20 || I put the 'pro' before procrastinator.

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  • sukritisingh 71w

    प्यारी मां

    जब घर से बाहर आयी, तब सबसे पहले तुम नहीं याद आई,
    पर जब अलमारी से तुम्हारे तेह किए कपड़े निकाले तब तुम बहुत याद आई।
    जब कैंटीन का स्वाद लिया तब तुम नहीं याद आई,
    पर जब ठंडी रोटी खाई तब तुम बहुत याद आई।
    जब रातों में नींद नहीं आई तब भी तुम नहीं याद आई,
    पर जब सुबह देर से क्लास पहुंची तब तुम बहुत याद आई।
    कैसे तुम मेरे सारे काम कर देती थी और मैं बस मनाही भरती थी।
    कैसे तुम पापा की डांट से बचाती थी और मैं हमेशा गलती दोहराती थी।
    तुम प्यार करती हो - जता देती हो,
    मैं भी करती हूं - बस जता नहीं पाती।
    मैं ख़ुदग़र्ज़ नहीं बस अभी भी नादां हूं,
    अगले जन्म तुम्हारी ही गोद मिलेगी या नहीं, परेशान हूं।
    सब कह रहे हैं आज मां का दिन है,
    पर मेरा कोई ऐसा दिन नहीं जो तेरे बिन है।
    - तुम्हारी बेटी

  • sukritisingh 78w

    A NOTE

    Dear credulous me ,
    Never in the history of calm down has anyone calmed down just by hearing 'calm down' . The burden of your ever-increasing wants will kill you more than you live just in the form of regret since it's a form of punishment itself. Things, situations, people and your actions will leave you gloomy or dashed. But, NO NEED TO BE PERFECT just to inspire others, let them be so by seeing how you deal with your imperfections. Value yourself enough so that you remain indifferent from the crap in your life. I know.... I know this learning is taking a lot of time and strength but kicking yourself upstairs from these mere sorrows ... 'TAKE A GOOD LOOK OF THE WORLD, BEFORE IT GETS DARK' .
    Spread happiness for free 'cause you'll be in loss if someone didn't give you the smile back at time when traded.
    You will be succeeded in real sense when people find out your life to be a euphoric one, being an alien to the fact that you are actually going through a lot.
    Sometimes the world won't make sense and offer you chaos and madness. But there will also be Magic !!Take care .
    P.S:- For instant inhalation just remember what Dory and Kung Fu Panda tell us.
    "Just keep swimming"
    "There's no secret ingredient. It's just you"

  • sukritisingh 81w


    The blue surface
    From everywhere to everywhere,
    It makes me feel tiny when I sit to compare.
    Be like water for it slips through fingers and doesn't stop,
    It can sink a ship into it or can hold it atop.
    Free and formless,
    Compromising and fearless.
    I empty my mind to be like it,
    But I find that am still unfit.

    The green surface
    From everywhere to everywhere.
    It makes me feel tiny when I sit to compare.
    So much chartless land is left to discover,
    That I got no time to rediscover.
    Some loyal, some weird, some cute and some brainy creatures,
    Some lose, some are believers and some - achievers.

    The black sky
    From everywhere to everywhere,
    It makes me feel tiny when I sit to compare.
    Does someone love me
    More than there are stars in the sky ?
    Will someone love me
    When I will shine in the night sky, high ?

    You live on the earth,
    Make your existence worth.
    Get inspired by the gifts of the Almighty,
    Let humanity reach where the sky touches the sea.
    Just as the earth and sky meet at the horizon
    Even when they stand opposite,
    Being on two distinct sides,
    Together, humans too can fit.
    "This colourful world, from everywhere to everywhere,
    It makes me feel tiny, when I sit to compare."

  • sukritisingh 84w


    Her mate left hoisting the Tricolour in his hand, but, only the flag came back.

  • sukritisingh 85w


    Today when she was basking in the sun,
    The no. of girls who sat alone was only one.
    She sat on the grass in the sun,
    Her locks caressed her cheek in the air, had fun.
    I wonder what she thinks seeing the sky,
    May be, "what stops her from going high?"
    Out of all the trees, the one which grabbed her attention had no green,
    It lost still it stands contributing to the beauty, is left unseen.
    Her mentation was interrupted and over,
    When her chocolate fell down colliding with a girl like rover.

  • sukritisingh 86w


    Can't I just disappear in my own notional world, I wonder.
    Where the love, desires, peace and bliss, I plunder.

  • sukritisingh 89w


    Again a new year but nothing new,
    Same Diwali lights and Holi hue.
    Same summer, winter and spring,
    Some happiness, some heartbreaks and some awe it will bring.
    If I get time in between,
    I resolute to complete the pre-resolutions, left clean.

  • sukritisingh 91w

    - from the pen of a girl who wants to live a life of purposes

  • sukritisingh 91w

    EVERY GIRL WISHES TO BE A BOY AT LEAST ONCE in her lifetime may be because all she faces is struggle at each stage of life. She carries a thought either with pride or with offense , how challenging it is to be a woman.
    People tease chaps calling them 'a girl', since the word 'girl' is used as an insult which is sick. This mentality needs to be changed.
    Feminists fight for the women rights because somewhere or the other they too think women are meek.
    All this needs to be seen with a different lens.
    Can men bleed for a week and not die?
    Can men carry a baby in their stomach and survive?
    Can men play the role of a woman and succeed?
    (All these qualities make women special and superior.)
    People have taken the job of being a women as a helper for granted and even glorified her works of being kind and innocent housewife as well as an employee.
    Why should she push herself beyond the limits to work for the family from 6 AM in the morning to 12 at night even after working for hours in the office? Just to get praises (sometimes) and not get taunts and slaps ?
    Do not increase barriers in her race track fearing she could do better than you. Play FAIR!!
    "Women are only helpless till their nail polish and mascara dries."

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    'Cause she is a wrong sex infant she is left to die,
    She is saved if she were a guy.
    She is denied to school but only see her brother going there and say bye,
    She can be educated if she were a guy.
    She thinks twice to go out alone under the night sky,
    She is free if she were a guy.
    She bleeds for a week every month and the cramps make her cry,
    She is immuned if she were a guy.
    She is married only if the dowry is high,
    Her family's dignity can be saved if she were a guy.
    She beared labour pain and survived when about to die,
    She can be salubrious if she were a guy.
    She goes through the rest of fire, beaten by her mate when he's high,
    She can be saved if she were a guy.
    She is raped and stripped off the dress which unveiled her thigh,
    Her sexuality can remain chaste and she wouldn't be dead if she were a guy.

  • sukritisingh 94w


    Your priority list, I want to top like the month of January all year around.
    Your voice is the only sound which breaks my life's the coldest silences all year around.
    Your smile is the only thing I need to start like beginning of spring all year around.
    Your pictures are the only happy holi colors I need all year around.
    Your name is the only prayer I should sing all year around.
    Your eyes are the only Christmas lights I need to see all year around.
    Your arms are the only place I want to be close to all year around.
    Your lap is the only December blanket I need all year around.