write your feelings

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  • sumikasangma 3w

    When you try to forget something...but the people keeps reminding of........

    What must we do?

  • sumikasangma 4w

    People who can or express their feelings , sadness , tears , themselves by sharing
    But those who cannot ,
    Needs a pen and a diary to express theirs....️

  • sumikasangma 5w

    You Are??

    I remember...wen I was in need of someone to b with me,
    U were there .
    U were there , wen I was feeling lonely..
    You are my strength
    As well as weakness.

    How do I forget u?
    How do I leave you?
    How do I just erase the one that is in my heart??

    I love you ❤️

  • sumikasangma 8w

    There was a soul's lost in the darkness, nobody to save
    Nobody to care for.
    It was under the trap of the wicked, under the controls of evils.
    But where there are evils
    There's always a hero to save.

    Everything was about to perish but a real hero appears at the right time , who took away every darkness and replace it with light .❤️

  • sumikasangma 9w

    When someone gives a reason to cry,
    God gives a thousand reasons to smile

  • sumikasangma 9w

    Do you understand?

    There's many things running in my mind which's a mystery...I never know what really is trying to prove.

    I wonder will I be able to understand them all?
    A mystery that reveals itself by mystery.
    I never know the mystery of my life.

  • sumikasangma 10w

    Why do we always see other faults , mistakes and weaknesses...

    But never dare to search our own...

    Remember when you point out other weaknesses... it's Ur weakness who points out others

    M human and m not perfect

  • sumikasangma 10w

    There's not always good day , time in Ur life....
    Everyone go through something.
    But in Ur difficult time Put Ur trust in God.

  • sumikasangma 10w

    New day

    So.. here comes a new day with blessing.

    Let this day brings u all the peace , joy n happiness.

    May his Name be glorify
    For he is worthy to be praise.

  • sumikasangma 10w

    A special day

    A day Ur born...
    With beautiful heart
    And soul.

    The day was filled with joy
    When you were born,
    Your first cry was a joy to Ur family ❣️

    May God bless u Beybbbb....