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  • sugandhswani_ 1w

    Flowers are many but a rose is something else..
    Something more..

    #rose #flowers #nature #love #beautiful #beauty #garden #writersnetwork @writersnetwork @mirakee @mirakeeworld

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    The Rose

    Soft and sprinkled with a bit of dew,
    Each day you rise and blossom as new,
    Holding the warmth of mellow fires,
    A perfect expression of loving desires,
    Gifting grace to a thousand colours,
    Blanketing yourself, covers on covers.
    You yearn for the sun to spread glory so bright,
    Or for the moon to get flushed in it's light.
    Humming the tunes of so many songs,
    A myriad emotions, the rights and wrongs.
    You decorate their hair, the damsels pretty,
    And sit fresh on their bodies beaming with beauty.
    A cushion so cozy for the ones that depart,
    And of course in nuptials you play your part.
    Blessing the greens of gardens and meadows,
    And of fragrant forests at nights full of shadows.
    It wouldn't be half as beautiful O Rose,
    Our world where you sit, in elegance you pose...

    17th January 2021

  • sugandhswani_ 3w


  • sugandhswani_ 3w

    Do they answer your questions too? The soft winds that blow at night?
    #wind #winds #night #stars #moon #music #dreams #heart #writersnetwork @writersnetwork @mirakee @mirakeeworld

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    These Soft Winds

    Every night, as I walk up to the roof,
    To reflect on the long day that was,
    There blow these soft winds that join,
    My tête-à-tête with the sheeny stars.

    They sit patient on brawny branches of the trees,
    As I raise questions and express my desires,
    Listening to the silent words the eyes utter,
    In a passage of smoke from the heart’s fires.

    And then they prepare the leaves to reply,
    On behalf of the stars and the moon,
    As they twist and turn and gently quake,
    Almost playing piano as they swoon.

    For I hear tender music as the winds blow,
    The tunes that tie some knots between
    My soul and the soul of the soft subtle nights,
    Whispering the answers to those wishes, and dreams.

    4th January 2021

  • sugandhswani_ 6w

    Bells of Joy

    Mist on red,
    Green on the bed,
    The elves are sprinkling cheer.
    Christmas is coming,
    Reindeer are running,
    It's the bells of joy we hear!

    16 December 2020

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  • sugandhswani_ 11w

    Time in a Jar

    When time took a turn after a thousand years,
    She sat down to wonder, this little girl.
    That how time goes by through days and nights,
    And flips new pages in the book of the world.

    She knew it will change, her life as she grows,
    And she might forget who she was then.
    Scared of this time slipping from her hands,
    She decided to lock it in a jar, not to be opened again.

    Till some years pass, maybe ten or twenty,
    And she finds in her heart to open that jar,
    And revisit her childhood and a simpler world,
    And meet herself when she strays too far.

    So she started packing her little possessions,
    From cassettes to stickers, pens and crayons,
    Her little memories, drawings and medals,
    Besides her clips and doll dresses made of rayon.

    She dug a hole in the backyard of her house,
    And buried deep that jar packed tight.
    And prayed to forget that it ever existed,
    And remember to open when the time is right.

    Twenty years, she thought at first,
    She will wait and let those years pass.
    But patience ran out in the first five,
    And she opened the magical jar. Alas!

    Now what would she do when the real time comes,
    She will have nothing to revisit herself,
    When more life is gone and she forgets her roots,
    She wondered a bit disappointed in herself.

    One odd day the world got locked,
    Closed indoors for months in fear,
    She too slowed down and found some time,
    To stay at her home, for days we hear.

    Year twenty twenty was all about that,
    Surprising her each day as she found it all
    That she was made of, the memories and moments,
    That helped her rise and sometimes fall.

    Little did she need that time in a jar,
    That she packed and buried and opened someday,
    All she needed was to take break,
    From those years she spent moving away...

    8th November 2020

  • sugandhswani_ 14w


    They say we live in a new world,
    A world full of people in masks,
    Where all you see is what you hear,
    For the rest is bottled in their souls' casks.

    You may be able to read some,
    Of the eyes that speak the language real,
    But there too you see the foam of the ocean,
    Far from the feelings that those depths conceal.

    But didn't we always live like this?
    For our faces knew well of this art,
    To hide behind our spurious smiles,
    Those truths we feel in our hearts.

    Then are we fooling ourselves or others,
    For the masks are just a visible extension.
    Of the armour we wear across our faces,
    And rather mock our faceless pretensions.

    24th October 2020

  • sugandhswani_ 14w

    There is no touch as romantic as the touch of a flower.

  • sugandhswani_ 14w

    Autumn Winds

    The golden touch of the mellow sun,
    With the warm brush of the blissful breeze,
    Birds chirping in the orange of the weather,
    Singing to life before the world does freeze.
    Leaves taking the last swirl in the fall,
    And the blue skies blush as the autumn winds tease...

    20th October 2020

  • sugandhswani_ 15w

    Whispering lights

    Shim Shim Shimmery Lights,
    Whispering secrets to the nights,
    That are graced by hues, purple and blue,
    From the pallette of wishes, waiting to come true.

    Shim Shim Shimmery Lights,
    Glitzy yellows and reds and whites,
    Come for you as a blanket of beauty,
    Studded with sparkle so silver and dusty.

    Shim Shim Shimmery Lights,
    Feeding your dreams with endless delights.
    They look at you while you count the sheep,
    To guide your souls when you fall asleep.

    Shim Shim Shimmery Lights,
    Sometimes they fall and then never pick flight.
    But they make a promise when they do,
    To bless with their heart, a soul or two!

    Shim Shim Shimmery Lights,
    Oh they vanish away in the mornings bright,
    And take all day dressing up again,
    To show up at night every now and then.

    16th October 2020

  • sugandhswani_ 16w

    I am the best version of me!