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  • stardust_charm 2d

    I begged to be freed from this suffocation.
    Lay on my bed and watch hours pass by.
    Thoughts of us came hushing over.
    With the winter winds under the night sky.
    We are not together anymore.
    We are not "us" anymore.
    The night haunts me like a black shadow.
    And I cry within the pain meadow.
    I break down on my room tonight.
    As I couldn't get 20th Dec out of my head.
    I kept seeing things I wish I would have forget.
    But you can't know how much you have hurt me,
    Even when you are right here,right now
    Right in front of me.

    @_sparkling_soul @branthan @love_poet @i_am_pro_at_my_perfections @words_by_serene @__ten__ @dusky_dawn @chaotic_phrases @darkest_of_nights

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    19th Sep'2019
    Thursday 12:50

  • stardust_charm 3d

    We are all caught up in a paradox
    of seeds that fail to grow like we expect.
    What should we do?
    Learn to let go, so you can start all over again
    in a earth filled with hope,love,affection,warmth.

    // Learn to let go of things that suffocates you //

    Wednesday 19:22

  • stardust_charm 5d

    1)I am missing someone who is not missing me right now.
    2)Now a days,days are cold and nights,warm.
    3)My sins are countable.But feeling guilty isn't.
    4)Heaven is dark in my life and someway,dark is cozy.
    5)I don't over think.I just live in my own imaginary world,always.
    6)Ignorant to love but still want to be loved.
    7)I would rather struggle than ask for help cos I am tired of empty promises and getting it thrown in my face.
    8)Loneliness sucks.So does people.
    9)Materialistic world is affecting the humanity in humans.So we are learning to get attached to artificial things than emotions.
    10)My bed is my best friend.Cos all my stars collide and talk to each other.
    11)I hide my feelings.Walls are high.Please don't give them the details,I still fall for love.
    12)In my monochromatic world,Only dead rainbows exist.
    13)The fire inside me has collapsed down.I am learning to stay calm,cold,dejected.
    14)Not everyone or everything affects me.But something great does.And that something is not letting me to be alive.
    15)My pills have shut down all my feelings,emotions,heaviness,purely everything.Now emptiness rules.
    16)Have very countable acquaintances.Shy and introvert.
    17)Writing down is solace.Poetry is love.Escape.
    18)I miss the old me.Vibrant,fierce,raging warrior.
    19)I will silently walk away from you if I feel dejected.No questions,no drama.
    20) Where do dead people go ?
    Cos I am homesick.

    @branthan @philosophic_firefly @hridaya @_sparkling_soul @i_am_pro_at_my_perfections @words_by_serene
    @love_poet @__ten__ @darkest_of_nights @inscrutable

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    Lock all the windows.
    Make this my cell.
    The dark is my prison.
    This is my hell.

    Monday 21:02

  • stardust_charm 5d

    When light inside of you is so lit that you can become anything you want but you choose to be burn down and fall hard in love with the ashes cos you are still tugged with the heart of past.Aren't we all doing the same? Moved on with mask but in reality,still stuck.Flames dance over the bones of an unfinished sonnet,now half-remembered and strewn about the ashes of a love
    huddled in the cold.But you know,you have hope left inside you.And one day you will rise,scintillating and vibrantly beautiful.Strong and captivating.As the ground is hard,and the sky is soft...ashes fly from flesh floating streaks of bodies that stare at a sun with no country.And there you stand with wishes on hands and fire on heart,to rebuild yourself like a ravishing powerful Phoenix.

    //From ashes,you must rise.From the dust to a wise//

    @sangfroid_soul @i_am_pro_at_my_perfections @asmakhan @branthan @love_poet @ni89gale @words_by_serene @redpaint @inscrutable @philosophic_firefly

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    //From ashes,you must rise.
    From the dust to a wise//

    Monday 13:35

  • stardust_charm 1w

    The stars have scars too.They glow each night to be heard,depicting the story of pain and hope.I am gifting you a star,to let you know even the sky bleeds when it comes to love.So we will sit together after every sunset and soothe the soul of stars.

    // Every star has a scar //

    Saturday 22:41

  • stardust_charm 1w

    I will speak in broken words and find escape in your shadow.I will splash cold water in your eyelashes and make a home out of snow.Shall count the stars before closing eyes and make love in early sunrise.Shall dance in the first rain and keep a watch to early spring.Shall make food and feed you in my own hands and let you sleep in my arms.Shall go for a late night walk in town and sprinkle joy in all our tomorrows.Shall sing hymns of togetherness and bake cake for your birthday. Shall skip my work only to spend an extra time with you.Shall be awake till late night until you are off to sleep.Shall prepare breakfast for you and help you with the dishes.Shall read our favourite novels together with a cup of coffee in hands.Shall gift you the prettiest gown for the date and let you kiss our fate.Shall kiss you thousand times and wait for you daily if you are late.
    There will be times when you will push me away but I will always come back,for you,for us.I will always love you,Remember that.

    // Our hearts speak to each other //

    @branthan @_sparkling_soul @fireblast_ @i_am_pro_at_my_perfections @chaotic_phrases @ni89gale @11maria @ghoulfrost @geraldine_mary

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    There will be times when you will push me away but I will always come back,for you,for us.I will always love you,Remember that.


  • stardust_charm 1w

    Even the simplest of things are at fight to prove its simplicity. We are always in a dilemma to have been chosen by a choice.If the result is positive,what critics does it bring with it and mind the questions if its vice-versa.Seasons pass by,and we chase after solution in the problematic areas.This is human nature,right? And what we get from the solution is another question of different nature through the freckles of time.Just go with the flow.Not everything needs to be solved and found.Not everything is quintessential.Something's are just there cos it should be.As simple as that.

    Tuesday 19:12

  • stardust_charm 2w

    Dawn became an illusion since he leaves on that time.In the darkness,I could feel him better,love him wilder.Reason,Don't know why he suffocates in sunlight.He is a compact sack unable to live the light.And that made me to love the night harder,a bit longer.
    After all,love is love.Be it light,be it dark.The emptiness inside of him matches with my void and our demons dance together. We peacefully sleep wearing mask in the morning and are a terror,all night long.

    // Shadows of night,whispers in the dark//

    Monday 20:09

  • stardust_charm 2w

    I wrote your name in the sky with love.
    And every star fell on your skin kissing you.

    16:29 Saturday

  • stardust_charm 4w

    Shadow of memories are way colder now.
    He feels nostalgic over her remembrance.
    On the ruby blanket of her eyelashes.
    Even the tears have frozen.
    A photo of her in his hand.
    Just can't keep away eyes from her eyes.
    Its an atmosphere full of helplessness.
    Tell me what should he do?
    Either love one-sided or let her go.
    In these constant battle he looks out for help from the stars.
    Go stars fall asleep in her arms.
    Kiss her cheeks solemnly and convey his love.

    // At dawn a love story breathes //

    22'Aug 2019
    Thursday 20:00