Omnium rerum principia parva sunt

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  • sth_96 11w


    Waking up everyday
    Just to see life as a phase
    Going through every new day
    Feeling the same old pain

    Every day the Earth turns
    In every way my life burns
    Making everything charred
    Now my heart is scarred

    The sun sets
    And everything tries a RESET
    But that doesn't change the fact
    That things sometimes just crack

    The moon rises ever so slowly
    Shedding a dim light in my dark night
    A welcoming sight for eyes
    That haven't seen the light

    The winds blow endlessly
    Trying to bring change
    A way to stop the frenzy
    To keep everyone sane

    The rain falls on a cloudy day
    Washing away the thoughts of yesterday
    But never truly taking away
    The hurt from these bloody stains

  • sth_96 11w

    Clinging to your body for dear life
    Couldn't stand it when you said goodbye
    Your body fits so perfectly in mine
    I can't get you out of my mind
    You're one of a kind
    They broke the mold when you came into the light

    I was scared to talk to you that night
    I didn't want to give you a fright
    But I couldn't help it when you smiled
    Even in the dark, you were the only one that shined
    Like the sun, your beauty was true and bright

  • sth_96 12w

    Falling apart

    Sitting in the car
    Beautiful scenery passing me by
    I have come so far
    But I'm still going to try
    To enjoy this beautiful day in the sun
    Even though all I want to do is cry

    Feels like this life is out to get me
    Feels like I'm falling apart
    I will never be freed
    From this prison of a broken heart
    But this heart I will keep
    Especially while I'm falling apart

  • sth_96 12w


    I made a wish on a fluke
    And that wish came true
    All that had mattered were those moments
    When we held each other's hands
    Whenever I saw you, I couldn't think
    That was the effect you had on me

    I made a wish on a fluke
    So that I wouldn't be blue
    I really enjoyed that short while of bliss
    Especially the first time we kissed
    "Making memories" is what we said
    Enjoying each other's company, I couldn't argue with that

    I made a wish on a fluke
    And I found you
    I guess I thought you were the one for me
    And that was true, for a while at least
    You changed my life in your own way
    And I thought I'd always be happy, for the rest of my days

    I made a wish on a fluke
    But everything only worked out for you
    All my dreams for us were crushed
    I couldn't believe that this happened to us
    Every little love gesture we showed
    Was a waste of time we never owned

    I made a wish on a fluke
    Now I wished it didn't come true
    My heart still aches but I'll be strong
    I can't change the past, but I'll move on
    I don't know what my future holds
    But I'll keep playing the hand life dealt me, I won't fold

  • sth_96 12w


    The taste of alcohol on your lips
    Gets me higher than any weed
    The smell of your perfume
    Keeps me high til I see you
    Your beauty is unmatched
    But your eyes got to me first

    Even before we started talking
    I knew, it was your hand I wished I was holding
    It was your lips I wanted to kiss
    I was prepared to go down on one knee
    And tell you how I felt
    Because I knew what we would have

    Our love isn't written in the stars
    But I'd like to think you wrote your love in my heart
    Now I can never truly forget you
    My heart will always beat for you
    My days are better knowing you're there
    Waiting for me when I finish my work

  • sth_96 12w

    There are so many reasons to be happy
    But you're the only one that matters to me
    Only you make me feel free
    In this world that's putting me in chains for being me


  • sth_96 12w

    Your waves crashing into the shores of my heart
    Your love an antidote to all my mistakes
    Your smile made me fall in love
    I just know that this is fate

  • sth_96 13w

    Smiling makes the world go around
    Not money
    Money only brings happiness for a while
    Then it's unhappiness all the time
    So basically
    Just be happy

  • sth_96 13w


    What is it like?
    To fall in love with your soul mate?
    Is it like the movies I've watched countless times?
    Or do we just fall in love with any random date?
    I've always wondered about love
    If I'll ever find my endless love, my other half.

    What is death like?
    Do we go anywhere else after this world?
    Or do we stay in our graves in an endless night?
    Is there a heaven or a hell?
    If there is, I wonder which one I'll go to
    Hopefully I make it to heaven and live where the skies are forever blue

    What would it be like?
    If my dream came true
    Will I do the things I've said to do so many times?
    Or be a total hypocrite and waste my money on girls and booze.
    I really do wonder about that
    Maybe it won't be that bad

  • sth_96 13w


    Why am I in PAIN?
    There's a hot iron in my heart
    Piercing and hurting, like a bullet from a gun

    I can't stop thinking about you
    No matter how hard I try to
    You still slip into my head
    And my heart breaks all over again

    Every time I think I've moved on
    Your face comes back to make me mourn
    Its you that haunts my heart
    You're a ghost I need to get rid of fast

    Sometimes, the wind carries the smell of your perfume
    You still manage keep my heart consumed
    It crumbles and falls to pieces
    As if uttering it's last wishes

    If heartbreak was a person though,
    Well, let's just say it won't be a person anymore
    Because this pain that I'm going through
    Wouldn't exist if I still had you