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  • supreetinayak 24w

    Our childhood memories gives us a better future and teaches us how to cope with the situations strongly. We all are very familiar with MAHABHARATA..
    so I would like to write something..
    Once lord Krishna asked maa kunti what do you want in your life ?
    Maa kunti replied that I want my life to be full of problems so that u will always stay with me ..

    Wish u happy international friendship day...

  • supreetinayak 32w


    We are human ?? Yes we are but we don't have humanity.when i think about it i just shame on the persons who did the murder.

    From our childhood we always taught that human are the best creation of god.we can feel,talk,smell,and clever.

    But where is the love?
    What is the value of education?
    If a pregnant woman deserves loves care and affection then why not animals ?

    What is the problem with animals,
    Ohh yes i got they do not tell or talk so whatever human beings can do to them.

    As we are the creation of god they are also the same,they have flesh and blood,the have feelings,they have emotions,they have the right to live their life in this world.what is the fault of the baby ??do not be so selfish.

    We are believe in lord Ganesh and laxmi,so we worship elephant this is the way we human worship them.

    Everyone have to right to live. do not be very cruel to them.


  • supreetinayak 40w


    l am a machine who is never tired .
    Always energetic..
    because my life's battery is always charged.

    People says

    Why you do that ??
    why not to do that ??
    Why you sleep ?
    Why you eat ??
    Why you behave like this ??
    Why you like that kind of person ??
    Why you follow her ??
    Why you like that ?
    Why are you selfish??

    Oh damn !
    can you tell me "what to do and what not to do " then I will follow you..

    Yes I know am not perfect for you but I am perfectly perfect in my way..

    "Literally now I'm frustrated"
    Why I will stop my childish nature ??

    Why my life is so difficult and why I have no rights to enjoy my life in my way ?

    This why why why why ..

    I just lost myself in these WHYs ..

    Please God give me some strength so that I can face any problem with a bright smile and a strong heart..


  • supreetinayak 41w

    A imperfect evening (ek apoorn shaam)

    I have coffee near me but not that craze,
    I'm sitting on the terrace but don't have your hand in my hand,
    I'm listening to my favorite song but not the one to hang out with,
    This weather is romantic but without your love I can't feel the romance..

    But I want a perfect evening with you yes I know that evening will come soon . When my hand will be in your hand. Looking into your eyes. With soothing songs, Fresh air And a happy smile.

    In Hindi

    Pass Mai coffee hai, par Woh Maza nehi hai
    chaat par bethe hai, par is hath m aap Ka hath nehi hai,
    Pass Mai khud Ka Pasand ka gaana hai, par jinke sath jhumna hai woh nahi hai,
    Yeh mausam bhi kch ashiqkana hai, par tum bin woh pyar ka mehsoos bhi nahi hai

    lekin main tumhaare saath ek sahee shaam chaahata hoon haan mujhe pata hai ki shaam jald hee aa jaegee. jab mera haath tumhaare haath par hoga. apanee aankhon mein dekh raha hai. sukhadaayak gaane, taajee hava aur ek khush muskaan ke saath


  • supreetinayak 55w

    Tu meri dhup hai,
    tu meri chao hai

    Tu meri dard hai,
    tu meri dawa hai

    Tu meri duaon me hai,
    tu meri dil ki sookon hai

    Tu meri sans hai,
    tu meri dil ki dhadkan hai

    Tu meri ibadat hai,
    tu meri mannat hai

    Tu meri khushi hai,
    tu meri gam hai

    Tu meri kamjouri hai,
    tu meri takat hai

    Tu meri mohabbat hai,
    tu meri zindagi hai

    Tujh pe hi suru aur tujh pe hi khatam ye zindegi mere


  • supreetinayak 57w

    Apni self-respect Kabhi pyaari hua Karti thi,
    Par aap ke liye to Woh bhi kurban hai.

    Haan, hum jhali hai par aap Ke pyaar Mai.
    Haan, humare andar bachapana hai par humara pyaar bachapana nehi.

    Pata nehi Mai kab se pagali Bani aap ke pyaar Mai
    Aab to mano pagali hi rehena chahate hai hum

    Achi hun, buri hun, jese bhi hun
    Par aap ke ban Kar rehena chhati hun

    Bass yahi guzaris hai ki aap humko
    Chod ke mat jana kyun ki hum tut jayenge


  • supreetinayak 81w

    Raat!! kya hai Raat??

    raat ek andhera hai, nahin yah aapake kal kee chhaaya hai.

    raat ek sapana hai, nahin, yah aapake behatar bhavishy ke sote hue prayaas ka uddeshy hai.

    raat ek samasya hai, nahin yah aapakee samasya kee kunjee hai.

    raat ek aakarshan hai, yah 2 aatma nahin balki 1 shareer ka mauka hai.

    raat ek paraavartan hai, nahin, yah aapake jeevan kee behatar subah ka darpan hai.


  • supreetinayak 82w

    I think humanity dies in this cruel society. In fact we are not deserved to be called humans anymore. In this country, a nine-month-old baby girl gets raped. Is this why we call ourselves humans? No, not at all we are demons. And those who claim that the rape cases are increasing due to the dressing sense of individual girls, I Want to ask. Does a girl only need to be dressed as per your choice to protect herself from the beasts of our society? So to our beautiful society, I would say that she was not known what the people were doing with her body and the way she lost her everything. But she was struggling between life and death. And finally, she died.

    I'm asking the question to the man do did this are you a human?? Are you a real man?

    What kind of happiness did you get while raping a small girl who doesn't even have any knowledge about the world?

    Why is God so cruel?

    My eyes are filled with tears whenever I think of the girl.

    Did she wear something wrong??
    Did she expose her body?
    Did she show sexiness?
    Did she voice her opinion?
    What did She do??
    Where is The Justice??

    Read More

    Lete remind you again, she is just a nine year old baby!


  • supreetinayak 82w

    A girl always fears for being judged. Even when she knows herself the best.
    But why do people judge her on the basis of her character?

    If a girl is wearing a short dress then people name her as a slut. But if a guy roams around wearing boxers showing his entire legs which are covered with dense hair, he isn't given a name. Why?

    If a girl wearing a salwar kameez with a bindi , bangles and with long black hair then people call her behenji. But if a boy wears a kurta pajjama then he looks like a perfect Indian man.
    What kind of judgement is this?

    Why do people expect only girls to sit properly and why not boys?

    If a girl is walking on the street and having a conversation on her personal mobile then also people also judge . Why???

    If a girl has a male friend then people move on to judge her character. Why???

    Why is a girl's life decisions and goals being pressurised by her parents and husbands?

    Why do people think she is always weak??

    Why can't she be independent and free?

    Why she can't choose her life partner all be herself and by not having a lot of conversations with her family and friends?

    Why does she need to be perfect?

    Why can't she enjoy her life by her own thinking???

    Why does she always have to be dressed according to the society? Why only the girl?


  • supreetinayak 83w


    Happy father's day all of you. The first special men in almost everyone’s life is their father, so this father's Day, show how much you appreciate all he has done for you. The most important thing you can do is to treat his with the kindness and courtesy he deserves.All we know father is the most lovable person of our life. He is the piller of strength of our family. He is one who remove the darkness of his children. Father is a person who always protect his family. He is always there you no matter what. The heart of a father is the piece of diamond.I think a father is someone,
    Who loves unconditionally, father is the one will be here before you know it. One and only person who create your behaviour, attitude, manner, and all this things and trying to be a perfect person.Father always wrote his children's life.
    Father is the person who taught us value yourself.

    God give us the strength of like a mountain
    The Majesty of like a tree
    The warmth of like a summer sun.
    The calm of like a quite sea
    The generous soul of the nature
    The comfortable arm of night