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  • suhanamalik 8w

    Like a wave that swept upon me and stirred me down into the wild deep ocean, so deep that I could barely see the light around me and no matter how much I tried, the water being so ruthless kept pushing me down. Now my body has been shrunk by the density of the water and the more I was struggling to reach the surface, the deeper it drove me down. So I stopped making all the efforts as my body has become partially immobilize and I could feel the water going into my veins so cold yet so soothing. The cold water swiftly moved under my skin and filled my lungs and now I was breathing water yet I was alive but I wondered that was it the coldness of the water numbing my pain or the fathomless silence of the ocean healing my soul. But the nagging voice in the back of my head telling me to stay there because the world was drowning in venom and lies and I chose to drown in my own storm.
    -Suhana Malik

  • suhanamalik 16w

    Life can be hard sometimes. You feel like giving up on everything, and when one trigger hits, the rest comes with it. You are again back to the gloomy side of your head where one drowns, from where the storm arises and uproots everything, your past, the people who broke you, and left you in pieces. It's like you try so hard to keep everything balanced but no matter how much you try, no matter how trials you give to keep everything at a pace but in the end, it doesn't even matter. Your life feels like a dark room, a whole big dark room so you don't know how to take a step forward, and are scared that what if you might fall again or get hit with something which can vandalize you even for a longer time. They say "we must pass through the darkness to reach the light" but what if you have no clue about passing through because you are bone-tired now, so you sit there wondering about all the good times you once had and doubting those good times, that were they even yours or it was just a delusion? As your soul starves for such good times or at least the delusions if they were. In that dark room where you can't find a way, you must bring your own light as you only have yourself and it doesn't matter whether the light may be dim because at least the things are visible now and with those bone-tired steps you start walking again waiting to get out of the long dark room tunnel of your life.
    -Suhana Malik

  • suhanamalik 20w

    Khushnaseeb hu har uss pal ke liye jo tere saath bitaye,
    wo pal tha guzar gaya, tera saath tha chooth gaya
    -Suhana Malik

  • suhanamalik 27w

    Jitni mohabbat tujhse ki hai shayad agar khud se kr li hoti to aaj tere naa hone pr khud ko sambhal liya hota
    -suhana malik

  • suhanamalik 66w

    Dil ne ye umeed nhi ki thi ki jiski baahon me hum bhool jaya karte the ki dard kya hota hai ab wohi mere dard ki wajah ban jaayega
    -suhana malik

  • suhanamalik 82w

    I just had a talk with nature they told me that they are sick of this place and don't wanna live here anymore. I replied : Don't worry humans will make it easy for you!
    -suhana malik

  • suhanamalik 90w


    Intimacy is not just about sex. It doesn't mean something vulgar what some people think. Infact, intimacy is something pure. To get intimate doesn't mean to just fuck her up or to fulfill your desires. Intimacy can be just by looking into her eyes so when you look into it you could see the world behind it, by her smile so when she smiles you could feel how blissful you are to have her, by just laying together under the starry night, by holding her hand so you could feel the warmth of love, by playing with her hair, by sharing your fears with each other. It is something deep like an ocean. It is not just the connection of the two bodies it is something more than that, it is the connection of the two souls like two bodies and one soul.
    -suhana malik

  • suhanamalik 92w

    She loved to be alone because she loved herself more than she loved the people.
    -suhana malik

  • suhanamalik 93w


    'Forever' How many of us use this word to show love or a bond for a longer time ? Most of us. Infact everyone. But a thought hit my mind that is it really mean for ever ? Is it mean really mean that, that person will be with with you endlessly ? But it is nothing just fabrication! The people you hang out with, laugh with, cry with, they all are with you to a certain moment. We just use it to give our heart a feeling of fulfillment and nothing else. Somewhere we all know that thing but we don't want to accept the fact, we are just trying to sugar coat the reality. We just try to overcome our loneliness for temporary happiness and that goodbye moment with the one with whom you've promised 'forever' hurts even more. But we've made ourselves soo accustomed with that sweet lie. You never know when you are going to seperate from a person. And in the end you'll be the only one with yourself, and you'll be the only one with you till forevermore ! And everyone else are temporary. So give love to yourself first before you give it to anyone else.
    -suhana malik

  • suhanamalik 93w


    You know everytime there is a thought which comes in my mind that how can everyone be so unaffected, so untouched ? Why it's me to cry over things, too feel soo deeply not only for me but for others as well? Why is it that I'm always faking smiles? Why I'm soo dead inside ? How can people be so temporary in emotions?

    And gazing at the moon I realised that my dear not everyone has the potential to feel everything soo deeply. Not everyone has the potential to smile with those glittery eyes with everyone even if they are broken inside and that glitters are of the tears which they have shed as tears of happiness. Infact they are the strongest of all ! It's not easy to trust again once it is broken but they still do in the hope that people will change.
    They carry that smile to spread happiness around them, that heart to spread love. All their scars show their bravery of being strong in the hard times when they were the only one for themselves and trust me they also shows that they are enough for themselves.
    So call at the top of your voice for the ones who have infinite love and patience, who carry their smile and warmth of love and spread it wherever they go.
    So don't you feel sad, don't you feel like shit anymore, don't you feel hurt cause my darlings trust me, this world needs people like you, the world needs your light. Afterall bad times don't last forever, just be patient and have faith in yourself !
    -suhana malik