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  • stepsse_kent 2w

    Heart Beat Apart

    The love was outside
    But I couldn't reach it
    I was trapped in my bodies as
    Every life form became my fantasy

    Until I met the silence in him.

    I was in and out at the same time
    And patience was the only fun I had
    Mixed between spots of reality and acceptance
    And laughter was the touch that I worshipped

    He was my joke
    The artist in my silhouette
    And the expression drawn on the side mirrors
    Was the uncertainty in feet apart

    You are a fighter, so I have been told.

    We all die, yes
    So I had to grow before that
    But that growth was what I didn't know
    It was the stealth that I didn't show

    I might leave before him in stars
    Likewise, he might shine in the chorused songs in silence
    But one thing is written on our cards
    We will both live and remember this

    Because we're just a heart beat apart.

  • stepsse_kent 6w

    You're the best version
    of yourself, don't accept
    otherwise. You are
    doing your best at the
    moment. You're gorgeous;
    sun centered
    corals of the
    sea. You're amazing;
    It's as simple
    as that.

  • stepsse_kent 23w

    Word Prompt:

    Write a 8 word micro-tale on Burden

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    My burden is the psychologist I live with

  • stepsse_kent 23w


    It was perfect, right? What we had
    ' We started on a lie.
    So it could never be perfect.
    I had the plans,
    But I had to change them.

    You still here, huh? You with me
    ' The street is closed.
    It's not difficult seeing me here.
    The fame on the post,
    But all I gave was sincere.

  • stepsse_kent 25w

    It's very funny when those we see as Unfit stays, walks and works together throughout thin and thick to achieve a set goal in which we criticise and question their beliefs. While we, the self acclaimed Enlightened ones could not embrace a brother till the end because of a past occurrence. We echoed always, '' cast him into the fire, for he's no longer with us''.
    We hold the whip with one hand, and the bell with another. Until we learn to really see every person for who he or she is, then we're just gonna be another plague warming up the earth. And when we're done, when we're extinct, then nature would take its place. We would be left to the ruins of what could be.

  • stepsse_kent 30w

    By unknown writer #poetry

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    In the break light, I knew I had to go. In the meantime, I saw beyond my wildest stars. It's clear what that's needed to be done. That soil sheet that needed to be cuddled. Even though my bucketlist wasn't that of figures and songs, I did hope my eulogy was better acted than those in the movies. I grew up fighting for love. And I discovered the echoes were many over the sounds. So I stopped training prior in time. Then I looked at the perfectly sawn cedar, and my name faintly written underneath. Instantly, it was crystal what I saw. I knew I had to get off my wheel chair. As I bid my farewell to the August that had lost his host. Now, all I see is time and season. But all I wanted was a reason to rhyme in both. Yeah! I know it won't be too long anymore. I won't have have to feel this way again. I wouldn't have to go to my hell for free because I am coming with a Dean in my Winchester. In the break light, I knew I had to go. In the meantime, I knew I had to see my dream, AGAIN!

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  • stepsse_kent 32w


    This is the moment that songs and poems are about. Like everything paved way for us to be here. The messages hidden between the lines of words. All well, I hope we can be Men of Letters at least.

    This is the time for the feelings that had grown. The very words left unsaid. Even when I couldn't point towards the stars that has your name on it, I hope you can just open my mind to pull the words to read.

    Every thing I had written were all for you. You saw beyond my walls and loved every bit. Even when you're the only one, I hope I could be just enough for you because you're the all I ever wanted.

  • stepsse_kent 32w

    By unknown writer

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    I met you at my silence, but then you became the home music I don't wanna stop listening to, the very home I don't wanna leave.

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  • stepsse_kent 35w


  • stepsse_kent 35w

    The very

    The very Love I could not reciprocate.
    The very cries shed all because of me
    The very few words yet spoken at length
    The very reason I couldn't understand.
    The very pulse stationed closely to my heart
    The very sound of the beeping machines
    The very last words I said prior to my death
    The very breath that cave in my lung
    The very moment I will never get back.
    The very hype and the enthusiasm at first
    The very voice that played again in my ears
    The very reason I had to give up myself
    The very truth that I never came close to.
    That very clause written in my stars
    That very path that I chose to follow
    That very piece that had my blood on it
    That very lady that came to tell everybody.
    That very bird that had a stead on my tree
    That very gift I came so close to receive
    That very love not clearly written in my mind.
    To that very married single self I gave in to
    To that very Olia that refused to let go
    To that very bright feather in the far North
    To that very hand raised in line with time
    To that very me that I want to find
    To that very you that had to stop just for me
    To that very love I couldn't understand
    To that very person that gave her heart for mine.