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  • sukanyatuki 23w

    When your soul wants to be naked
    Let it release all its attires
    To get close to you.

  • sukanyatuki 24w

    Books-the faithful friend

    I'm that page of the book
    Whom you always likes to be read.

    May be my words could fade
    The pain that couldnot be said.

    I want to be the page
    Of all those books
    Whose work is to bring
    You out of the cage.

    I would be the new page
    Of the books
    Whose smell will bring
    You nearer to me
    And let you feel free
    To spread your wings.

    I'm that page of the book.

  • sukanyatuki 24w

    Life is like a brush which will create a different land for you. The land which is having different colours for inspiring you and your surroundings.
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    The brush that paints

    The brush that paints red
    Red is the colour of my heart
    My heart will never going to shade
    And never led the heart to fade.

    The brush that paints blue
    Blue is the colour of my eye
    My eye will always speak the true
    And never led me to tell a lie.

    The brush that paints green
    Green is the colour of my soul
    My soul will always remain active
    And try to reach its goal.

    The brush that paints yellow
    Yellow is the colour of my skin
    My skin will blazes its glow
    And inspire me to follow.

    The brush that paints me
    Paints me for my rebirth
    Paints my lips with a smiley face
    Which will remove all of their life's stress.

  • sukanyatuki 24w

    Poem-A journey with a stranger.
    It seems that sometimes life doesnot takes turns to make you meet the people who are bad. Life will sometime make you meet those people who are not less than an angel for you. Read this poem and let's walk with a stranger angel.
    #pod @miss_faristhi @minacarki @mirakee #journey #stranger #life #inspirational @yamini_poetry @krishnega

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    A journey with a stranger

    While walking towards the rough way
    When life takes turn to meet
    Someone who holds your hand
    And shows you the brightening ray.

    You seem to be in danger
    When you hold the hand of a stranger.
    You keep thinking
    Is it good to make yourself get connecting?

    Meeting in the same direction
    Again and again
    He keeps on solving
    Your unsolving problem.

    Without any permission
    He takes a sit in your accommodation
    You love to be with him
    His presence makes you firm.

    Walking with him
    Change the dimension
    Of your powerful thinking
    Now he can't be a stranger to you
    He is those gems who glitter among the few.


  • sukanyatuki 24w

    The hidden truth

    The truth behind every lie
    Makes your heart always cry.
    The truth that can makes you fright
    Or take your beloved from your sight.
    The truth that you want to tell
    The truth that makes you always yell.
    May the truth should remain hidden
    Under the wrap of those words
    That are still remain unspoken.


  • sukanyatuki 24w

    Life is a game

    A single free hit or a checkmate
    Can ever change your decided fate?

    No foul, no goal
    It's your life that meets as a whole.

    Burn as a brightening flame
    And reminds yourself again and again
    Life is not a gamble
    Life is a violent game.
    The game where you
    Either win or lose.
    You have to use yourself as a toss;
    The toss of that coin
    Where it could be either head or tail
    And in this life's game
    You may either pass or fail.


  • sukanyatuki 24w

    They can't talk
    They can't express
    We always take their advantage
    And always make them oppress.
    They cry, we kill
    They shout, we poach
    They always stay away from us
    They always distrust us.
    They were innumerable in number
    Earlier they were always around
    But we are so dangerous
    That hardly any of the species
    could be found.


  • sukanyatuki 25w

    Dream to become....

    My dream to become a professor
    It's not just a dream
    It is that portion of my soul
    Which smeared on me as cream.

    To spread knowledge
    Is not only my single vision
    To create some of the successful stars
    Is one of my life's mission.


  • sukanyatuki 25w

    When I meet a stranger

    The stranger I met on my way
    While walking alone in the lonely path
    He looked as if,he was in a grief
    Or he might have injured, his loving heart.
    He walked and walked
    Without taking any rest;
    He moved on unknowingly
    Feeling little bit restless.
    He walked and I gazed
    He moved near to a prickly fence;
    I rushed to save him from tearing
    And held me tightly from piercing.
    My touch made him shiver
    He moved his hands in fear.
    Realising the fact behind it
    I moved myself apart;
    In reality, he was a blind from vision
    He went there mistakenly
    He had no other intention.

  • sukanyatuki 25w

    The fragrance of our mother is always with us. It always makes us feel special as she is our ideal.
    Dedicated to all those moms whose fragrance can brighten every children's souls.
    #mirakee @mirakee @yamini_poetry @ink_whiff @motherschild @motherly_wonder #writersnetwork #pod

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    The fragrance in you...

    The fragrance in you
    Is half borrowed by me
    It was not given to me
    But I have inherited it,
    when I was born to you.

    You always carry,a sweet fragrance with you
    The fragrance of freshness air
    That makes the surrounding
    As beautiful as you.

    Your fragrance
    is the coolness of my soul,
    That soothes me when I'm in pain
    And you relieve me as a drop of rain.

    Your fragrance
    Is like the gentle blowing breeze
    Which if touches me
    I feel a sweet little kiss.

    You and your fragrance
    I always carry with me,
    As long as I will be there
    I will keep it with tender and care.