Nothing is more dreadful than the waiting heart...

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  • starboyy 1w

    Think twice

    If you can talk me with words;
    I can slap you with words...

  • starboyy 3w

    Each and everything reminds me about us...
    How we lived;
    How we loved;
    How we laughed;
    And everything wents in a way it was!!!

  • starboyy 7w

    I know you will never come back again;
    Because you left me with a smile...

  • starboyy 10w

    Stay happy, smile
    And watch me leaving..

  • starboyy 12w

    Desire is

    I want to hold your hands;
    let my tears touch your hands;
    Cry for a minutes and live for our lifetime together forever🤞🏻

  • starboyy 13w

    Placing never matters,
    When playing gives you satisfaction👊🏻

  • starboyy 13w

    I want your everything,
    But not you;
    This is what the modern love is...

  • starboyy 16w

    We talk a little more through the silence than the Actual talks❤️

  • starboyy 16w

    First love,
    First you,
    First me,
    First day,
    First rain,
    First drench,
    Fuck everything;

  • starboyy 16w


    Look at the moon,buddy...
    How beautiful she is;
    She tells me the whole story❤️