who knows ,the sorrows or, the horrors behind a clowns smile?

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  • sunflower_o_0 1w


    Life bring changes
    Which often called phases
    We all leave Traces
    While finding our ways through mazes
    People trying to get places
    Until someone else replaces

  • sunflower_o_0 1w


    I need a vacation
    Out of this world
    Not one more step
    Towards dementors
    I feel so drained
    And they making scores
    Better be outer space
    Than this dumpster
    I need a vacation
    Which last forever

  • sunflower_o_0 2w

    Underneath our skins

    What's underneath your skin?
    That, keep pulling me in..
    Calling for new sins
    Floating without fins

    Do you feel the same?
    All the blood in my veins,
    Keep calling your name
    Fire in a frame

    Can you feel the heat?
    Within my heartbeat

    Underneath my skin
    Luring within
    What haunts my soul
    Held captive within

    I fear, if hell break loose
    In front of you
    Everyone predicts
    Future of us two
    With everything blue
    No happy endings

    What's underneath our skin
    Where no-one has been
    But see it all true
    They say like ,they got the clue
    X-rays in their eyes
    Affecting like a flu

    Underneath our skins
    We both have seen
    The beauty of our scars
    Reasons behind our sins
    And places we've been
    In all our finger prints
    And all our shiny rings.

  • sunflower_o_0 4w

    Only hope

    My only hope
    In a dark night
    Like a rainbow
    To my gloomy sky.

    Wishing to be ashes
    Pain brought by crashes
    Reminders in flashes
    Of all those clashes.

    But between these thoughts
    Rain to the drought.
    Rinsing my stained clothes
    My one last hope

  • sunflower_o_0 7w

    False eye

    False eyes, that, I can't see
    What's holding, back me?
    My hands are more skilled,
    Only loose memories
    Stunning my body;
    Dancing on low melodies
    Only heard by my ears,
    One heart million felonies.

    False eyes, that, only I see;
    The shadow behind the angel,
    The motives of the stranger
    My mind alerting for danger,
    Calling minor a major
    Wrong past; set false beliefs.
    False eyes, let me see
    The truth, more clearly.

  • sunflower_o_0 12w

    Aaj baat krte h

    Aaj baat krte h
    Nah teri nah meri
    Dard saaj krte h
    Mahol hoga kuch gamgeen
    Kuch namkeen ya sanseen
    Par lafzon k jaam bharte h
    Bhut huya khamoshi ka tarana
    Bs tumhara intazaar krte h
    Nah ho teri
    Nah meri
    Aaj baat krte h

    Kuch toh tha teri ankhon m
    Khwaish kuch aur pal ki
    Meri bachkani zid se
    Jo teri ankhe naam thi
    Vaisi hi ankhahe,
    saare jazbaaton ka Ehsaas krte h
    Nah ho teri
    Nah meri
    Aaj baat krte h

  • sunflower_o_0 15w


    First fresh leaf
    Stepping from autumn to spring
    Carrying innocence in her heart
    Hoping for bright colors it might bring

    But they tested me right
    Took away all my colors bright
    Before I could touch the sky
    My roots were cut down with my might

    The world tested me right
    As I was not holding on too tight
    Gave them the sweetest
    In favor they burned me to heights

    My first fresh leaf
    Lost all her light
    Took me down from the roots
    Lost all my fight

  • sunflower_o_0 15w


    Breakout, but won't
    Just a feeling, but stoned
    Fire burning, but cold
    So much rage, but hold
    Too big for the mold
    Yet too small for the world
    Even the brightest star is told
    Your shine will be trolled
    Ashes of the gold
    The false tales came as scold
    Cracks were showing before the old
    Fire is frozen to stone cold

  • sunflower_o_0 16w

    Living dead

    Living without a soul
    A zombie wanting to be whole
    A monster
    With lost angelic core
    A tigeress
    who has forgotten how to roar

    The soul longs for the home too
    But trapped like a wildling in a zoo
    Can't help, but i see it too
    How the body feels so blue

    Looks fine
    To other zombies too
    They've lost their brains
    hunting in the blue

  • sunflower_o_0 17w

    Invisible borders

    The invisible borders
    Keeping us apart
    It brings many horrors
    Don't wanna end up at the start
    At invisible borders
    Calling for what is ours
    Even the distance is small
    Still feels like you're living at Mars
    though it's all neutral
    Still leaving small scars
    Creating a strong front
    Still feeling weak in my heart.