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    True love conquers all
    Chapter 12 part1

    When Barnaby woke up, the next morning, it was close to 10, and Kotetsu was still asleep. The blond yawned and slowly opened his eyes, the almost clear image if Kotetsu right in front of him. He smiled and kissed Kotetsu’s forehead.

    Kotetsu moaned, rolling over a moment before her eyes snapped open and she jumped up, running to the bathroom.
    Barnaby sat up quickly, listening as Kotetsu emptied her stomach once again. He sighed and yawned again, stretching his arms above his head before getting out of bed and going to the bathroom.

    "Uhhg, I'm never drinking again…" Kotetsu groaned, sitting on the floor by the toilet.

    “I told you to go easy.” He crouched down next to her and kissed her cheek."Something's wrong, I never get sick like this after I sleep it off—oh!" she turned to the toilet again.

    "Well you did have a little more than you probably should have last night. I'm sure you'll be fine after awhile." Barnaby moved a hand to rub Kotetsu's back as she hunched over the toilet.

    "I don't like it…" she grabbed a towel from the nearby rack and used it to wipe her lips.

    "Nobody likes getting sick, Kotetsu." He stood up and looked at himself in the mirror. "I should probably shave," he said to himself.She nodded, eyeing his jaw, "Though it's hard to see because you're blond…" She sighed and pushed herself up, unbuttoning her shirt as she crossed over to the tub and shower, "I'm going to see if a shower helps."

    “You do that. Relax and come out when you feel like it. I’ll be in the front room.” Barnaby kissed Kotetsu’s neck and left her to do her own thing while he went off to do his.

    "And we can have breakfast when I get out. Hopefully I'll feel better by then."

    Barnaby occupied himself with making something to eat while Kotetsu showered. After a little bit, a knock came on the door to the apartment, so the blond turned down the heat on the stove and went to answer the door, still in just his shorts from the night before. When he opened the door, he was surprised to see Agnes standing with her hands on her hips. “Agnes, surprised to see you this morning.”"It's nearly noon." She said, eyeing Barnaby's state of undress, though her gaze wasn't an interested one. "Can I have a word, Mr. Brooks?"

    “Yeah, sure.” He stepped aside for the woman to enter the apartment, closing the door behind her when she reluctantly entered.

    She stepped inside, eyeing the nearly empty, yet spotless apartment before turning to face Barnaby, studying him before she pulled a series of photographs out of her bag and held them up for Barnaby to see. The top photo was a photograph that clearly showed Barnaby and Kotetsu together at dinner the night before, leaning over their table to connect their lips in a passionate kiss.

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    True love conquer all
    Chapter 11 last part

    Barnaby smiled and drove them up to Gold stage. The sky was just barely dark when they sat down to eat. Pinks and oranges filled the sky as the sun set, casting a very romantic glow upon the restaurant.  Kotetsu sat down, her eyes turned to the window they sat beside, playing with the chain around her neck, "It's pretty out…I thought that they called for rain tonight."

    "There're a few clouds on the horizon it looks like. It might rain. Thing's will be slick in the morning if it does rain."  "They don't really look like the rainy type." She shrugged and looked back at him, "But if it does rain, it may be a cold walk to the car."  "I'll let you wear my suit jacket then." He smiled at her and tapped her nose playfully. "Hey, after this, would you mind coming over to my place? We can have a little alone time… maybe have a little more to drink after what we have here."

    "Mm, sounds wonderful, Bunny." Kotetsu said, kissing his fingers."Girls can't handle as much alcohol, Kotetsu. We're going home and you're going to rest. Thank god it's the weekend…" He started the car and headed back his home.

    "Or, we can have some fun, first, Little Bunny~" she cooed, leaning over and slipping her hand up Barnaby's thigh.

    The blond's hands gripped the wheel until his knuckles were white. "Kotetsu, please wait until we get to my place…"

    "Or we could pull over…" Kotetsu's hand slid further up.

    "No, Kotetsu." Barnaby grabbed her hand and pulled it away from his leg. "Wait."

    She pouted and pulled back, crossing her bare arms.

    Minutes passed in silence, classical music playing over the radio as they drove through Gold Stage.

    Suddenly, Kotetsu felt her stomach churn, and her face paled. Leaning forward, and without a word, she pressed the button to roll down her window, the cool wind soothing against her heated face.

    Barnaby looked over and his eyes widened. "Holy crap, Kotetsu!" He pulled over, flashing his hazards and unbuckled. "Good god, do you feel okay?"

    Before the car was at a stop, Kotetsu was heaving out the window with a groan.

    Barnaby's hand rubbed Kotetsu's back lightly as she spilled all the alcohol she had drank. His hand moved in circles slowly. "Still feel like having a little fun," he joked.

    "…No, I want to die." She moaned once the sickness calmed.

    "We're almost home, and then you can relax, okay? Can you make it that far?"

    She lay back, reclining her seat and nodded, "Drive nice…"

    "I will." Slowly, Barnaby pulled back onto the road and drive the rest of the way back to his home. After parking, he gently took Kotetsu out and carried her all the way up to his apartment.

    "It was only three glasses…why is it killing me?" Kotetsu groaned and moaned as she was carried.

    "Women don't take as long to be affected by alcohol. You should know this by now."

    "I don't wanna." She hid her face in his neck.

    "Oh boy, you really need to sleep this off." He opened the door to his apartment and walked in with Kotetsu in his arms.

    She was taken to the bedroom and stripped down to her panties and was placed in the shirt she usually slept in. "You're going to hurt in the morning for sure."

    Barnaby brought the blankets up over her and then went over to his closet to undress from the suit, hanging it carefully before tugging on a pair of shorts.

    "Bunny-Bunny?" she rolled onto her belly and looked at him, "Can I have a glass of water?"

    "Yeah, I'll go get it." The blond left the room to go to the kitchen and grab a glass, filling it with water and taking back to Kotetsu. He held it carefully in front of her. "Grab it with both hands."

    She took a few sips before setting it aside and laying her head down on a pillow. "Should bucket for safety, by me…"

    "Wow, you're really drunk, and after only three glasses. You really will feel this in the morning." Barnaby set a trash can next to Kotetsu, then climbed into the bed on the other side and got right next to the brunette. "Please try to sleep some. You really need to rest."

    "Or die." She rolled onto her side and looked at him, "You get to be Kaede daddy if I die."

    "You won't die. You'll just sleep it all off." A small smile came across Barnaby's lips and leaned forward to kiss Kotetsu's nose.

    "Mmph!" Kotetsu cuddled up closer to her boyfriend, quickly falling asleep.

    Barnaby soon fell asleep afterwards; glad the woman didn't want to have any fun that night.

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    True love conquer all
    Chapter 11 part 6

    "I don't think we should do that here… just in case." Barnaby stood up and helped Kotetsu do the same. "We'll go to my place, and then you can dance all you want." "It won't be the same." She sighed as she stood. "How so?" Barnaby put an arm around Kotetsu's waist and helped her walk back to his car.

    "Less romantic atmosphere." "We can get the same lighting and music back at home. I just want you be somewhere safe in case you pass out." They got to Barnaby's car, and the blond put Kotetsu in the passenger seat. "Your place is better for sex." Barnaby blushed as he closed the passenger door, then got in on the other side. "You really need to just relax for the rest of the night. You drank too much." "I drink more than this all the time!" she shook her head." I love you too, no matter what happens. I'll never stop loving you." Barnaby smiled at Kotetsu lovingly and kissed her again. "Good, I don't fall in love often, and I can't lose another love." She smiled, "I don't think you could handle another loss of love, either…"

    "You won't be losing me anytime soon, I promise."

    The two waited a little longer before their food came out. Needless to say, it was the best food they had shared in a while. Everything was pretty much perfect, even the lighting after the sun set was perfectly romantic. Barnaby enjoyed watching Kotetsu become slightly flustered over the smallest things as they ate. It was cute too. The blond wished that every night could be like the one they were enjoying.  Towards the end of the night, and a few glasses of rose wine in, Kotetsu was feeling its effects and became quite giggly. "I didn't know rose wine was so effective." She laughed, "I should stop."  "I think you should. In fact, I think you may have had too much." Barnaby reached over and brushed away a strand of hair from Kotetsu's face. "We should probably get home.""Maybe," she giggled, "But I wouldn't mind a dance first. It's been a long time since I last did a slow waltz."
    "Actually, you get paid more, plus you have your parent's money. And I send half every paycheck home for Kaede." "That's besides the point. Money doesn't matter, as long as we enjoy our job." "I'm not complaining! I just can't imagine spending money on such expensive luxuries. "Try it sometime. You'll love it." He smiled and leaned forward. "Don't be afraid to try it either."

    "It's not for me." She shook her head, "I like the simple life."  Barnaby shrugged and sat back. "Suit yourself then." "However, there is one luxury I do enjoy on occasion." She leaned over the table, coaxing Barnaby to lean in to meet in the middle for a kiss.

    The blond smiled and leaned back in. "At least it doesn't cost anything." He closed the gap between them and kissed Kotetsu gently. Kotetsu let the kiss linger, their lips pressed close and moving as if they were feasting off the kiss. Her fingers brushed through his blond curls fondly before she pulled back ever so slightly, "I do love you.""We'll see where it leads after that." He chuckled as the waiter came and took orders. He came back soon after with a bottle of rose wine. Barnaby opened the bottle and poured a little into his glass, tasting it before nodding at the waiter. "This'll do."  The waiter nodded and filled Kotetsu's glass as well before placing the bottle aside for them to use as they wished. Then he left them to themselves as they waited for their meals.

    Kotetsu picked up her glass, swirling its contents before sampling it. "I was never much a wine person, but this is nice." "It's the best I've had in a while. It's expensive though." Barnaby shrugged and took a sip from his glass. "Expensive? This?" She looked at her glass, eyeing the transparent, pink drink. "How expensive?"  "More than your average six pack." He chuckled and shook his head. "I get it sometimes after a paycheck, but not that often. I stick to water or milk most of the time."

    "Rich kids…" Kotetsu rolled her eyes and took another sip before setting it down.

    "Oh whatever, we get paid about the same."

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    True love conquer all
    Chapter 11 Part 5

    "Same for you, Tiger." Barnaby smirked, watching Kotetsu go back to the photoshoot area. He shook his head slightly, knowing he'd have to do something later on to make her feel better about the panty incident.

    He decided to stay for a little longer before going off to the side to call Agnes. Yet again, he was complaining to her, but he hoped to not sound too offended. Any man would know just how attractive Kotetsu was as a girl, and she was definitely on the higher end of the spectrum with Blue Rose. It just bothered him that Agnes suddenly had an interest in displaying the brunette in such an erotic manner. Sure, it disturbed Barnaby, but he had to act like he at least liked seeing Kotetsu dressed the way she was. At least it wouldn't be a lie.

    Barnaby dialed Agnes's number while glancing back at the photoshoot. His cheeks flushed a little as the pose the two women were performing showed off their thighs. He quickly looked away while the phone rang to avoid a situation that would be most awkward.

    "What is it now?" Agnes' voice answered with a huff. Clearly she was in a mood.

    "Sorry, is now a bad time?" Barnaby kept his voice calm despite being turned on by the photoshoot.

    "Only if you are calling to report yet another technical problem, Barnaby." She sighed.

    "Oh, no… I'm just wondering if you were the one to organize this photoshoot with Tiger and Rose."

    "By the request of our sponsors, yes."

    "Okay, I was just curious if you were the only one behind it or not… I don't particularly like the whole girl-on-girl thing, but other than that it's… not that bad." Barnaby rubbed his neck and glanced back at Kotetsu and Karina, blushing slightly.

    "Enjoying the show, Mr. Brooks?" Agnes sounded pleased.

    "I meant modest-wise. It's not too revealing for either women." He pouted slightly with his reply.

    ""Did you expect them to be naked? We are not that kind of company."

    "No, I didn't expect them to be naked, good god! I was just saying they're not in, like, swim suits or something like that. That I wouldn't approve of." "Swimsuit season is over. Fall fashion is what people are looking for." She sighed, "So are you complaining or not? It's very hard to tell with you."

    "No, I'm not complaining. I'm commenting on the good job of keeping those two modest." Barnaby put his empty hand on his hip and sighed, walking away from the photoshoot. "You made them look good."

    "I see." The woman sounded confused, "Well, if that is all, I have work to do."

    "Ah... In the future, notify me when you decide to do a photoshoot with Tiger." He bit his bottom lip. "That'll be all from me." "You aren't her agent. I don't have her notified of everything you are scheduled to do, and I needn't notify you of her schedule."

    "Whatever, I'm done talking so I'll talk to you whenever we're called next." He hung up and groaned, rubbing his face. He totally messed up the call. He was awkward the whole time, and Agnes probably suspected something going on between him and Kotetsu. "Mister Brooks?" the photographer's assistant approached him, "We are nearly done and as you are Tigress' partner, we wonder if you would like to jump in for one or two poses with the girls?"

    Barnaby turned to the assistant, then looked at the photoshoot. "Uh... yeah, sure. Anything specific I have to be dressed in? Or not dressed in I guess is an option too." "Come with me." She lead him back to the changing rooms and handed him a smart suit with a blue shirt and a tie that had green and blue in the pattern, though he was also given a red rose in his breast pocket to cover his signature red color he so often wore and his fans had come to recognize and expect. The hair and makeup team quickly made sure his hair was perfect and applied enough makeup so that he wouldn't get washed out under the bright studio lights.

    The blond didn't mind the suit too much, and really he loved the splash of red color with the rose. He came out to the two girls with a small smile, directed more towards Kotetsu, and stood behind them waiting to be instructed. Karina scowled a little at how Kotetsu looked back at Barnaby. "You look nice in blue and green." Kotetsu said softly before they were instructed to have Barnaby sit down with the girls on either side, leaning in against his shoulders, hands resting upon his lapel.

    Kotetsu got into the pose without a fuss; however, it was Blue Rose's turn to put up protest. "Tigress's fans may be used to seeing her with him, but my fans are not! They may get the wrong idea!" "What, don't want to touch me, Rose?" Barnaby gave her his near trademarked smirk.

    She glared at him, "I'd rather not."

    "I won't bite, I promise."

    "It's just a few pictures, Rose." Kotetsu said, repeating what Karina had told her a few times before Barnaby showed up. The ice queen gave another cold glare before huffing as she sat down next to Barnaby and leaned against her very competition. Her rival not only in hero work, but for Kotetsu's heart. She wasn't blind, she knew the two partners were closer than they should be, and it annoyed her to no end. And here he was, again, getting between her and Kotetsu…

    Barnaby's arm wrapped around her waist and held her close. "There, that's not so bad is it?"

    Karina kept her smile as she waited for the flash of the camera. "I'm never going to let you touch me again." "I guess it is bad, then." Barnaby rolled his eyes and leaned more towards Kotetsu. The few pictures turned into nearly ten different poses, and Karina was not happy in the slightest. As soon as the photoshoot was done, she headed off with her agent to get changed, not even voicing a goodbye to the two other heroes. Kotetsu frowned after her, "I thought she would have enjoyed that…she must be really shy about liking you, Bunny." "Kotetsu, you have no idea." He chuckled and put his arm around her. "Let's get changed and head out, what do you say?" She nodded, "An early dinner sounds nice. Those grapes weren't very filling." Kotetsu nodded to the table of snacks being cleaned up as they passed them. "I agree. I'll let you pick the place, I'll pay." He managed to sneak in a butt pat before going off to change back into his civilian clothes.

    Kotetsu joined Karina in the girl's changing room and changed quickly back into her shirt, jacket, and pants, choosing to leave her makeup as is, and pull her hair back into a ponytail a she thought about what she wanted to eat. Something fancier sounded good, but she didn't know just how fancy she wanted to go. If it was too fancy, she'd have to go home and dress up nicer… Barnaby was finished before Kotetsu, waiting outside the girl's locker room and looking at his phone. He was given the suit, to which he thanked very much. He did like the blue and green of the suit, and was happy to hear Kotetsu mentioned earlier that she liked it as well.

    Karina came out first, eyeing Barnaby with a look that could have trapped him in a block of ice before she turned on her heel and marched off. Kotetsu appeared about a minute or two later, smiling up at Barnaby, "Not changing?" "No, I figured if we're going somewhere in town, I might as well stay looking sharp." He winked at her and held out his arm for her to take. "Care for me to escort you?" "You look nicer than I do now." She laughed, taking his arm, "Though I am thinking of someplace a bit nicer than the usual corner cart."

    "I was thinking a somewhat formal date. I can take off the jacket and tie, if you'd like." He took her outside and to his car. "Have any place in mind yet?"

    She shook her head, "I'm going to have to change, aren't I?"

    "You might have to. We'll stop by your place before we go, okay?"

    "Yeah, how fancy should I go?"

    "Uh, match me." The two laughed as they headed back to Kotetsu's apartment. "A simple dress would be fine." "Wait here." She said, leaving Barnaby down in the main area as she rushed up to the loft to change. She opened her closet and pulled out a simple red dress and slipping into it, making sure her wedding ring which she wore on a silver chain hung unhidden beneath it. She slipped on a pair of heels and rushed back down.

    Barnaby smiled as she came down. "Gorgeous as always."

    "You're in green; I figured one of us should stand out in red." She smiled, taking his arm.

    "Ah, switching up the colors. Interesting." He chuckled and kissed her forehead. "Come on, I'm starving."

    Kotetsu kissed him, "Know where we are going?"

    "Well, there's one place in east Gold that has an amazing view of the city. The restaurant is near the top of the building. The food is amazing too. You can get just about anything. Sound good to you?" Barnaby opened the door to his car and get Kotetsu get in.

    Kotetsu slipped in and buckled up, "Yes, sounds good. It'd be nice to have a nicer date night out."

    "I agree." He closed the door and got in on his side, starting up the car. "Let's go then."