In pain was I concieved, i have always shed tears since i saw this cruel world.

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  • sullen 3w

    I was inspired by @fireblast_ to write this
    The new years seem to wear off, of me each year
    But this year was special
    Here are my lessons I learned

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    It's Friday tomorrow

    What I learned this year
    1.No act of kindness we show to others is little
    2.There are people that love us genuinely ,if only we could stop pushing them away.
    3.Asking for help does not make you less of a person
    4.In face of injustice and hatred, don't think you are alone is a gift and unwrap it slowly and gently
    6.Two wrongs can't make a right
    7.You are not always right
    8.Understanding others and respecting them and their choices
    9.No person can remain an island, we need others
    There are people that also need you
    10.We can do our little part to help our environment

  • sullen 3w

    Humans are flawed
    So they create means to rectify this ( Whatever )
    The ugliness always
    Tends to slip out
    Perfection is the sky
    We see it
    Touch it
    Even soaring birds nest on the ground

  • sullen 3w

    It's beautiful
    The things that could one day fly

  • sullen 6w

    My heart beat

    Back in high school
    I was a simple guy
    Void and empty
    I had people around me and never felt their warmth
    I was an iceberg submerged in a sea
    Little people saw
    And much I knew
    I was a puppet but didn't know whose hand was moving me
    In crowds I was always lonely
    I had bottled up lot
    The pain , the anguish , the suffering
    I hurt a lot of people and myself
    A room dark
    I let in a crack in the walls
    And light flooded me
    I knew another
    And another
    I became what I had dreaded
    Friendly and chose then the hands that would hurt me
    I knew my heart became live
    Faster and I knew
    People are not worst we assume they are

  • sullen 13w


    We are faced with an ordeal here in NIGERIA
    Police officers paid with taxpayers money
    the youth
    So am pleading with all here in mirakee
    To lend your voice
    Your social media accounts

  • sullen 17w

    Tears, when emotions find expression through my eyes

  • sullen 18w

    I was washed up by the sea
    Filled with blood
    Looks like I finally won against the demons
    But wait
    I think am bleeding too
    Maybe I failed to realize that I have been torn to sherds
    My fleeting life is miles ahead

  • sullen 20w

    Doubt is an extinguisher
    That quenches the flames of one

  • sullen 21w

    Don't give me hope
    Don't recall my calls when you miss them
    Don't answer when you don't feel like it
    Give me excuses to tell me of my boring conversations
    Don't act like it
    When we go out, act distracted
    Let me know
    This my journey to the sun will only get me burnt
    I know it will be free fall to the earth
    Hopefully I will be okay
    And we will be too
    Still I want to be your friend
    If you can't be mine

  • sullen 22w

    The truth is bitter
    I have chosen to loose weight