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  • studd_muffin_ 2w

    You & Me.

    Your eyes have a secret,
    Deeper than the sea.
    Your smile has a charm,
    Which only I can feel.
    Yes darling you might not be my first,
    But does that really matter?
    Because that ain't changing the way I feel.
    Drowned in love & weed,
    Come feel me,
    Cause in the end, it's just You & Me.

  • studd_muffin_ 3w

    By unknown writer

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    Our Precious Love

    In a parallel world
    A million miles from here
    A million years from now
    Yes, I will recognise
    Your heart from your shy eyes
    And if you don't hear
    Pirouetting my heartbeats
    Rhythmically in yours
    Oh! I will make you fall for my soul,
    Again, till translated
    To the other world, with
    Our new envelopes, with
    Our endless previous love,
    Our timeless precious love.

  • studd_muffin_ 5w

    Sad Reality

    Preety girls with sad eyes
    Preety boys with sad souls
    They're all searching for something
    Aren't we all searching for something?
    Beneath superficial conversations
    And temporary solace among bodies
    Who will be gone before sunrise
    Hoping one day we'll find an antidote
    That lasts longer then one night stand
    Preety face with cracked concealer
    Preety voice with cracked vocals
    Why does everyone want to be preety?
    Everyone tries to cover up the delicacies
    By shying away from vulnerability
    Why are we all afraid to be seen
    As detective in the eyes of others?
    We all have broken pieces in need of
    Tenderness, care & gradual healing.

  • studd_muffin_ 7w

    Slow dance with me

    Slow dance with me
    In the midst of this hell
    Maybe it would free me
    Save me from myself
    Help me believe
    It will be all okay
    Hold me close darling
    Take the pain away
    I just need to feel
    Safe on your arms
    That things will be okay
    No need to self harm..
    Slow dance with me
    Without any music
    We could be happy
    We could be human

  • studd_muffin_ 7w

    Hold my hand

    Hold my hand,
    I'll take you beyond the clouds.
    Whisper my name,
    I'll make it clear & loud.
    Hold my hand,
    I'll love you like no one ever can.
    Just make love to me,
    Be my girl & I'll be your man.
    Hold my hand & kiss me slow,
    Believe me once,
    For you I can make those stars glow.
    Hold my hand,
    Enjoy the dance of the raindrops.
    You, me, our eternal soul will just hop, hop & hop
    Hold my hand & I promise to never leave you,
    You need not to utter,
    Just be mine as the sky, Always blue.

  • studd_muffin_ 8w


    Your hair is like
    When sun meets the sea,
    Bursting with enchanting colours.
    Your eyes,
    Soo deep, no one will ever dare to swim.
    You are a box of mystery
    I always wanted to open,
    But I will patiently wait,
    For you to give me key.
    & When everything is a revelation
    Like your skin,
    I will stay,
    Even if one day
    I will wrinkle & decay.

  • studd_muffin_ 8w

    Femme Forte

    Oust from the paradise
    To where cold meets warmth
    Broken wings still dreamt of flying
    Broken heart still dreamt of dreams
    Permanent scars behind glitter & gold
    And champagne of tranquility to her soul
    Labelled as an outcast to hurt her existence
    Impersonating as polished gem & fake laughs
    Broken angel resided in the anonymous world
    Lonliness made her a painter
    Filling the white patches on the canvas
    Seeking for a hint of belongingness
    She was not better but different
    With broken wings & strong desires.

  • studd_muffin_ 9w

    And there she stood..

    Sweat dripping from her freshly wet hair down to her naked, bare, shoulders like midnight wine for some lonesome soul.
    She looked at me & I was a slowly setting sun into the oblivion of her starless, black eyes.
    The vapours of her body smells like alcohol set on fire for the show as she slowly turns her gaze towards the void, every empty vessel overflows with passion, nights and new moons, dark enough, deep enough, black enough, hollow enough to suck me in and make me loose my fucking mind

  • studd_muffin_ 9w

    All I want...

    All I want right now is you
    In the darkness of the night
    Under the no moon sky
    All I want is you
    To hold my heavy breath,
    To entangle your fingers in mine
    To say you love me, & showing me of that is true
    All I want is you.
    To kiss me, to hug me, to be with me
    To look me with love oozing from your eyes
    To touch my scars & say "They are beautiful"
    All I want right now is you
    To make the victory out of the defeat
    & Above all to make the possible out of the
    You & only you.

  • studd_muffin_ 9w

    Love makes you do stupid things.
    & I did it with you
    With a pair of hazel brown eyes,
    Deeper than the ocean, I might drown
    But with you through up & down
    I should let myself be sincere
    Cause you are loud & clear
    I should let myself be healed & beg you to hold me,
    Cause your skin feels soo soft against mine,
    Hug me tight, till I can't breathe
    Even when we had thunders
    When we were on & of on eachother
    Just like the switch,
    After all do you remember the taste of my lips?