playing with words, letting out fellings, enjoying one life ❤️

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  • sunshine01 1w

    Everybody has a purpose
    mine just happened to be him.

  • sunshine01 2w

    My submission to love challange by @carolyns_challenges
    #cees_love_chall #writers #mirakee #mirakeeworld #beauty #love #echanting #writersnetwork

    Tiny miny houses elegantly scattered the landscape,
    surrounded by and the ocean.
    I could see smoke
    curling through chimneys,
    while a brutal wind
    made pretty shapes out of it
    making it soar towards the sky.
    I could see clouds
    gathering in the far horizon,
    sailing across the canvas
    towards the setting sun.
    Seagulls, as white as the snow on the ground
    Flew around happily, flapping their wings,
    playing with every gust of gale,
    when the first snowflake settled on the windowpane,
    in between the bridge of my eyes.
    My heart skipped a beat.
    This was all so mesmerizing,
    little fairytale village.

    Well, this is what i loved today ❤️
    When stressed at work, I like to go stand at the window and meditate with the waves.
    P.S- my humour sucks!!!

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    By The Window I Stood And Mused

  • sunshine01 2w

    #mirakee #FridayFun #thinkingaboutlove #lovestruck

    Take me to a home embraced by the mounts,
    where trees can sing me lullabies,
    wind can mess up my hair,
    birds and animals to talk to me,
    and where i can enfold myself
    in the love of your heart
    Forever and ever after.

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    Take me to a home embraced by the mounts,
    where trees can sing me lullabies,
    wind can mess up my hair,
    birds and animals talk to me,
    and where i can enfold myself
    in the love of your heart
    forever n ever after.

  • sunshine01 2w

    My submission to challenge by @carolyns_challenges
    #cees_was_chall #writersworld #mirakeeworld #beingstrong #beinglove

    There are times when I am on cloud nine,
    " just like that" you know,
    the happiest, luckiest girl on this planet,
    I feel the things meant to be felt,
    and shed off the other.
    I challenge the devil to overpower me, because I know it cannot, and I come out as valourous, cheeky smile adorning my face.

    But there are also times like now,
    trying to break free of the bars and chains mazing my mind.
    Feeling the "Manjhi, The Mountain Man"
    mountain weighing my mind and finding no resource to make a path,
    trying to be strong when I am not,
    when i am so blind that i forget to be grateful,
    when I repeatedly blame myself for not being good enough,
    blaming myself for not meeting anybodies standards,
    when my greatest wish is to go with the awaiting death.

    I entered her room, an old, cute, polite doctor,
    she would diagnose if I was mentally ill.
    And there you go!!
    I was tagged as severely depressed.
    Baah! I still don't believe her, i don't want to believe her.

    Mind is the only thing differenting us as human beings,
    now that is what i want to control as difficult as it might seem,
    Faith and love are the sacred things I believe in as of now,
    So, awakening my sublime soul up to challange that bars and chains devil is amusing.


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  • sunshine01 3w

    My submission for Art challenge by @carolyns_challenges
    #cees_artlife_chall #mirakeeworld #writersnetwork #mylife

    -A Quitened Soul-

    "Don't you dare do that ever again", mama shouted at the top of her voice,
    I, startled, dropped the precious memento i had been making lovingly for myself.

    As I grew up i heard more of " don't dos",
    my blaring soul instead of rebeling, always had the courage to murmer meekly,

    The answer i heard shook me to the roots
    "Because you are a girl, woman are supposed to do these certain things and not do the other".

    The only thing i had ever known was that,
    i was a human being and not catogorized as man or woman, week or strong, egoistic or compassionate.

    I stared dumbfounded at her face and felt my inner human withdraw into my shell.
    My mama, she is a strong woman but had been beaten by life,
    and now that it was my turn i wanted to stand looking directly into it.

    I have come a long way growing up,
    Growing wings for my fantasies,
    Channeling anger where it was needed,
    learning on my own,
    getting slapped by the world,
    and keeping up enough strength to get up again and again and again.


    This artwork - The Little Girl In Blue, is by the legendary Amrita Sher-Gill. Those big round eyes of the little girl are the reflection of my childhood. I have followed Amrita Sher-Gill Ji's works ever since i read about her in one of my textbooks.

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    A Quietened Soul

  • sunshine01 4w

    My submission for elemental challenge by @carolyns_challenges
    #mirakeeworld #mirakee #writersnetwork #elementalserieschallenge #nature #water # fun #funloving #novascotia

    People gaze in awe at my force as i pass through long white spruces.
    I love it here.

    I get to enjoy every bit of variation in the weather,
    Be it summer, spring or fall, people love the cool breeze,
    come winters and i become horrible to the same who had embraced me
    Its like playing hide and seek,
    They have got huge coats outside and heats inside, but i can get in from every little nook that catches my eye.
    Hiding from me is next to impossible(giggles).

    I can sometimes hear lovers whisper
    "Its because of you i am able to breath"
    Whoa! Its me who travels your passageways.
    No air and you are a dead meat,
    most important is i get to reside within each of billions of people on the earth and live with their stories,sorrows and happiness.

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    Wind challenge 🍃

  • sunshine01 35w

    There are these dark clouds hovering not above but in my mind and its difficult to get rid of them. I cant seem to draw them away. I feel this strong urge to leave everything as it is, forget this materialistic world and run into your arms to stay forever. I want to text and see if you are doing fine, if you are free of all worries, if you eat well on time, trim your overgrown nails, wear that cheeky smile like some always shining star. I want to take care of all your little things, see you getting angry with me 'n me coaxing you back, to love me like no one else. I wanna dance along, laugh my loudest laugh, shout and act lunatic free from all judgements.I wanna run to you, stay with you, be yours always. I miss you, which is messing up with my little brain.

  • sunshine01 38w

    You remain on my mind somewhere all the time
    It's the long hours of the night that, while dousing the fire of your memories, I intensify them evermore.
    I try controlling and in the least driving them away, but the more I try,
    the more they shush me and take the reins.
    I am helpless again.


  • sunshine01 52w

    You can count as many stars
    in my cosmo
    as i am counting the days
    for reunion with my beloved


  • sunshine01 55w

    Who'z ready to take on the world with your on self helping you and holding your hand tight?
    #patience #kindness #beauty @ mirakeeworld

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    Blessed Heart

    I wake up sluggish in the morning, put my foot down and yawn as wide as I can. When the mind should be at peace and empty, it was brimming with thoughts. Goshh these nightmares, would they ever stop? When would I be able to get an uninterrupted sleep?How was the day going to be? What would I do today? How would I get through certain things? I put on my gaurd, ready for the day.
    I drawback my blinds, lo and behold I see the world in a different dimension. It was mesmerizing to see it all wrapped up in a white blanket with trees embellishing the bosom with a perfect blend. Omg, what am I worrying about when I am the part of the nature and vastness of it. My worries, my thoughts don't even matter.
    I look around and stand their taking it all in and exuding the energy hidden deep down. The exburance, shine on my face and I let my gaurd down.
    I decide to mingle up with all the love around and laugh out aloud.