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  • sumanth_09 1d

    Vellipovalanukunna vallani vellanivvakapothe
    Unna velithi gane untundi
    @ uma maheswara ugra roopasya(UMUR)

  • sumanth_09 3d

    Dear bestfriend,
    I don't know how to thank you,for everything you've done for me. You stood my side when there's no one, you shared my sadness,pain and my happiness.
    You supported me when I was low, encouraged me and stayed with me. You cared for me like no-one, you're a perfect all in one I promise I'll never let you go in any situation ❤️


  • sumanth_09 2w

    Night is young
    Moon is enchanting
    Stars are compelling
    The cold night sky creeps into every nerve of mine reminding you ❤️

  • sumanth_09 4w

    By unknown writer

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    Her eyes were magic ✨
    Her smile is a lightning ⚡
    Her voice is divine

  • sumanth_09 7w

    The girl you're calling a bitch, has an untold story which you don't know about.
    The boy about whom you're complaining, had a past you've never thought of.
    Stop judging people based on their present actions, they've gone through many things which many of you didn't

  • sumanth_09 10w

    Dear bestie what ever happens between us
    I can assure you that
    Yee dostii hum nahi todenge ❣️

  • sumanth_09 17w


    I've lost
    I've lost in the middle of love
    Nowhere to go
    No hope to sow
    I can't see the destination
    I can't see the origin
    I'm lost nowhere Searching for the little light which leads me to the end of this pain

  • sumanth_09 18w

    ఎంత పెద్ద సముద్రం అయిన అంతరిక్షం నుంచి చిన్నదిగానే కనిపిస్తుంది
    ఎంత ఎక్కువ ప్రేమించిన చూసిన వాళ్ల బట్టి అ ప్రేమ విలువే మారిపోతుంది

  • sumanth_09 20w

    We're fighting
    We're fighting against a crisis
    We're fighting against an unknown enemy
    We're fighting against a mass extinction
    Get together every sister brother mother and father
    Get together Setting out caste religion and nations aside❤️

  • sumanth_09 21w

    Happiest people witness the toughest pain