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  • stigraycheyenne 6w


    I'm an anti-vaxxer
    So what
    That's my opinion
    I think there unsafe for me
    Because I have health issues
    And the ingredients would kill me
    In less than 2 days
    So ya I'm and anti-vaxxer
    Just like I'm pro life my opinion it doesn't have to be yours but it is mine so get over it

  • stigraycheyenne 8w

    For me

    I'm losing wait for me
    I'm eating healthy for me
    I dress for me
    I don't eat, dress sleep or anything or anyone but me
    I'm not doing it to impress someone
    I'm doing it for me
    Because I feel like it

  • stigraycheyenne 10w

    Let me know in the comments if your a capricorn and think these are true

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    A capricorn girl.

    I once met a capicorn girl.
    Stubborn as can be, and really sensitive
    Hardworking, and responsible, she was always determined, she was abisious, and relentless. These are the traits that capricorns are labeled with I am a capricorn and most of these I believe to be true

  • stigraycheyenne 10w

    2020 is a bitch

    I mean common ripping my family apart just to put it back together at the price of my grandpa dying, oh and let's not forget ripping people away from there friends and relatives because of some virus oh and now my grandma is dying too common 2020 what the helll. Seriously what the fuck is wrong with you. Ugggggg.

  • stigraycheyenne 11w

    @what_the_fuck_is_life. P.s not really my twin we are really close and have the same birthday so shes my twin.

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    There was this girl

    There was this girl who stole my heart
    This girl who made me feel good about me
    Who didn't care what others think
    Who is a badass
    I loved her to death
    And still do
    But this story is not what you think
    This story is a true story about a girl
    Who just happens to be my best friend and twin sister

  • stigraycheyenne 11w

    Thing I constantly think

    Why do things change
    Why am I so fat
    Why do I have zits beyond all messures
    Why do I put my heart out there to be broke
    Why do I worry so much
    Why do I care what others think of me

  • stigraycheyenne 11w


    What is normal
    Everyone is different
    So no one is "normal"
    So stop treating people like shit because they're not "normal"
    Because there's no such thing as normal

  • stigraycheyenne 11w

    My brain is melting I need my normal routine
    I need to wake up every morning alive not because I'm going to school but because I get to see the people I have trusted my life secrets and emotions with. I need to go to school and see my twin( not really my twin but practically) I need to be able to look at the people who told me I could never do something and show them up. My heart hurts that we cant just ho back to the normal life we all took for granted. I wish I wouldn't have.

  • stigraycheyenne 11w

    Unknown writer

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    The key to being honest is not caring what others think

  • stigraycheyenne 12w

    Thankyou to all the moms today you gotta love them