls and the shells they're kept in all wasted away

  • staceyrotten 1w

    "My boredom has outshined the sun..." As my love outshined then both. So I've put it in this song I wrote. You should stay and see how it goes. Hands down, the best times I never wanted. If only you could've stayed to see how it goes, as we would never know, as we never could, the words that I'd waste upon a page. Once upon a time when the Earth stood still, and for that exact moment in time, we were as sincere as a picture, as perfect as a statue. In that time that is no time, for it is a time that will always stand still, as I stay to see.... This game full of minds through these corridors of time. The day ends in a curve, as it is only a rent in the night, like a room of clouds to encase the sun that alludes to an early end to the gloom before Dawns rise. I'm only human wanting to merge all my loves into one great lover. Mold a love greater than humanity, to cherish as my one and only. I also have no luck with matters important and im slowly trying to come to terms with that. But, I'm good with things I put my hands to should I cater to do it. I guess that everything that matters is a matter of importance, shaped of matter most important to the matter of your existence, which for that matter, to me, is of the utmost importance.

  • staceyrotten 1w


    For what it's worth, it was worth all the while.

  • staceyrotten 1w

    God bless catastrophe

    It's like, beyond physical attraction.
    Your explosive personality blows my mentality. My emotions on a rampage.
    We ain't the same age but we in the same book, on the same page..

  • staceyrotten 1w


    Just an insomniac symptom addict....

  • staceyrotten 1w

    She lost her heart but heartless was the last thing you would call her ❤️