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  • sumaira0616 1d

    Love life

    One kiss on forehead is much sweeter than,
    Thousand kisses on lips,
    No lust but full of love ❤and respect

  • sumaira0616 2w

    Valuable message

    Dont waste your time on explaining people
    Person who understand you don't need any explanations, ☺
    And the person who doesn't understand you won't trust on it☹️

  • sumaira0616 4w

    Neither my mistake nor his, but still we got seperated by the destiny
    I was wrong I apologized but I can't be his again
    He knows that I love him more than himself but he think that I broke up because I dont wanna be with him but the truth is I dont wanna hurt him again I just don't wanna lose him again
    His last words were I had never thought our love story would end like this��
    And my last words was take care��

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    Danger love

    I broke his heart but mine is broken too,
    He loves me but i love him more he do,
    He cares for me and pretend that but i care for him silently,
    I made him cry but i cried too

    I love him and he knows that he loves me and I too know that but we can't be together and we both know that

  • sumaira0616 5w

    Love life

    No matter what I say,and what I do
    You know the truth I cannot live without you,
    You never leave my mind even when I have a million things to think about,
    Their is not a single moment when I don't think of you....I am missing youuuu
    The thought that you are not with me is the worst thought ever,
    The thought that I am missing you makes me to miss you more

    I am.Sorry and i am missing you

  • sumaira0616 6w

    Danger love

    End kardena hi behtar hai aise relations ko,
    Jisme khushi se zyada Rona pade,
    Jisme apne sahi hone ka prove dena pade

  • sumaira0616 8w

    Love life

    Iss Safar me koi aisa humsafar ho,
    Jiski manzil meri bhi manzil ho,
    Uska haat thaam kar ye Safar mukammal ho,
    Ek dusre ke saat yu chalein Safar khatm
    Ho toh dono ki manzil jannat ho

  • sumaira0616 9w

    My Attitude

    Don't react!!!
    Because the most savage feeling is to hear their lies when you actually know the truth

  • sumaira0616 10w

    #mirakee assistant-plzzz inform me through my Google account or Gmail and once check my post and check the problem before taking any action against my I'd plzzz

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    To the Mirakeeans plzzz....

    I had not posted neigher any plagiarism image nor a violent post then I don't know who has repeatedly reported against my posts plzzz stop it if you have any problem with my posts plzzz say me directly through comments instead of a fake report

  • sumaira0616 10w

    Put on earth 14th December��

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    Happy birthday to me

    One more year passed,
    One more year ahead,
    One more year closer to my death,
    One more year....

  • sumaira0616 12w

    My Attitude

    Bas itna kaabil banna hai mujhe,
    Ki jaha mai khadi rahu,
    Waha koi baitha na rahe