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  • sunshine07 6w

    Today the mind blew
    Through it's originality
    When she came and went
    Though she has the right
    But atleast she can sight.
    When there is something
    In her head which
    she would not tell
    The same creates misunderstanding
    Thats all needed for breakup.

    Are we both really happy with this?

  • sunshine07 6w

    Where are those little lines where we use to mimes .
    Where is your smile on which i use to style.
    Where are your plans which always take a chance.
    The question is WHERE ARE YOU NOW?

  • sunshine07 7w

    After the dark night
    Here comes an awesome morning
    Which delights me
    Through it's light.

    Why this morning is so special?
    Because today will change my future
    New beginning
    New challenges
    And new path.
    Hope we all do our best in worst time
    To achieve the rest life.

    It starts with morning cup of tea
    And ends with peace on sea.

  • sunshine07 7w

    Why there is struck off in my mind
    When there is no dullness in my kind!!!

  • sunshine07 7w

    Morning's delight come with light
    Ray of hope comes through window
    Where mom came to wake up
    And we slept again saying 2mins.
    Continuously she came to wake up
    And we finally grew up threw.
    Tea with lots of snacks
    But we still insist for our favourite one
    And she would make it like a magician.
    But we never even told that
    She is a GODMOTHER.

    Now when we are entering the school
    The first question serves to all is that
    What's in your LUNCHBOX?
    And we use to gossip all about recipes.
    Then the prayer starts with murmerring
    Where each and everyone is cheating
    Through there one eye opened.
    Then it follows through thought, news
    speech, quiz, song and National Anthem.
    Now comes the time of rule breaking
    Going in a breaking line making fun of one another.
    First period the day starts with hectic
    Punishing for yesterday's mistakes
    And then the lecture start with,
    Though it is the best class for other teachers but not for class teacher.
    And each and every period come and go
    As we all are waiting for recess
    The mind-blowing time with friends and enemies.
    Where a silent student also become a violent.
    Lectures go on with maths, history where all students are brilliant on their own.
    Games period come with sparkle and hope for all, where everyone wish to Play their favourite games and start discussing on it.
    Which atlast it becomes a noise and the result is NO GAMES PERIOD for a week.
    Where hope and enjoyment shattered
    Like a man aiming a bird but missed.
    Again the same fun starts while going to home with refreshments along with treats.

    Now comes a time where every student becomes happy while removing their socks and shoes here and there.
    Where i-card and tie fighting with eachother, and belt use to judge them.

    And this has been the life throughout the school but unfortunately now we left those funfull and enjoyment moments despaired and shattered.

    Here comes a college and hostel life,
    Where I don't feel happy and cheerful
    It just makes me realise that I am an adult.
    But I want to be a child again and again till the end of my life.

    Till all those days we didn't realise we were making memories and fun. Those days had gone. We miss even a minute with those special one with whom we didn't even talk properly.

    LIFE ANSWERS : Dear, this is what I am
    You needs to pass each and every stage with all your patience whether you like me or not. But just keep it in mind that every coin has two sides; head and tail where you only needs to choose which one do you want. And your LIFE will be changed.And don't try to understand me I won't be in your my mind. JUST CHILL AND ENJOY THE MOMENT AT MOST.


  • sunshine07 11w

    Oh! Dear mind
    Please be grind.
    And try to find
    Friend like kind.
    You always be mine
    And strike to shine.
    You are like my teddy
    Which behaves like faddy.
    Don't take tention
    Do your creation.
    Feel free to express
    Make your own listless.
    At night you feel white
    Because you are bright.


  • sunshine07 11w

    Sun sees me from far
    Moon knows me from heart.
    Is it so?
    Yes, bcz i share all my secret with him.

  • sunshine07 11w


    Morning means one more inning of life. Take a chance, try to play, accept the challenges and thrive to learn more and more.

  • sunshine07 11w

    I wonder if I have ever expressed myself so well. Maybe I did when I was kid. It all reduced when I grew up. I use to concentrate so much when I use to paint. I really enjoyed being busy and tired.
    And I loved surprising myself.
    And I don't remember last time that it's happened.

  • sunshine07 12w

    Ye raate kuch baate ban jati
    To me tere pyaar ko vapish lati.
    Par ye sirf ek khwaab hai
    Aur tu faristo ka nawab hai.