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  • sumananand_ 101w

    Quantum Mind

    The mind is an object a
    mere data processor but
    when breath becomes prayer
    the mind becomes wave
    of the purest energy form
    Transcending all barriers
    To the unknown,..
    and beyond.

  • sumananand_ 101w

    Timeless Magic

    What the eyes could not see
    The hand could paint upon
    The canvas of Consciousness

    What medicines would not treat
    A miracle could cure totally
    A divine intervention

    Forego the past and
    don't seek your future
    For a moment let yourself be in NOW

    In NOW you can find
    The bliss is inside you and
    That you are COMPLETE

  • sumananand_ 120w

    Keep Smiling Mom

    Mother please keep that smile
    On your face Always!
    Its the mothers smile
    That makes the world
    Go 'round for many a child.

    It keeps you cosy in the cold
    Its the highest certification
    Whatever been thy achievements
    Or whatever your failings were
    That smile was compensation enough.

    Oh ! thou would give
    All your heart 'n' treasures
    To keep the smile on her
    Beautiful 'n' forever
    That smile is so precious!

    It said nothing could go wrong
    And fill you with vigour renewed
    That smile could ward off all
    Evils if they ever step your way
    Always be your good luck charm!

    If ever that smile turned into
    A momentary frown it
    Was enough to make your
    World look upside down

    Make amends you would
    If you had done some wrong
    For no other applause mattered
    Than her smile its all you seek
    Each dawn and every night!


  • sumananand_ 121w

    The Whisper

    As the wind blows by
    I hear a voice
    A faint whisper
    I try to catch
    try hard to grasp
    The meaning of those words
    Somehow I can't I don't know Why

    Maybe I have lost
    The power to connect
    All I seem to hear is noise
    noise and more noise!
    Seldom ever do I sit
    Listening to the silence
    Oh ! The beautiful things it says.

    Seldom do I get the balm of silence
    To ease the the hurt caused by cruel fate!
    In the rat race
    Running and falling
    Falling and running
    Trying hard to survive and keeping sane
    When the heart is insane!

    I wish I was like everyone else seems
    Lost within themselves in a material world
    If I had a spirit easy to crush
    Not so rebellious
    Not so stubborn!

    Would I be not then better off?
    If I knew how to give up
    would I not be
    close to comfort
    close to sanity
    Away from Truth
    Away from Myself!

    1990 (composed)

  • sumananand_ 139w

    A favour to yourself

    The enemy would have
    long ago been vanquished
    the memories on the
    canvas of your mind
    made him immortal

    Your hurt response to
    the cruel words and
    all your outbursts put the
    sword of self destruction
    into the hands of your foes

    When every dawn is as
    fresh as any other dawn
    why your days be so stale
    and stinking like skeletons
    of sundried salted fish

    Do yourself a favour forgive
    them so you may begin
    to heal from within
    they may deserve it not
    nevertheless gracefully pardon

    So that the debris of hurt
    gets cleared and you get
    a whole n new you
    the new dawn of healing within
    the world can't take from you

    There is a now a complete
    serene universe inside you
    the mischief makers are
    but specks of dust
    and you are infinite.


  • sumananand_ 140w

    The uncut berry

    The Berry was all glossy
    And it was juicy too
    But how it would taste
    No one ever knew

    Lets all cut this berry
    They said test its taste
    Before we put it into
    Our mouths as whole

    So they all cut the Berry
    Unheading that some of
    Its precious juice got lost
    They cynically begun to taste

    Its a bit too sour
    Its a bit too sweet
    Its unlike a berry
    And so on it went

    The Berry mused my nectar
    All got lost while cutting
    If they had enhaled my fragrance
    And swallowed me as whole

    Then all the tastes would
    Have got mingled
    Could have been a
    Relish far far more

    But the world is forever
    Busy being too judgemental
    What difference? Some berries
    A bit sweet some a bit sour

    Its better not to mock and
    Judge than to undermine
    'cause some berries taste
    Better if they were uncut

  • sumananand_ 141w


    Seldom insecure
    Storms are within
    Some would envy this
    Soul inside in constant fear

  • sumananand_ 141w

    True Parents

    My parents welcomed me
    Into this beautiful world
    I am glad for things that
    They had taught me

    But more glad of the
    Things that they
    Had omitted or they
    Had never taught

    For that is what truely
    Made me grow n learn
    I thank them for this
    Freedom that I could be me

  • sumananand_ 143w

    The mind knows only language

    The mind knows language
    the heart knows no boundaries
    the mind could be vile
    the heart would teach you kindness

    The mind would tell you
    to stick to the highways
    the heart makes its own path
    like an untamed river

    The mind may give up its the
    heart that holds strong
    the minds fuses may blow out but
    the light in the heart always glows

    Use your minds to the maxima
    but keep listening to your heart
    the mind teaches you pleasure but
    its the heart that understands your pain

    The mind seeks power
    teaches you to play games
    your heartbeat tames you
    makes you a winner in the race

    The heart will never ever
    desert you no matter what your age
    use your mind like any other tool
    Mind just understand language