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  • sumit3085georgian 8w

    Answering is easier when
    there are no follow up questions. when
    the other person
    isn’t here anymore.

    in stories and poems
    you can confess the biggest truth
    and get away with the crime.

    i confess - i love you.
    it wasn’t specific.
    it wasn’t supposed to be easy.
    it was one of the better things i felt
    this year.

    you had asked - why me?

    i wish i had an answer
    that made sense to us both.
    an answer that was both logical
    and simple.

    but you because -
    i let my guard down.
    but you because -
    there was deep gentleness.
    but you because -
    you are true.
    but you because -
    i didn’ think i would love someone
    again this quickly.
    but you because -
    you are something special.

    but all lovers are fools.
    i knew it wasn’t going to be easy
    between us. you’ve never been
    in love.
    and i’ve been in love a few times to
    know, it wouldn’t last.
    but all lovers like to be hopeful
    that a kind of love is out there
    that lasts. maybe it’s mine.

    maybe, the poets are
    wrong and love is not
    some remedy to loneliness.
    it’s just a drug and we all
    overdose on it.

    when you had said,
    i’d rather become a poem than a poet
    neither of us thought this is how
    it’d be. not being a poem of love.
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    " stories and poems
    You can confess the biggest truth
    And get away with the crime.

    I confess- I love you."

  • sumit3085georgian 9w

    Let them keep their places in heart to themselves
    And just give you some place in their laugh and time.
    Do not hesitate to send them laughing at your jokes
    As finding a friend in stranger is not a crime.

  • sumit3085georgian 9w

    “I wonder that I have so long been insensible to this charm in the sky,
    the tints of the different stars are so delicate in their variety,”

    #mirakee #writersnetwork #writerstolli
    Old post, it disappeared from the feed so posting it again. #friendship

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    Twinkle twinkle little star
    Show me your bruises and the scar

    when I look at them, burning
    and making us feel the company,
    Screaming in loud voices,
    Persuading us to tell our stories
    The things that went wrong
    And the song of glories.
    I feel, if a star ever feels alone,
    Would us those who lay wondering
    Under the cascade of burning giants
    Be able to give them company.

  • sumit3085georgian 9w

    These days are so blank!

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    What should I write about
    Should I write what I'm feeling now,
    But then who cares, even I don't
    Should I write about the people who came
    In life like the freezing wind
    Making me realise, I need to hold tight.
    Should I write about the books I read
    Or the thoughts that crossed my bed
    Should I mention the incidents
    Or recite the fears that are instilled in minds
    Should I write anything at all
    Or just listen and pretend not to care

  • sumit3085georgian 11w

    Every rose has a destiny!
    Some blessed with fortune of joining two lives
    They witness the proposals of husbands and wives
    Some end up in diaries dying petals sing the songs
    For the unloved lover
    Some decorate our paths
    While some used as grave's cover
    Some get laid with you on the wedding night
    Some collects all your fantasies
    And grips over the memories tight.
    Some Roses give us their essence
    Some witness dates with us and Marks love's presence.
    Blessed are Those that cure the skin
    Are they cursed that come with false promises
    The Roses that bloom have a life to live,
    Bits to receive and tons to give.

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  • sumit3085georgian 12w

    Kehte hai pyaar me nind ud jaati hai
    Koi humse bhi mohabbat krle
    Kambakht nind bahut aati hai

    कहते है कि प्यार में नींद उड़ जाती है…
    कोई हमसे भी मोहब्बत करले  …
    कम्बक्त नींद बहोत आती हे !

  • sumit3085georgian 14w

    Collab with me!

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    Nights are black
    Lilies are white
    Life's losing its grip
    Hold me tight.

  • sumit3085georgian 16w

    Loving back to life!

    The hands of love has now turned bones
    Sockets have replaced the eyes
    Pain submerged all human tones
    Buried now are the forever lies.

    The voices in head, and struggling emotions
    Searches for tounge still tied to memories
    Hands searching shelves for magical potion
    To bring back what's lost, and mind sees.

    The fact of life stands forlorn
    The desires and dreams turned black
    Hopes turned to ashes, all skin and bones
    Heart ready to stop beating, for bringing the dead back.

    @writersnetwork @mirakee @readwriteunite

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    The fact of life stands forlorn
    The desires and dreams turned black
    Hopes turned to ashes, all skin and bones
    Heart ready to stop beating, for bringing the dead back.

  • sumit3085georgian 17w

    Thousands of your lies may impress others,
    And I need your truths to love you.

  • sumit3085georgian 20w

    A repeated mistake is not mistake anymore,
    it's a decision.

    Rule: Forgive but don't forget, forgiving changes the perspectives but forgetting loses the lesson.

    #writersnetwork #writerstolli #mirakee #pod #writersofindia #twt_official #ceesreposts #caption
    @writersnetwork @mirakee @readwriteunite

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    Frozen lips, do not lie anymore,
    I was killed by your actions
    I do not die anymore.

    Trust is underrated, you burnt the ropes
    I do not wish to climb now
    Nor are any hopes.

    Love songs, do not buzz my music player
    The lies are the same
    Just different slayer.