let me burn may the ash reminds me

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  • star_stalker 4d

    Who am i

    She said, Who are you to decide that what i hv to do in my life
    I whispered, its me for whom you overcame fears of your life...

  • star_stalker 2w


    Waiting for the person u love to make u resonant with the life... ?
    U always be dying every moment though u promised u ll not worry...
    Sometimes its hard but tats how a true bonding can be built

  • star_stalker 3w


    Thousand times i hold my breath..
    Hundred times i close my eyes...
    Ten times i may get the goosebumps...
    For that one feeling all this counts are being reasoned

  • star_stalker 4w


    She told me she was scared to leave me......
    I always tell her that have the dare to live in my roller coaster!!

  • star_stalker 5w

    The hidden me

    I was fucking lost
    It was the time where my vibes were resonating with the thunder and lightning hidden amidst calm sky....
    I felt the fire in me.

  • star_stalker 6w


    The universe never fails to give hopes
    While this fading world trying to choke you

  • star_stalker 7w


    The love u throw on someone.....
    Shouldn't become grantedness of ur patience,
    So that u ll be pricked every instant while holding the bond

  • star_stalker 8w

    Its me

    May ur actions hurt me...
    May ur anger make me cry....
    May we fight.. May we fall
    U would still crave for the one to handle the craziness that no one can,
    Its me bounded to your beat

  • star_stalker 9w

    I'm gone

    I thought she was d sugar to my cup of coffee
    Now i say its beyond....
    She is my thought, hope,
    Driving me to the stars and finding myself in the ray of light.
    Yeah i felt the shivers, and had goosebumps wen i found the reason for my madness

  • star_stalker 9w


    I was so innocent like the cute cuddling rabbits
    But the demons came out of my desperateness
    It was the explosion of destruction which was ignited by the fire of... LUST