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  • sun_writer 1w


    My strong arms couldn't stop the world from falling
    i couldn't save our relation as it crumbled to dust
    under the pressure of the society
    i couldn't shield it with my body
    i couldn't bear the storm caused by the debate of our ages
    couldn't help it, but get blown to bits by our castes
    i sometimes cant help but wonder, what if it was Hercules or Spartacus
    or any other demi-god, would they too have had to fold up?
    in front of the society, or would they have had the power to hold up?
    the power to change the unwritten rules, the power to make people bend to your will
    the power to protect whats yours, no matter come what may
    i want to hold that power, those words, that sway
    so that next time, there's no Romeo and Juliet
    or stories worse off, like ours
    and love blooms happily, without being shy..

  • sun_writer 2w

    My muse

    I have lost my muse
    Life now, is just a ruse
    My pen doesn't write no more
    I try to force it, but all it does is refuse
    Thoughts don't come to me
    My paper remains blank
    Ink dries on the nib, turning black
    My words hold no more weight
    Even my rhymes feel damp
    Everything I write, ends up in the bin
    Or is thrown out in flames
    Without her,even my lips are dry
    Can't spit anything good, even when I am high
    Her smile, her eyes, her pretty self
    Which used to reflect in my poetry
    Is all but gone now, now only a memory
    Maybe one day my pen will flow again without forcing it
    Maybe one day I will speak again, without a sigh
    Maybe one day, I would meet her and everything will be alright..

  • sun_writer 4w

    In these dreary nights of lonely winters
    My heart shivers as my soul wanders
    My body freezes up, cold as ice
    Because now, I lack your light
    I am without your warmth
    Without your love
    All alone, in a place surrounded by people
    Because even your shadow isn't here
    I pass the days somehow feeling your presence near
    But the nights are hard to get by,
    When the thoughts flood in
    Crawling under my skin, making me anxious
    Thinking about where are you now, how might you be
    Would you still remember me tomorrow
    Or even think of me?
    These thoughts eat me up like maggots
    And all I am left with is a shivering heart and a wandering soul.
    Waiting for you to come back, and make me whole..

  • sun_writer 5w

    हर्फ़ दर हर्फ़ में लीखता रहा दास्तान अपनी बर्बादी की
    हर्फ़ दर हर्फ़ नाम तेरा बनता चला गया

    उकेर उकेर के हाथो पर खुद के जो लकीरे बनायीं थी
    तुझसे मिलने को, वो खुद बा खुद फीकी पड़ गयी

    राह उतनी लम्बी नहीं थी तुझ तक पहुँचने की
    लेकिन अचानक से जिंदगी ही छोटी पड़ गयी

    तुझे देख कर लेता रहा था जो में सांस अब तक
    अब वो भी उखडने लगी है,जैसे रूठ गयी हो मुझसे
    वो भी तेरी तरह मुझसे बिछड़ने लगी है

    हाँ अब भी कभी कभी तस्वीर लेके बेठ जाता हूँ तेरी हाथ में
    लेकिन अब तो वो तस्वीर भी पूरानी होने लगी है
    रंग उतर गए है तेरे चेहरे से,तेरी हंसी भी दबने लगी है
    हाँ थक गए है मेरे हाथ आंसू पोछते पोछते अपने
    मेरे गाल भीगे ही रहते है , बारिश कुछ ख़ास पसंद नहीं थी मुझे
    पर अब मेरे कपडे भीगे ही रहते है
    कहने को तुझसे दूर हो तो गया हूँ में
    लेकिन मेरे ख्याल, आज भी तुझसे उलझे ही रहते है
    क्या करू, की तू सताना छोड़ दे मुझे
    माथा टेकु मज़ार पर, या गिरजाघर में मोमबत्ती जलाऊ?
    मंदिर जाके हाथ जोडू?या झाड़ फंक करवाऊं?
    तंग आगया हूँ इस जुस्तजू से, जिससे लोग ज़िन्दगी कहते है
    नजाने लोग कैसे अपनी मोहबत्त से बिछड़ के भी जिन्दा रहते है

  • sun_writer 5w

    Kya toot k chaha hai kisi ko kabhi?
    Itna, ki toote to kirche bhi na mile?
    Humne chaha tha kisi ko
    Aaj tak pal pal apne tukde dhundhte hai
    Jo koi mil bhi jata hai, to usme wahi dikhta hai
    Ab lagta hai, khud ko jod bhi lia, to tasveer uski hi banegi..
    Khuda kare, ki ho mohabbat kisi ko
    To Pehle dharm, zaat, umra sab ek ho
    Kyuki ek bhi alag ho naa..
    To mohabbat dhari ki dhari reh jati hai..

  • sun_writer 6w

    Old poem.. But same feelings

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    Karni hai dua uski khushguzar ki
    Koi pata do kisi masjid ka
    Karni hai mang, uski lambi umar ki
    Koi pata do kisi mandir ka
    Karni hai darkhwast ek, uski haseen surat ki
    Koi pata do kisi Mazar ka
    Mangna hai mannat ek, uski hansi yu hi bani rahe
    Koi pata do kisi siddh sthan ka
    Karni hai har dua, arzu ussi k liye
    Jo bina chaadar, bina paise, bina nariyal
    Liye karta ho kaam, mujhe pata do aise kisi bhagwan ka..
    Jo sunta ho dil ki ardaas, na ki sikko ki khanak
    Mujhe pata do aise fakir, aise peer ka
    Jo samjhe dard ko, jo jaane musibate
    Na puchhe dharam na puche zaat
    Kare apne bashindo par vishwas..
    Koi aisa dharam bhi to karo ijaad

  • sun_writer 7w

    Saw a post by someone on insta, saying..
    If you don't lose to yourself, then victory is a surety.
    I think the more proper version of it would be, if you don't lose to society, family, relatives, and their expectations and taunts.. Then victory is a surety.. Because as the ones who're supposed to support you, they're the biggest crabs, pulling you down at the most unexpected times.. Be a bigger crab and hold onto the bucket for dear life, till you climb out..


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    Crabs in a bucket

  • sun_writer 7w

    Will continue this with reference to relatives and such superficial relationships, later..

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    Man is a social "ANIMAL"

    We've all heard this at one point or another
    Man is a social Animal
    Well rightly said.. Man is just an animal
    Living for the validation of the society
    Tied to a leash of social norms
    Barking when expected to
    And suffocating it inside when not
    Curbing the inner wild desires
    And becoming a tame beast
    For the fear of getting shot
    Unleashing the beast within
    When noones watching
    Wagging his tail when there's an audience
    Gulping down his anger when the other person is a mighty lion
    And preying on the weak rabbits, and does
    Happy when he gets a treat
    And growling when things don't go his way
    Man is just an animal.
    A tame dog maybe, maybe a sly cat
    Able to transform into a fierce jackal
    At the turn of a hat..

  • sun_writer 7w

    Found this one finally.. Wrote this when chotti was about to go..

    I had thought of writing one on you in the past
    Delayed it coz.. I Didn't think that this day would come this fast
    I have been here 77 weeks plus, and yet had noone to really talk to
    Noone who would claim first or second on my posts
    Encourage me, and give me a lot of reposts
    Write such things that made me wanna keep writing
    Talk smack in front of me, yet admire me behind my back
    Making memes on literally anything.. You really had a funny knack
    Making us laugh, getting washed by the witch
    You even almost got made into a potion
    Lucky you didn't, It would've been a real big explosion
    Because inside the naive innocent sweet girl
    You're hella strong.. Courageous and kind
    Always taking your voice up for the ones in a bind
    You've become a good friend, a little sister to me
    known to all as a memester, an amazingly beautiful writer
    You made me wanna visit mirakee.. Made my words flow lighter
    To the little girl, that made me a CA before i even became one
    Best of luck for everything.. Go a star, and come back a shining sun ☀

    Here's something from the witch too
    Tere sang bitaye wo pal mujhe bht yad aynge
    Wo logon ko preshan krke chup jana
    Or phr y sochna k yar ab sorry bol k dil saf krle
    Tu logon k chehry p muskurahat lanay ka jadu janti h
    Tu wo insan h k jise m n rat k andhere m dhoond nikala
    Magar tu n us andhere ko roshan krdia
    Teri masoomyat teri shararton m chupi ek phool ki trha mehekti h
    Js din tjhse mili or aj tk srf itna kehna chahongi
    "Faqat kch pal to bitay tere sang
    Magar wo kch pal zindagi k khubsurat lamhay bn gy"
    You are that unrevealed gift in my life which is most precious to me even without being revealed.
    Thank you so much for always being here for making me laugh for being such a sweetheart.
    Esi hi hnsti reh khush reh muskurati reh.
    Loads of love ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

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    Chotti ♥

  • sun_writer 9w

    �� Followers and witch ka bday.. I know bht late hgya hu.. But well.. Circumstances!
    A very happy birthday �� witch!!

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    Happy birthday ‍♀️

    To the incredible witch, who is there for everyone
    Casting her magic words
    Chanting the forbidden spells
    Her cute self, in all our hearts dwells
    Flying on her broom she sprinkles fairy dust
    Not letting my words stop, not letting my nib rust
    Throwing potions around
    Curing my dull lips
    And making them smile
    Orr writing some deep shit
    And making me cry, till we I go senile
    I am lucky to have known you
    Lucky to be your friend
    Wish you a very happy birthday witch
    Hope your smile lasts till your life's end