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  • sumeeeluv 7w

    Words from a broken heart

    I wonder where you threw everything we had, all the hopes, plans and promises! We were rolling together, getting high on each other like cattle from a herd‍❤️‍❣️.
    It was obvious I had fallen for you, then suddenly everything started to get sour, cold, and bad. You stripped my heart in the market place and left it unclad. Now it is stained by battering negotiations and banter from the market bards.
    Forgive me I shouldn't even be complaining, bcz I signed up for this.
    Love is a double lane of affections,
    But you refused to stay on ur lane.
    You were driving back and forth on a one way street, Never minding the pedestrian talking in discreet..

    You left dirt, hurt, and crime in my heart's district

    --His Jaaan

  • sumeeeluv 7w

    Every story deserves a closure, or a goodbye. Not a heart left wondering Why?


  • sumeeeluv 13w

    Dear Hayateee

    Nothing can tear us apart, blind at first but I can see you now as clear as daylight. You are not my first but hopefully my last. You are like that drop of water on a desert sand, the first ray of light at the break of dawn, the rainbow after a storm, My bit of fresh air. You are just My Boo.
    I May not be writing words or poems for U evryday but deep down u are my Soulmate Habeebi♥♡

    His Jaaaan

  • sumeeeluv 13w

    To My Future Husband

    May U earn from Halal sources and spend within Ur means..May U seek Allah's guidance always to fulfill all ur dreams...May Allah SWT be at every point of ur needs, bless U and protect U always.

    His Jaaan