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  • sumisai 1w

    It's not how you are talented
    Only courage speaks success..

  • sumisai 1w

    You can't win the hearts of everyone
    But your honest stands forever ..

  • sumisai 2w

    Journey of life

    It's not easy to hold
    Negative thoughts
    Facing argument
    One minute pleasure
    Fake smiles
    Maintaining silence
    More expectations
    To be honest
    Songs as medicine.
    Following Truth
    Worthless situations
    How long this goes on?..
    Life is big deal it moves only to survive..

  • sumisai 3w

    Learn to live simple
    That alone make u sustain in
    most of the situations..

  • sumisai 3w

    Beautiful things are hidden with us
    But we are turning only empty pages..

  • sumisai 7w

    Decision of Almighty is double
    Though it was good or bad...

  • sumisai 7w

    True love is not always to be near
    It can also be far ...

  • sumisai 7w

    Happiness is found only in acceptance...

  • sumisai 10w

    It's effortless to invest in money , but in people not trouble-free..

  • sumisai 11w

    No matter.

    Prove patience who slaps you through their words..
    No matter how long their words bitter to you..

    Maintain silence who hurts you in difficult situation..
    No matter how long they can't mind your words...

    Hold it with your smile..
    No matter how long they make you cry..

    Have a strong heart
    No Matter how long the arrow hits..

    Move with a hope
    Life is in your hand ..
    Never mind what others expect..